Agora Bergamo: “We Have Room For Up To 1300 Participants!”

Bergamo would be a great place for a new AEGEE headoffice.

Every­thing is ready! We could start the event tomor­row!” Mau­ro Cat­ta­neo, Deputy Coor­di­na­tor of Spring Ago­ra Berg­amo, and his team can’t wait the event to begin. “We spend now a lot of time on lit­tle details which show the full pic­ture: a real art­work!” You have a great chance to see the mir­a­cle of Berg­amo with your own eyes, since up to 1300 AEGEE mem­bers can take part. With this amount of peo­ple the event would become the biggest Ago­ra in AEGEE’s his­to­ry! So: mark the date 18 to 22 May 2016 in your cal­en­dar, check the inter­view with some of the main organ­is­ers and get infect­ed by their great spir­it!

Mauro Cattaneo
Mau­ro Cat­ta­neo

GT: Do you know how many days are still till the Ago­ra opens?
Ser­e­na Sam­bat­aro, Incom­ing Respon­si­ble: Indeed we do! There are less then 100 days left. How we know it? Because we took lots of fun pic­tures for the -100 days. Prob­a­bly every­one has already seen them on our Face­book page!

GT: When do the appli­ca­tions open?
Ser­e­na Sam­bat­aro: The appli­ca­tions open on 1st of March. We are wait­ing for tons of par­tic­i­pants and we will be hap­py to wel­come you all! Remem­ber that we have room for up to 1300 par­tic­i­pants!

GT: Which are the main things that still need to be final­ized in the next three months?
Mau­ro Cat­ta­neo, Deputy Coor­di­na­tor: Every­thing is ready! We could start the event tomor­row but, because we want to pro­vide a very high stan­dard event, we are now spend­ing a lot of time to define every sin­gle detail, from trans­ports, to high qual­i­ty meals, from amaz­ing par­ties to col­lat­er­al events. Lit­tle details which — all togeth­er — will show the full pic­ture: a real art­work!

Serena Sambataro
Ser­e­na Sam­bat­aro

GT: Do you and your team mem­bers still get enough sleep?
Raf­faele Pirozzi, HR Respon­si­ble: Yes, we do. We are work­ing hard, but we aren’t wor­ried about not sleep­ing — also because we know that AEGEEans nev­er sleep!

GT: How big is your orga­niz­ing team? And how is the atmos­phere in your team?
Raf­faele Pirozzi: We are already more than 40 peo­ple work­ing full-time in dif­fer­ent fields, coop­er­at­ing in syn­er­gy. We are real­ly moti­vat­ed and help each oth­er to reach all the goals we set. The num­ber of peo­ple that are work­ing on the Ago­ra is grow­ing day by day, also thanks to the coop­er­a­tion with oth­ers insti­tu­tions such as the Uni­ver­si­ty of Berg­amo. Of course we will also need the help of all the AEGEEans that would like to take part to this Ago­ra as orga­niz­er!

Raffaele Pirozzi Silvia Sbang HR
Raf­faele Pirozzi and Sil­via Sbang

GT: How can peo­ple apply as helper?
Raf­faele Pirozzi: We would like to have not only par­tic­i­pants from all over Europe but also helpers, because we want to give the pos­si­bil­i­ty to every­one to stay for one time on the oth­er side, to see how to run an Ago­ra. We hope that this expe­ri­ence could encour­age oth­ers anten­nae to host an Ago­ra in the next years. If you are inter­est­ed, the appli­ca­tions are already open and you have time until the 11th of March!

Agora Bergamo plane
The Ago­ra organ­is­ers are famous for their PR stunts.

GT: You call it the Ago­ra of the 1000. The record is 1150 par­tic­i­pants. You think it’s real­is­tic to break it?
Michele Gam­bari­ni, Respon­si­ble for Logis­tics: We believe it can hap­pen, and this is for many rea­sons: Close to the place which hosts the Ago­ra, there is the air­port “Milan Berg­amo — Orio al Serio”, one of the most impor­tant hub of Ryanair in Europe; we are just 30 min­utes by car or 50 min­utes by train from Milan. It means that it is very easy for the peo­ple who will come by train or that will land either in Milan Linate or Milan Malpen­sa. We are also work­ing hard with fun­ny and engag­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tion ini­tia­tives in order to attract as many peo­ple as pos­si­ble; and last but not least, Berg­amo is an incred­i­bly beau­ti­ful city and this might be a once-in-a-life­time oppor­tu­ni­ty to vis­it it!

Silvia Cannarozzi
Sil­via Can­narozzi

GT: Your team has indeed a lot of cre­ative PR ideas. How do you devel­op them?
Sil­via Can­narozzi, PR and Spe­cial Activ­i­ties: Our PR team is made by pas­sion­ate peo­ple that also work as pro­fes­sion­als in the com­mu­ni­ca­tion field. We try to push the bor­ders of our cre­ativ­i­ty to find the best way to deliv­er the mes­sage. We also do a lot of research on suc­cess­ful and viral cam­paigns to get inspired by oth­ers’ work.

