Agora Salerno 2019 Coordinator: “We are preparing something amazing”

This autumn the Agora returns to a place where history was written 30 years ago: Salerno

Win an Interrail ticket at the Agora Pre-event

Do you want to learn more about the European Parliament elections, youth participation and win an Interrail ticket? Then you should not miss the one-day Agora pre-event ”It’s up to you!” on 7th of May.

Agora Mentorship: No one needs to get lost in Bucharest

Like in the past years, the HRC will match experienced and fresh Agora participants. How that works in practice? Agora Mentorship experts Cristina de la Parte Rodriguez and Müge Güner will tell you more in this interview.

Ștefania Ciuraru, Agora Bucuresti Coordinator: “The Protests in Our Country Motivated Us”

Finally there is a host for spring Agora 2019: today it was revealed the event will be organised by AEGEE-Bucuresti in May next year! The Golden Times just spoke with the main coordinator of the statutory event, Ștefania Ciuraru, who was President of the antenna from 2014 to 2016 and who is currently Treasurer of AEGEE-Bucuresti.

Agora Istanbul 2018 Will Focus on Sustainability

From 2nd to 7th of October 2018 AEGEE-Istanbul will hosts its second Agora. Up to 800 people will be able to participate. At least 800. "We are also working on expanding the capacity to 1000 if there is a need", says main coordinator Dermansah.