AEGEE-Beograd Joins in the Battle For the Autumn Agora 2015


Bel­grade, Berg­amo or anoth­er place? Sev­er­al anten­nae throw their hat in the ring for the Autumn Ago­ra 2015. AEGEE-Berg­amo for exam­ple col­lect­ed many sup­port let­ters from locals in sev­er­al coun­tries. But also AEGEE-Beograd has many sup­port­ers in the AEGEE net­work, as this video shows. Jele­na Stankovic, Pres­i­dent of AEGEE-Beograd, told the Gold­en Times, why the Autumn Ago­ra 2015 should be in her city.

Jelena Stankovic2
Jele­na Stankovic

GT: Why did you decide to can­di­date for the autumn Ago­ra?
Jele­na Stankovic: This was an idea for a long time in AEGEE-Beograd, and we already tried to apply a few times in the past, but it just stayed that way. We are now 19 years old, and in all these years we showed that we can be great hosts and organ­is­ers. Now we think we deserve a chance to show that we can do even bet­ter — and host the Ago­ra. This can also be great oppor­tu­ni­ty to moti­vate new mem­bers in doing some­thing this big. Not to men­tion the excite­ment of our Alum­ni mem­bers and Balkan anten­nae!

GT: When did you first get the idea?
Jele­na: Last year, but we thought we need some more time to get ready. That time is now. Not just because of the sit­u­a­tion in AEGEE-Beograd, but also in the whole of Ser­bia and the entire region.

GT: What kind of ideas do you have for the Ago­ra?
Jele­na: We will just say: Balkan Ago­ra.

GT: How many peo­ple can you host?
Jele­na: This depends on which type of accom­mo­da­tion we will chose in the end, but we want to be able to accept as many peo­ple as we can.

GT: Can your anten­na man­age it? How many poten­tial Ago­ra organ­is­ers do you have?
Jele­na: For now we have a strong core team, and also orga­niz­ers for each team, but the idea is to involve more new mem­bers, who are going to get the moti­va­tion to do sim­i­lar events in the future. Also there are our Alum­ni mem­bers, who I think are at least as excit­ed as we are! We also have our part­ners among the anten­nae of our net­work, who would be able to help us dur­ing the orga­ni­za­tion of event.

GT: Which oth­er locals are sup­port­ing you?
Jele­na: Of course there are the Balkan anten­nae, because this would be a Balkan Ago­ra, and we are very hap­py because of this! It wouldn’t be the same and pos­si­ble with­out them. Also we got the sup­port from oth­er anten­nae across the whole net­work, such as AEGEE-Leon and AEGEE-Thes­sa­loni­ki.

GT: In case you won’t get the Autumn Ago­ra 2015, will you apply for an Ago­ra in 2016?
Jele­na: Let’s say we hope we are not going to have the need to think about it! Hope to see you all in Octo­ber 2015!

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