Here it is — the def­i­nite list of all AEGEE Ago­ras, Pres­i­dents’ Meet­ings, Plan­ning Meet­ings, Euro­pean Boards’ Meet­ings and Euro­pean Plan­ning Meet­ings. In addi­tion, you can find pho­tos of most of them in the men­tioned Face­book albums. Enjoy!



Place/ Organiser

Event type


1986AprilMünchen (D)Ago­ra 1FB Album
Novem­berBrus­sel (B)Pres­i­dents’ Con­fer­ence
Novem­berHei­del­berg (D)Ago­ra 2
1987Feb­ru­aryLei­den (NL)Ago­ra 3FB Album
Sep­tem­berDelft (NL)Pres­i­dents’ Con­fer­ence
Novem­berSevil­la (E)Ago­ra 4
1988Feb­ru­aryLou­vain-la-Neuve (B)Pres­i­dents’ Con­fer­ence
AprilMilano (I)Ago­ra 5FB Album
Octo­berSaar­brück­en (D)Pres­i­dents’ Con­fer­ence
Novem­berOrleans (F)Ago­ra 6FB Album
1989MarchLyon (F)Pres­i­dents’ Meet­ing
AprilSala­man­ca (E)Ago­ra 7FB Album
Sep­tem­berAms­ter­dam (NL)Pres­i­dents’ Meet­ing
Novem­berSaler­no (I)Ago­ra 8FB Album
1990MarchMünchen (D)Pres­i­dents’ Meet­ing
MayParis (F)Ago­ra 9FB Album
Sep­tem­berKarl­sruhe (D)Pres­i­dents’ Meet­ing
Novem­berBonn (D)Ago­ra 10FB Album
1991Feb­ru­aryGronin­gen (NL)Pres­i­dents’ Meet­ing
AprilAms­ter­dam (NL)Ago­ra 11FB Album
Octo­berBor­deaux (F)Pres­i­dents’ Meet­ing
Novem­berBudapest (H)Ago­ra 12FB Album
1992MarchKrakow (PL)Pres­i­dents’ Meet­ing
AprilKós/Athens (GR)Ago­ra 13FB Album
Octo­berTurku (FIN)Pres­i­dents’ Meet­ing
Novem­berDelft (NL)Ago­ra 14FB Album
1993Feb­ru­aryAachen (D)Pres­i­dents’ Meet­ing
AprilPra­ha (CZ)Ago­ra 15FB Album
Sep­tem­berSan­tander (E)Pres­i­dents’ Meet­ing
Novem­berUtrecht (NL)Ago­ra 16FB Album
1994MarchEger (H)Pres­i­dents’ Meet­ingFB Album
AprilMünchen (D)Ago­ra 17FB Album
Sep­tem­berHelsin­ki (FIN)Pres­i­dents’ Meet­ing
Novem­berMont­pel­li­er (F)Ago­ra 18FB Album
1995Feb­ru­aryLjubl­jana (SI)Pres­i­dents’ Meet­ing
AprilAms­ter­dam (NL)Ago­ra 19FB Album
Sep­tem­berBarcelona (E)Pres­i­dents’ Meet­ingFB Album
Novem­berBudapest (H)Ago­ra 20FB Album
1996MarchEind­hoven (NL)Pres­i­dents’ Meet­ing
AprilVal­ladol­id (E)Ago­ra 21FB Album
Sep­tem­berTimisoara (RO)Pres­i­dents’ Meet­ingFB Album
Novem­berAthi­na (GR)Ago­ra 22FB Album
1997MarchWarsza­wa (PL)Pres­i­dents’ Meet­ing
AprilEnschede (NL)Ago­ra Plus 23FB Album
Sep­tem­berVeszprém (H)Pres­i­dents’ Meet­ing
Octo­berAnkara (TR)Ago­ra 24FB Album
1998Feb­ru­aryAix-en-Provence (F)Pres­i­dents’ Meet­ingFB Album
AprilMaas­tricht (NL)Ago­ra 25FB Album
Sep­tem­berCagliari (I)Pres­i­dents’ Meet­ingFB Album
Octo­berHam­burg (D)Ago­ra 26FB Album
1999MarchNovi Sad (YU)Pres­i­dents’ Meet­ingFB Album
AprilBarcelona (E)Ago­ra 27FB Album
Sep­tem­berAdana (TR)Pres­i­dents’ Meet­ing
Novem­berPoz­nan (PL)Ago­ra 28FB Album
2000MarchOhrid/Skopje (MK)Pres­i­dents’ Meet­ing
MayUtrecht (NL)Ago­ra 29FB Album
Sep­tem­berSzeged (H)Pres­i­dents’ Meet­ingFB Album

