Unlock the Secret of Getting Money and More at the FRES in Eskişehir


Every anten­na needs mon­ey, because this means bet­ter events and bet­ter ser­vices for mem­bers and par­tic­i­pants. How­ev­er, fundrais­ing is an art that not every anten­na knows well. The Fundrais­ing Euro­pean School of AEGEE-Eskişe­hir and the AEGEE Acad­e­my, tak­ing place from 3rd till 10th of April, wants to improve the skills of 20 lucky mem­bers. You can be one of them. Tuğçe Fetul­la­hoğlu, main organ­is­er of the event, tells you why you should apply now.

Tugce Fetul­la­hoglu

GT: What can peo­ple learn dur­ing the Fundrais­ing Euro­pean School?
Tuğçe Fetul­la­hoğlu: Dur­ing the FRES par­tic­i­pa­tions we will have some ses­sions like “Improve you com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills”, “For­mu­late a fundrais­ing strat­e­gy”, “Elab­o­rate a grant demand” and “Use mar­ket­ing tools in rais­ing funds”, as well as lots of parts about Eras­mus+, cor­po­rate FR and finan­cial man­age­ment.

GT: Why did your anten­na decide to organ­ise it?
Tuğçe: We have mem­bers who are real­ly close­ly relat­ed to fundrais­ing. We know that if you want to organ­ise any event you have to know how you can find funds and which step you need to fol­low. This is why we became the host local. We can strength­en the fundrais­ing skills of our own mem­bers and of oth­er AEGEEans as well as mem­bers oth­er NGOs.

GT: AEGEE-Eskise­hir is very good at fundrais­ing. How does it work in your anten­na?
Tuğçe: We have a real­ly good rela­tion­ship with the may­or of Eskişe­hir, with the uni­ver­si­ty and local peo­ple. I can say that lots of busi­ness­es know us. Of course we do some­thing for them; we adver­tise them and we go to their places after our meet­ings.

GT: Can you give an exam­ples of recent fundrais­ing suc­cess­es, maybe even for the FRES?
Tuğçe: For instance for the FRES we found accom­mo­da­tion and trans­porta­tion thanks to our may­or.

GT: Who are the train­ers? Will there also be train­ers from your anten­na?
Tuğçe: The train­ers will be Daria Andreie­va from BEST, Vladislav Andri­jako from Euroavia, AEGEE Acad­e­my Speak­er Anto­nis Tri­antafyl­lakis and Réka Sala­m­on, Pres­i­dent of AEGEE-Europe.

GT: How many par­tic­i­pants can come?
Tuğçe: We will accept 20 par­tic­i­pants who want to have more knowl­edge about fundrais­ing.


GT: Aside from the con­tent, what kind of social activ­i­ties will you offer dur­ing the event?
Tuğçe: Of course we have par­ties and activ­i­ties like a city tour and aside from the Euro­pean Night we also have two con­cept par­ties, pub crawl­ing and lots of sur­pris­es.

GT: Can you tell us a few words about AEGEE-Eskise­hir?
Tuğçe: AEGEE-Eskişe­hir was estab­lished in 2001. We have about 50–60 active mem­bers every year. We have work­ing groups and project groups. We are lucky that there are many peo­ple, who are will­ing to work in AEGEE-Eskişe­hir each year.

GT: Is it true that you are the only anten­na with a two-day long local Ago­ra?
Tuğçe: Yes it is true. We have a two day long local Ago­ra, because we take our busi­ness seri­ous­ly.

GT: Where is your city and how can par­tic­i­pants trav­el there?
Tuğçe: Eskişe­hir is a small city with many stu­dents. In order to get here, our par­tic­i­pants can fly to İstan­bul. There are two air­port in Istan­bul. If your fly to Sabi­ha Gökçen Inter­na­tion­al Air­port (SAW), you can reach our city by high speed train in 2 hours and 30 min­utes – for about 12 Euros. If your fly to Atatürk Air­port, you can reach our city by bus in six hours for 8 Euros.

GT: Any­thing else you would like to add?
Tuğçe: I would like to say that Eskişe­hir is an amaz­ing city for young peo­ple. They can find a lot of fun here. Also we are orga­niz­ing amaz­ing ses­sions and par­ties, togeth­er with the Acad­e­my and our train­ers. We are very enthu­si­as­tic about this event – and we are wait­ing for you!

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