EPM Zagreb: „All locations are within five minutes on foot“


Last night the appli­ca­tion peri­od for the Euro­pean Plan­ning Meet­ing 2017 in Zagreb fin­ished. Alto­geth­er 415 mem­bers applied. The chances to be accept­ed are high. “We can host up to 400 peo­ple in the gym, it’s large enough to host every­one com­fort­ably!“, AEGEE-Zagreb told the Gold­en Times. How many will be accept­ed, depends very much also on the moti­va­tion let­ters, though. With 81 peo­ple, most appli­cants come from Spain, fol­lowed by 65 Dutch and 54 Ital­ian peo­ple – that’s more than 47% of all appli­cants com­ing from just three coun­tries. Find out more about the event, which will take place from the 23rd till 27th of Feb­ru­ary, in this inter­view.

GT: Only 12 weeks until the EPM starts — how are the prepa­ra­tions going?
AEGEE-Zagreb: The prepa­ra­tions are going splen­did­ly and we are super excit­ed about every lit­tle step of progress!

GT: How many peo­ple are work­ing on the EPM?
AEGEE-Zagreb: We are around 20 peo­ple in the orga­niz­ing team so far. Every­one works to the best of their abil­i­ties, day and night!

GT: What do you think about the EPM top­ic “Europe under Siege — Pop­ulism and Anti-Euro­pean Agi­ta­tion”?
AEGEE-Zagreb: Out of all the pro­posed top­ics at Ago­ra Chişin­au, we believe this one to be the most cur­rent. We are sur­round­ed with the rise of pop­ulism in the last years, the world around is chang­ing and steer­ing fur­ther and fur­ther away from the future we believe in. We as AEGEE are oblig­at­ed to react and to make an impact. Is there a bet­ter place to do so then at the EPM?

The AEGEE-Zagreb mem­bers — here at an LTC — are wait­ing for you!

GT: What can AEGEE actu­al­ly do against the rise of pop­ulism?
AEGEE-Zagreb: AEGEE should strive to include in its events not just its mem­bers, who are proven to be more Europ­ti­mistic and inclu­sive, but the gen­er­al pop­u­lace that doesn’t always share our ideals. A series of dis­cus­sions open to the pub­lic in the cities that are rep­re­sent­ed by our anten­nae on diverse top­ics, such as the migra­tion issues, open bor­ders, pro­mot­ing inclu­siv­i­ty and accep­tance of dif­fer­ences would be ben­e­fi­cial to the cause. We are lucky to be sur­round­ed with like­mind­ed peo­ple inside AEGEE, but we should extend this way fur­ther and reach out to every­one else. If we don’t rise against prob­lems, who will?

GT: Where will the par­tic­i­pants be lodged? Hos­tel or gym?
AEGEE-Zagreb: Nat­u­ral­ly, we will be in the gym! Many of you are prob­a­bly think­ing: cold air, cold show­ers… but! Guess what, we’ll have unlim­it­ed heat­ing and hot water since the gym is con­nect­ed to a ther­mal pow­er plant! And we have up to 24 show­ers at our dis­pos­al! So we expect to see quite short lines in the bath­room!

GT: 415 peo­ple applied. How many can you host?
AEGEE-Zagreb: We can host up to 400 peo­ple in the gym, it’s large enough to host every­one com­fort­ably!

Zagreb is a real­ly beau­ti­ful city

GT: Zagreb is a big city. How far are lodg­ing, ple­nary, food places and par­ty loca­tions from each oth­er?
AEGEE-Zagreb: The loca­tions that we will use dur­ing the EPM are all with­in five min­utes on foot from one anoth­er, as they’re con­cen­trat­ed in the same area. We were pay­ing close atten­tion to this in order to make every­thing eas­i­er and faster for all of us.

GT: Will there be a video livestream at the EPM?
AEGEE-Zagreb: For now we can­not tell for sure, but we will try hard to make this pos­si­ble.

GT: How can the par­tic­i­pants reach Zagreb?
AEGEE-Zagreb: Although Zagreb itself isn’t served by low cost com­pa­nies as of yet, it is by no means unreach­able. The clos­est low-cost hubs are Tri­este, Venice, Vien­na, Bel­grade, Budapest, or even as far as Milan — all of which can be reached by Flixbus, a num­ber of oth­er bus com­pa­nies and trains… And hitch­hike is always an option! Oth­er near­by air­ports with­out low-cost flights dur­ing win­ter include Ljubl­jana, Split and Dubrovnik.

Par­tic­i­pants should bring more time in order to dis­cov­er Zagreb

GT: Should the par­tic­i­pants bring more time to vis­it Zagreb?
AEGEE-Zagreb: We would love every­one to come see Zagreb and how won­der­ful of a city it is! The tight EPM sched­ule won’t allow for a lot of sight­see­ing, so def­i­nite­ly — plan for one more day at least to see what our white city offers.

GT: Do you already know some pre-events or post-events that you can tell us about?
AEGEE-Zagreb: We’ve heard some rumors for sure, but we won’t con­firm any­thing before the anten­nae them­selves decide to do so. The only one that is con­firmed offi­cial­ly is the Pre-EPM in Novi Sad, go check it out on the Intranet!

GT: How old is AEGEE-Zagreb?
AEGEE-Zagreb: Our anten­na was found­ed in 1993, which makes us 23 at the moment, and the EPM will end two weeks shy of our 24th birth­day.

AEGEE-Zagreb organ­ised the sec­ond best of all SUs this year!

GT: How many mem­bers do you have?
AEGEE-Zagreb: At the moment we have about 60 mem­bers, how­ev­er that num­ber is increas­ing!

GT: What was your antenna’s biggest or most leg­endary event so far?
AEGEE-Zagreb: Since we are not mem­bers for such a long time, we must men­tion this year’s SU with AEGEE-Ljubl­jana that was ranked sec­ond best in the eval­u­a­tions! For us, it has been our most leg­endary event so far — but we are pret­ty sure EPM will soon over­take the SU and take the cov­et­ed spot after Feb­ru­ary.

GT: Why did you apply for host­ing an EPM and not the Ago­ra?
AEGEE-Zagreb: The idea that we had as a local has always been to host an EPM, rather than an Ago­ra. AEGEE-Zagreb just start­ed to grow as a local in terms of new and active mem­bers; for the time being, orga­niz­ing an Ago­ra is not pos­si­ble due to logis­ti­cal rea­sons, but in some years — who knows?

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