AEGEE-Europe turned 32 today but it’s only one of many anniver­saries this spring. A few weeks ago AEGEE-Skop­je cel­e­brat­ed its 25th birth­day. Found­ed in 1992, the local in the cap­i­tal of the Repub­lic of Mace­do­nia joined the net­work only two years after the first locals behind the for­mer Iron Cur­tain were admit­ted. Of course, the anten­na cel­e­brat­ed its sil­ver anniver­sary in style. Ivan Janevs­ki, Pres­i­dent of the advi­so­ry board of AEGEE-Skop­je, told the Gold­en Times more.

Igor Janevs­ki

GT: How was the 25th anniver­sary cel­e­bra­tion of AEGEE-Skop­je?
Ivan Janevs­ki: We cel­e­brat­ed our 25th birth­day dur­ing the Sum­mer Uni­ver­si­ty Project School in the end of March and it was tru­ly amaz­ing. Aside from the par­tic­i­pants and train­ers from the SUPS event there were many alum­ni and active mem­bers, mem­bers from oth­er stu­dent orga­ni­za­tions, part­ners and oth­er guests.

AEGEE-Skopje’s great 25th birth­day par­ty

GT: Where and how did you cel­e­brate? What was the pro­gramme?
Ivan: The birth­day took a place in one of the best bars in Skop­je: “Casa Bar”. The dress code was black and white. We pre­pared a large pan­el with the logo of AEGEE-Skop­je where all the birth­day guests had a chance to take a pho­to.

The first inter­na­tion­al event of AEGEE-Skop­je was a great con­fer­ence about pri­vati­sa­tion — with also out­stand­ing par­ties!

GT: Was it a big event? How many peo­ple were present?
Ivan: It was the biggest birth­day cel­e­bra­tion we have ever had, with more than 100 peo­ple.

GT: Were there some oldies from the found­ing days?
Ivan: Yes, there were a many alum­ni mem­bers, begin­ning from the first board of AEGEE-Skop­je. There were also mem­bers who were active in the Euro­pean bod­ies. It was nice to see all the alum­ni mem­bers after such a long time and share the mem­o­ries with them.

GT: Did you or the oldies present the his­to­ry of your anten­na? Maybe the high­lights?
Ivan: Unfor­tu­nate­ly we weren’t able to do that because it was real­ly crowd­ed in the bar. How­ev­er we did have a pho­tos exhi­bi­tion with pho­tos dat­ing from more than 15 years ago. It was so ful­fill­ing to see the alum­ni trav­el­ing back in time while see­ing the pho­tos.

In 1996 AEGEE-Skop­je co-organ­ised the famous Via Egna­tia TSU, togeth­er with AEGEE-Thes­sa­loni­ki and AEGEE-Istan­bul

GT: How was AEGEE-Skop­je actu­al­ly found­ed?
Ivan: We also don’t know who was exact­ly  the founder of AEGEE-Skop­je, or if there were more mind-alike peo­ple, but from the alum­ni mem­bers we know that AEGEE-Eind­hoven helped us to became an anten­na. They also helped AEGEE-Skop­je with orga­niz­ing their first inter­na­tion­al event.

The par­tic­i­pants of the Via Egna­tia TSU in 1996 learned a lot about his­to­ry, pol­i­tics and cul­ture

GT: Did you have a cake? What kind of cake was it?
Ivan: We had a huge cake with the new logo of AEGEE-Skop­je.

Alto­geth­er AEGEE-Skop­je organ­ised 22 SUs, like this recent one in 2005.

GT: Your anten­na has a rich his­to­ry. Can you give some exam­ples?
Ivan: Yes, AEGEE-Skop­je has a rich his­to­ry. Dur­ing all these years we orga­nized two Ago­ras, six Win­ter Uni­ver­si­ties, 22 Sum­mer Uni­ver­si­ties and more than 80 oth­er AEGEE events such as Net­work Meet­ings, exchanges, SUPS, LTC, RTC, Pres­i­dents Meet­ing and many oth­er. The Via Egna­tia TSU in coop­er­a­tion with AEGEE-Istan­bul and AEGEE-Thes­sa­loni­ki in 1996 was one of  the most famous Sum­mer Uni­ver­si­ties in AEGEE his­to­ry.

AEGEE-Skop­je is one of the few anten­nae that organ­ised two Ago­ras. Both took place near the Ohrid Lake. The first one in 2004 actu­al­ly took place in a hotel in Ohrid.

GT: What are your antenna’s next big plans? Maybe anoth­er Ago­ra?
Ivan: Last month we orga­nized a SUPS and the next peri­od we will be focused on the local lev­el and recruit­ing new mem­bers. In July we are orga­niz­ing a Sum­mer Uni­ver­si­ty titled “Yes, I DO”.  When it comes to orga­niz­ing Ago­ra soon… well I guess time will show, but it for sure is on the long-term agen­da of ours.

The sec­ond Ago­ra took place in Stru­ga in 2011.

GT: Any­thing you would like to add?
Ivan: We hope that our new active mem­bers will con­tin­ue this amaz­ing fairy tale and will keep the AEGEE spir­it on the high­est lev­el as we did till now.

Flash­back time — exact­ly 22 years ago AEGEE-Skop­je organ­ised its first inter­na­tion­al event — which made it anten­na. These are some mem­o­ries, not only about the event itself, but also a reminder how much eas­i­er trav­el­ling with­in Europe has become since then.