3400 AEGEE members applied for a Summer University this year – and some of the applications were simply outstanding. Lots of people made great videos, drew pictures or simply wrote very creative letters. Here are some of them.

Elena Sicilia: 100 videos made into one

Elena Sicilia from AEGEE-Oviedo made maybe the best SU application video this year. Actually, the video, with whom Elena applied for the “Transsiberian Dream vol. 7 – Far East Movement” by AEGEE-Moskva and AEGEE-Sankt Peterburg, is not one video, but 100! Elena, who was AgorAsturias organising team member, filmed herself every day for 100 days, with a sign in her hands about the amazing Russian TSU. “I came up with the idea of the ‘100 days challenge’, as I thought it would be a creative way of showing my determination, and it eventually became a positive daily reminder that helped me to keep going, keep working hard… It actually gave me a reason to have some fun, loosen up and smile every day!”, Elena told the Golden Times.
Did she ever skip a day? Elena: “No, it was really every day. But of course there were some days that I didn’t feel like being filmed, so I just filmed the banner with my cat or some other random item.”
Elena involved also other people in the video, from her antenna or from the Agora preparation meeting. Elena: “I tried to involve more people! First of all, because I’m not a spotlight person, if I get some attention I rather be surrounded by friends! Furthermore, I never really liked being filmed, so I had to leave my comfort zone, which eventually became easier. And also I felt like it wouldn’t be very interesting if it was just me in the video. I thought it would seem a little bit self-centered and I wanted to avoid that!”


Ekaterina Kalinina: the Harry Potter fan

Having success with a great video also works in the other direction: Ekaterina Kalinina, member of AEGEE-Moskva, used this approach when she applied for the Spanish Harry Potter express by AEGEE-Zaragoza, the SU “Kingdom of Dragon vol. IV: Platform 9 ¾“. Actually, she used a two-fold strategy, a great Harry-Potter themed motivation letter with an accompanied video.

Anna Kuprickova: Many international recommendations

Would you believe that Anna Kuprickova joined AEGEE only one month ago when you see this video? Anna is from AEGEE-Moskva as well and was accepted to the SU of AEGEE-Barcelona “BarceYOLOna: the catalan adventure”, which was one of the five most popular Summer Universities this year. When the Golden Times asked her how she managed to get so many people from all over the world recommending her on videotape, Anna said: “I worked in several hostels for a couple of month and I told them I wanna go to Spain, help me guys!” A great strategy!

Maria Kochkina: the personal infographics

Maria Kochkina ML

There are more artists in Moscow! Seeing that Maria Kochkina was accepted to the SU of AEGEE-Heraklio “The Seduction of Europa” is not a big surprise – after all, Maria is PR Responsible of her antenna and really know how to win an audience. She did not make a video, but made a great complex infographics about herself! And this pretty quick as well. “It took me six hours in total”, she told the Golden Times.

Dmitry Shishmarev: drawing like a boss

Dmitry ML 640

Another AEGEE-Moskva board member with artistic skills is Dmitry Shishmarev. The HR Responsible of the Russian antenna drew the sticker motive of the TSU “Adventure Time: The Return of the Rabbits” by AEGEE-Dresden, AEGEE-Wroclaw and AEGEE-Berlin with his own hand, which got him a place at one of the top eight Summer Universities this year.

María Calderón: the perfect storyteller

Spanish AEGEE members are not only the majority of SU applicants, but also make awesome videos, as we have already seen. María Calderón from AEGEE-Zaragoza created the perfect explanation video, including photos and drawings and a smart story, why the AEGEE-Catania SU: “AEGEE of Mythology!” is the right place for her. It took her four days to make this video, she told the Golden Times. Needless to say that she got a place for the second most popular Summer Universities this year! With these amazing storytelling skills she would be perfect for creating all kind of PR videos for AEGEE – for example: “What AEGEE is about” or “How the Agora works”. Someone should ask her before she gets hired by professional companies!

Andrés Merayo and Verónica Arias: The crazy story of two cousins

There is an unwritten rule that you don’t take couples or siblings together, if they apply for a Summer University. But sometimes you don’t have a choice… because the application that they make together is just awesome. This was the case with the application of AEGEE-A Coruna member Andrés Merayo and his cousin Verónica Arias. The video that they produced together for the TSU “Take the lead in our AdvenTSUreland!” of AEGEE-Budapest and AEGEE-Kraków is fantastic! Of course they were both selected!

Javier Gimeno: from Star Wars to Ukraine

The very clever video that got Javier Gimeno from AEGEE-Zaragoza into the TSU “Across the UAniverse” by the AEGEE antennae in Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kyïv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv starts a bit nerdy with a cool Star Wars reference, but then you just get surprised by the great self-presentation by Javier – and all the great video clips he merged together!

Motivation letters: smart, funny and crazy answers for SU Napoli

Most applicants did not draw or make videos, but wrote texts. Some were really good, some less. Here are smart and funny some examples from the SU of AEGEE-Napoli “Past & Fasul – Through the ages of time!” The participants answered question by the organisers. Enjoy the answers of three different applicants!

Question 1: In which historical period and why would you want to live?

Answer: “1492, but being in México, as a Mayan, can you imagine that? Is like, hey guys! I just saw 3 f***** boats, there are people with beard saying that they came through the ocean.
And you are like: What the heck man? Did you smoke my weed again?
-No, I’m talking serious, they said they are from a country called Spain!!!
-Oh really? Are you sure they didn’t come in a bull? Did they bring Sangria?”

Question 2: If we say that you can bring only three things in your time travel, what would you take?

Answer: “Nothing. Because if I do a time travel I don’t want to bring anything from my edge which can make me think about my family, friends, technologies… I would bring nothing that makes me be clinging to my own history. I would be able to live the experience with a really open mind and being naked.”

Question 3: With which historical character you would have a night of love?

Answer: “God, for three reasons. First of all, if he/she don’t come to the date, I will know that he/she doesn’t exist. Second, if he/she comes, I would be able to know what happened to the story of his/her life actually. And finally, he/she has the magic finger and Jesus, he/she is He/She… it would be the best night ever!”

Motivation letters: funny and crazy answers for SU Las Palmas

Also the SU “SUrf, SUn and have fun! A different way to SEA the world” by AEGEE-Las Palmas got some interesting motivation letters. Here are a few examples.

Applicant 1: “I enjoy Spanish food like Tacos and baguettes and purscuito”
Remark by the antenna: tacos = Mexican, baguettes = French, purscuito = prosciutto?? = Italian… Good try!

Applicant 2: “I would be really happy to spend 14 days in paradise and for the first time in my life try a banana directly from the tree, not from the supermarket!”
Remark by the antenna: “Ok, if we go to the countryside and we enter some private plantation we could do it, but unluckily we don’t have banana trees in the street”

Applicant 3: “I’m a hot sex bomb from Italy that will make all you stallions go crazy. :P:P… please take me…”

Applicant 4: “Dancing naked on the beach is my ideal summer”

Applicant 5 answered to the question: “What is the craziest thing you would do in order to be selected as participant of our SU? You will have to do it if you are eventually one of the luckiest”.
Answer: “Running half naked in the street”

Applicant 6: “My sense of direction is way too bad anyway, but music activates all my natural instincts. Wink, wink.”

It looks like it is gooing to be a hot summer!