Novem­berUdine (I)Ago­ra 30FB Album
2001MarchKatow­ice (PL)Pres­i­dents’ Meet­ing
MayCon­stan­ta (RO)Ago­ra 31FB Album
Sep­tem­berVal­let­ta (MLT)Plan­ning Meet­ing
Octo­berAnkara (TR)Ago­ra 32FB Album
2002MarchHelsin­ki (FIN)Plan­ning Meet­ingFB Album
MayAms­ter­dam (NL)Ago­ra 33FB Album
Sep­tem­berCagliari (I)Plan­ning Meet­ingFB Album
Novem­berAthi­na (GR)Ago­ra 34FB Album
2003Feb­ru­aryEnschede (NL)Plan­ning Meet­ingFB Album
MayBucuresti/Constanta (RO)Ago­ra 35FB Album
Sep­tem­berMagusa (CYP)Plan­ning Meet­ingFB Album
Octo­berZaragoza (E)Ago­ra 36FB Album
2004MarchWro­claw (PL)Plan­ning Meet­ingFB Album
AprilOhrid/Skopje (MK)Ago­ra 37FB Album
Sep­tem­berAachen (D)Plan­ning Meet­ingFB Album
Novem­berTori­no (I)Ago­ra 38FB Album
2005MarchVal­let­ta (MLT)Euro­pean Boards’ Meet­ingFB Album
MayEnschede (NL)Ago­ra 39FB Album
Octo­berIzmir (TR)Ago­ra 40FB Album
2006MarchSofia (BG)Euro­pean Boards’ Meet­ingFB Album
MayWarsza­wa (PL)Ago­ra 41FB Album
Novem­berNapoli (I)Ago­ra 42FB Album
2007Feb­ru­aryGli­wice (PL)Euro­pean Boards’ Meet­ingFB Album
AprilVal­let­ta (MLT)Ago­ra 43FB Album
Novem­berEskise­hir (TR)Ago­ra 44FB Album
2008MarchDelft (NL)Euro­pean Boards’ Meet­ingFB Album
MayLjubl­jana (SI)Ago­ra 45FB Album
Octo­berAachen (D)Ago­ra 46FB Album
2009Feb­ru­aryTori­no (I)Euro­pean Boards’ Meet­ingFB Album
AprilMagusa (CYP)Ago­ra 47FB Album

Octo­berKyiv (UA)Ago­ra 48FB Album
2010Feb­ru­aryKrakow (PL)Euro­pean Boards’ Meet­ingFB Album
AprilLei­den (NL)Ago­ra 49FB Album
Octo­berIstan­bul (TR)Ago­ra 50FB Album
2011Feb­ru­aryRiga (LV)Euro­pean Boards’ Meet­ingFB Album
AprilAli­cante (E)Ago­ra 51FB Album
Octo­berStruga/Skopje (MK)Ago­ra 52FB Album
2012Feb­ru­aryIzmir (TR)Euro­pean Boards’ Meet­ingFB Album
MayEnschede (NL)Ago­ra 53FB Album
Novem­berBudapest (H)Ago­ra 54FB Album
2013Feb­ru­aryVal­let­ta (MLT)Euro­pean Boards’ Meet­ingFB Album
AprilRhein-Neckar (D)Ago­ra 55FB Album
Octo­berZaragoza (E)Ago­ra 56FB album 1
FB album 2
2014Feb­ru­aryLublin (PL)Euro­pean Boards’ Meet­ingFB Album
April/MayPatra (GR)Ago­ra 57FB Album
Octo­berCagliari (I)Ago­ra 58FB Album
2015Feb­ru­aryBur­gos (E)Euro­pean Plan­ning Meet­ingFB Album
AprilOviedo/Gijón (E)Ago­ra 59FB Album
Octo­berKyiv (UA)Ago­ra 60FB Album
2016Feb­ru­aryLei­den (NL)Euro­pean Plan­ning Meet­ingFB Album
MayBerg­amo (I)Ago­ra 61FB Album
Octo­berChisin­au (MD)Ago­ra 62FB Album

2017Feb­ru­aryZagreb (HR)Euro­pean Plan­ning Meet­ingFB Album
MayEnschede (NL)Ago­ra 63FB Album
27–30 Octo­berCata­nia (I)Ago­ra 64FB Album
20188–12 MarchYere­van (ARM)Euro­pean Plan­ning Meet­ing
24–28 AprilKraków (PL)Ago­ra 65
October/NovemberIstan­bul (TR)Ago­ra 66




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