GT: Which PR ideas got the best feed­back so far?
Sil­via Can­narozzi: We get the best feed­back when we post pic­tures of the orga­niz­ers behind the scenes. We are try­ing to get the peo­ple involved in every sin­gle step of the prepa­ra­tion of this big event. In this way they are aware of all the efforts we are doing and they can sup­port us from their city with their enthu­si­asm.

Michele Gambarini
Michele Gam­bari­ni

GT: Which part of the Ago­ra arrange­ments so far makes you most proud or hap­py?
Mau­ro Cat­ta­neo: Sor­ry for sound­ing too proud, but we are very hap­py lit­er­al­ly about every­thing. For sure though, the thing that makes us proud the most is all the peo­ple from our anten­na and the deep col­lab­o­ra­tion that we are hav­ing with the board! AEGEE-Berg­amo and the local youth respond­ed so well to this huge chal­lenge and the Ago­ra core team we com­posed is amaz­ing. Some of us have been in AEGEE for years, oth­ers just for a few months and oth­er joined just for the Ago­ra, get­ting in love with the project and what AEGEE rep­re­sents!

GT: Which organ­i­sa­tion­al part gave you the biggest headache?
Mau­ro Cat­ta­neo: We would lie if we said that some­thing has been eas­i­er or hard­er. We are hav­ing almost dai­ly meet­ings with­in the core team and we con­tin­u­ous­ly meet pos­si­ble part­ners on week­ly basis. It doesn’t mat­ter how big is the headache, if it will give birth to an even big­ger suc­cess!

Andrea Visinoni
Andrea Visi­noni

GT: What about logis­tics? Will there be short dis­tances between accom­mo­da­tion, ple­nary and par­ties?
Michele Gam­bari­ni: We are not wor­ried about the dis­tances between these three places. They are just 5 to 15 min dis­tant from each oth­er by bus. We will have a good fleet of bus­es to guar­an­tee faster and com­fort­able trans­port for every­body. The logis­tics team is work­ing hard to give the best to all par­tic­i­pants.

GT: Are there any spec­tac­u­lar venues for the open­ing and the par­ties?
Andrea Visi­noni, IT & Social Pro­gram Respon­si­ble: We have great and big venues for the par­ties and a super-great venue for the open­ing, soon you will have more infor­ma­tion about it… just trust me that it’s going to be sim­ply awe­some!

Bergamo Donizetti
The Ago­ra open­ing will be in the Donizetti The­atre

GT: Can you reveal just a lit­tle bit more?
Tiffany Pesen­ti, PR Respon­si­ble: You will have the great oppor­tu­ni­ty to enter one the most beau­ti­ful and impor­tant build­ings of Berg­amo: the Donizetti The­ater, cre­at­ed in hon­our of the famous clas­si­cal music com­pos­er, who brought his works from Berg­amo all over the world. Now, it is used for very impor­tant art per­for­mances, and the munic­i­pal author­i­ties will give us this majes­tic place to host our open­ing cer­e­mo­ny!

Tiffany Pesenti
Tiffany Pesen­ti

GT: Berg­amo is a beau­ti­ful city. Should the par­tic­i­pants bring more time to vis­it it?
Tiffany Pesen­ti: We hope so! Berg­amo is full of lit­tle trea­sures with big his­tor­i­cal con­tent, and it’s ready to wel­come all par­tic­i­pants! The afore­men­tioned Donizetti The­ater is placed in the Low­er city: the mod­ern cen­tre, cre­at­ed in 1914, as an urban organ­ism is tak­ing the place of the ancient Fair of Berg­amo. From there, you can admire the sug­ges­tive panora­ma of the hill that hosts the Upper City’s pro­file. Our desire is that peo­ple will vis­it the Upper City too. It was built on a hill and it’s the old city, the real core of Berg­amo, with pre-Roman ori­gins, which was heav­i­ly mod­i­fied in the 16th cen­tu­ry with the build­ing of the famous Venet­ian Walls, can­di­date as Unesco world her­itage site.

Bergamo Piazza Vecchia
Bring some extra time for vis­it­ing Berg­amo!

GT: Which pre-events or post-events do you know of? And will your anten­na make one, too?
Mau­ro Cat­ta­neo: Some of our neigh­bour­hood anten­nae are orga­niz­ing amaz­ing events: AEGEE-Bres­cia, AEGEE-Firen­ze, AEGEE-Gen­o­va, AEGEE-Milano and AEGEE-Verona. So, if you want to expe­ri­ence the Ital­ian dream even before the Ago­ra, we can sug­gest you to apply to their events! You’ll enjoy the Ital­ian lifestyle and you’ll fall in love with our coun­try… If you are not already! We are work­ing on some post event, but arrange­ments and licenc­ing are still in progress, so we can’t tell you much more at the moment.

GT: What will be the par­ty top­ics?
Andrea Visi­noni: If we spoil it now we will ruin the sur­prise. All we can say so far is that we expect a lot from you, get ready to impress us… Stay tuned for the par­ty top­ics!

GT: Any­thing else you would like to add?
Mau­ro Cat­ta­neo: We are wait­ing for all of you here in Berg­amo. We want to dare to host the biggest Ago­ra ever! So, don’t miss the oppor­tu­ni­ty, check our web­site to find out all the ways that you can arrive in Berg­amo and fol­low our Ago­ra Face­book page to keep up to date!

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