New topic, new team: Europe on Track 5 is getting ready for 2018


The fourth edi­tion of Europe on Track, AEGEE’s award-win­ning project, has just fin­ished a few weeks ago. But already now a new team is work­ing on the next edi­tion, which will take place in 2018! The team of EoT5 is search­ing for a top­ic and needs your help. In order to make you under­stand the project a bit bet­ter, the GT spoke with Jorge Sánchez Hernán­dez, who was one of the trav­ellers this year and is part of the team of the next edi­tion.

Jorge at work

GT: Europe on Track has a new Project Team. Who are the mem­bers and what do they do?
Jorge Sánchez Hernán­dez: We are Eri­fyli Evan­gelou from Athi­na, Iry­na Demi­anchuk from Kyiv, Jorge Sánchez Hernán­dez from Dres­den, Klau­dia Chłopaś from Warsza­wa, Khrystya Lishchyn­s­ka from Lviv, Kristi­na Resheto­va from Mosk­va, Luciana Pin­to from Napoli, Melis­sa Car­reres from Ali­cante, Maryam Mum­ladze from Tbil­isi, Ola Mik­lasińs­ka from Krakow, Spy­ros Papadatos from Ioan­ni­na and Vik­to­ria Schwarz from Dres­den. We are now in the knowl­edge trans­fer peri­od with the for­mer project team and still set­ting our inter­nal work­ing groups and task divi­sion.

GT: Europe on Track is look­ing for a gen­er­al top­ic for 2018. Did you already get many sug­ges­tions?
Jorge: We have already got­ten some good sug­ges­tions, but we are look­ing for more! We will then analyse all the top­ics that would fit the gen­er­al aims of Europe on Track and then the pos­si­bil­i­ties for fund­ing and the rel­e­vance to the present sit­u­a­tion in Europe.

EoT4 in Kraków

GT: Are there some cri­te­ria that nar­row down what you are look­ing for?
Jorge: The top­ic should be of rel­e­vance for the Euro­pean youth, and it should go along the val­ues of AEGEE though it doesn’t have to be relat­ed to any focus areas. We could per­fect­ly do top­ics such as sus­tain­abil­i­ty, cul­ture, food pro­duc­tion or lan­guages, so do not be afraid to sug­gest any top­ic that you think Europe on Track should work on!

GT: When is the dead­line?
Jorge: The dead­line is the 16th of July, includ­ing that day.

GT: When will Europe on Track take place in 2018 — and what will be the main dif­fer­ences in the con­cept?
Jorge: We are still dis­cussing this, but the jour­ney should take place some­where between March and May.

Some sta­tis­tics on EoT4

GT: Ambas­sadors have roles like blog­ger and inter­view­er, video jour­nal­ist and pho­to jour­nal­ist. What did they pro­duce this year?
Jorge: The ambas­sadors of EoT4 pro­duced work­shops that they deliv­ered in the events of the host­ing locals, then dur­ing the trip they pro­duced pho­to albums, videos, inter­views and gath­ered infor­ma­tion through ques­tion­naires that is still being analysed. You can see the mate­ri­als and the ones that are still being devel­oped at our Face­book page.

GT: How was the coop­er­a­tion with the anten­nae this year?
Jorge: We had a great coop­er­a­tion with the anten­nae and we are look­ing for­ward to work­ing with more anten­nae even clos­er this time! They are the pil­lars of this project and with­out them we could not achieve so much as we have.

GT: Were you also meet­ing non-AEGEE peo­ple like politi­cians dur­ing the trip? And what did they think about the project?
Jorge: Last time the ambas­sadors did meet politi­cians, but also ran­dom peo­ple in the street to inter­view or oth­er non-AEGEEans that came to the work­shops. The project does not aim at hav­ing an impact on AEGEEans but in Europe in gen­er­al through the young­sters liv­ing on our con­ti­nent.

On the road

GT: What did you learn new dur­ing the trip?
Jorge: When we put togeth­er all the data about trains, ques­tion­naires, peo­ple who attend­ed our work­shops and inter­views, we real­ized the poten­tial of the project and the fact that we can tru­ly have an impact in Europe and its cit­i­zens with our project.

GT: Any­thing you would like to add?
Jorge: We wel­come any idea peo­ple might have about Europe on Track and are look­ing for­ward to involv­ing more peo­ple from our net­work. You can always mes­sage us or send us an email to We will soon start giv­ing out some secrets and tips about the project and how you can become an ambas­sador for next year, so stay tuned with our page!

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