Here it is – the definite list of all AEGEE Agoras, Presidents’ Meetings, Planning Meetings, European Boards’ Meetings and European Planning Meetings. In addition, you can find photos of most of them in the mentioned Facebook albums. Enjoy!



Place/ Organiser

Event type


1986AprilMünchen (D)Agora 1FB Album
NovemberBrussel (B)Presidents' Conference
NovemberHeidelberg (D)Agora 2
1987FebruaryLeiden (NL)Agora 3FB Album
SeptemberDelft (NL)Presidents' Conference
NovemberSevilla (E)Agora 4
1988FebruaryLouvain-la-Neuve (B)Presidents' Conference
AprilMilano (I)Agora 5FB Album
OctoberSaarbrücken (D)Presidents' Conference
NovemberOrleans (F)Agora 6FB Album
1989MarchLyon (F)Presidents' Meeting
AprilSalamanca (E)Agora 7FB Album
SeptemberAmsterdam (NL)Presidents' Meeting
NovemberSalerno (I)Agora 8FB Album
1990MarchMünchen (D)Presidents' Meeting
MayParis (F)Agora 9FB Album
SeptemberKarlsruhe (D)Presidents' Meeting
NovemberBonn (D)Agora 10FB Album
1991FebruaryGroningen (NL)Presidents' Meeting
AprilAmsterdam (NL)Agora 11FB Album
OctoberBordeaux (F)Presidents' Meeting
NovemberBudapest (H)Agora 12FB Album
1992MarchKrakow (PL)Presidents' Meeting
AprilKós/Athens (GR)Agora 13FB Album
OctoberTurku (FIN)Presidents' Meeting
NovemberDelft (NL)Agora 14FB Album
1993FebruaryAachen (D)Presidents' Meeting
AprilPraha (CZ)Agora 15FB Album
SeptemberSantander (E)Presidents' Meeting
NovemberUtrecht (NL)Agora 16FB Album
1994MarchEger (H)Presidents' MeetingFB Album
AprilMünchen (D)Agora 17FB Album
SeptemberHelsinki (FIN)Presidents' Meeting
NovemberMontpellier (F)Agora 18FB Album
1995FebruaryLjubljana (SI)Presidents' Meeting
AprilAmsterdam (NL)Agora 19FB Album
SeptemberBarcelona (E)Presidents' MeetingFB Album
NovemberBudapest (H)Agora 20FB Album
1996MarchEindhoven (NL)Presidents' Meeting
AprilValladolid (E)Agora 21FB Album
SeptemberTimisoara (RO)Presidents' MeetingFB Album
NovemberAthina (GR)Agora 22FB Album
1997MarchWarszawa (PL)Presidents' Meeting
AprilEnschede (NL)Agora Plus 23FB Album
SeptemberVeszprém (H)Presidents' Meeting
OctoberAnkara (TR)Agora 24FB Album
1998FebruaryAix-en-Provence (F)Presidents' MeetingFB Album
AprilMaastricht (NL)Agora 25FB Album
SeptemberCagliari (I)Presidents' MeetingFB Album
OctoberHamburg (D)Agora 26FB Album
1999MarchNovi Sad (YU)Presidents' MeetingFB Album
AprilBarcelona (E)Agora 27FB Album
SeptemberAdana (TR)Presidents' Meeting
NovemberPoznan (PL)Agora 28FB Album
2000MarchOhrid/Skopje (MK)Presidents' Meeting
MayUtrecht (NL)Agora 29FB Album
SeptemberSzeged (H)Presidents' MeetingFB Album

NovemberUdine (I)Agora 30FB Album
2001MarchKatowice (PL)Presidents' Meeting
MayConstanta (RO)Agora 31FB Album
SeptemberValletta (MLT)Planning Meeting
OctoberAnkara (TR)Agora 32FB Album
2002MarchHelsinki (FIN)Planning MeetingFB Album
MayAmsterdam (NL)Agora 33FB Album
SeptemberCagliari (I)Planning MeetingFB Album
NovemberAthina (GR)Agora 34FB Album
2003FebruaryEnschede (NL)Planning MeetingFB Album
MayBucuresti/Constanta (RO)Agora 35FB Album
SeptemberMagusa (CYP)Planning MeetingFB Album
OctoberZaragoza (E)Agora 36FB Album
2004MarchWroclaw (PL)Planning MeetingFB Album
AprilOhrid/Skopje (MK)Agora 37FB Album
SeptemberAachen (D)Planning MeetingFB Album
NovemberTorino (I)Agora 38FB Album
2005MarchValletta (MLT)European Boards' MeetingFB Album
MayEnschede (NL)Agora 39FB Album
OctoberIzmir (TR)Agora 40FB Album
2006MarchSofia (BG)European Boards' MeetingFB Album
MayWarszawa (PL)Agora 41FB Album
NovemberNapoli (I)Agora 42FB Album
2007FebruaryGliwice (PL)European Boards' MeetingFB Album
AprilValletta (MLT)Agora 43FB Album
NovemberEskisehir (TR)Agora 44FB Album
2008MarchDelft (NL)European Boards' MeetingFB Album
MayLjubljana (SI)Agora 45FB Album
OctoberAachen (D)Agora 46FB Album
2009FebruaryTorino (I)European Boards' MeetingFB Album
AprilMagusa (CYP)Agora 47FB Album

OctoberKyiv (UA)Agora 48FB Album
2010FebruaryKrakow (PL)European Boards' MeetingFB Album
AprilLeiden (NL)Agora 49FB Album
OctoberIstanbul (TR)Agora 50FB Album
2011FebruaryRiga (LV)European Boards' MeetingFB Album
AprilAlicante (E)Agora 51FB Album
OctoberStruga/Skopje (MK)Agora 52FB Album
2012FebruaryIzmir (TR)European Boards' MeetingFB Album
MayEnschede (NL)Agora 53FB Album
NovemberBudapest (H)Agora 54FB Album
2013FebruaryValletta (MLT)European Boards' MeetingFB Album
AprilRhein-Neckar (D)Agora 55FB Album
OctoberZaragoza (E)Agora 56FB album 1
FB album 2
2014FebruaryLublin (PL)European Boards' MeetingFB Album
April/MayPatra (GR)Agora 57FB Album
OctoberCagliari (I)Agora 58FB Album
2015FebruaryBurgos (E)European Planning MeetingFB Album
AprilOviedo/Gijón (E)Agora 59FB Album
OctoberKyiv (UA)Agora 60FB Album
2016FebruaryLeiden (NL)European Planning MeetingFB Album
MayBergamo (I)Agora 61FB Album
OctoberChisinau (MD)Agora 62FB Album

2017FebruaryZagreb (HR)European Planning MeetingFB Album
MayEnschede (NL)Agora 63FB Album
27-30 OctoberCatania (I)Agora 64FB Album
20188-12 MarchYerevan (ARM)European Planning Meeting
24-28 AprilKraków (PL)Agora 65
October/NovemberIstanbul (TR)Agora 66




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