AEGEE is Full Of Artists: Most Creative SU Applications


3400 AEGEE mem­bers applied for a Sum­mer Uni­ver­si­ty this year – and some of the appli­ca­tions were sim­ply out­stand­ing. Lots of peo­ple made great videos, drew pic­tures or sim­ply wrote very cre­ative let­ters. Here are some of them.

Elena Sicilia: 100 videos made into one

Ele­na Sicil­ia from AEGEE-Oviedo made maybe the best SU appli­ca­tion video this year. Actu­al­ly, the video, with whom Ele­na applied for the “Transsi­ber­ian Dream vol. 7 — Far East Move­ment” by AEGEE-Mosk­va and AEGEE-Sankt Peter­burg, is not one video, but 100! Ele­na, who was Ago­rAs­turias organ­is­ing team mem­ber, filmed her­self every day for 100 days, with a sign in her hands about the amaz­ing Russ­ian TSU. “I came up with the idea of the ‘100 days chal­lenge’, as I thought it would be a cre­ative way of show­ing my deter­mi­na­tion, and it even­tu­al­ly became a pos­i­tive dai­ly reminder that helped me to keep going, keep work­ing hard… It actu­al­ly gave me a rea­son to have some fun, loosen up and smile every day!”, Ele­na told the Gold­en Times.
Did she ever skip a day? Ele­na: “No, it was real­ly every day. But of course there were some days that I didn’t feel like being filmed, so I just filmed the ban­ner with my cat or some oth­er ran­dom item.”
Ele­na involved also oth­er peo­ple in the video, from her anten­na or from the Ago­ra prepa­ra­tion meet­ing. Ele­na: “I tried to involve more peo­ple! First of all, because I’m not a spot­light per­son, if I get some atten­tion I rather be sur­round­ed by friends! Fur­ther­more, I nev­er real­ly liked being filmed, so I had to leave my com­fort zone, which even­tu­al­ly became eas­i­er. And also I felt like it wouldn’t be very inter­est­ing if it was just me in the video. I thought it would seem a lit­tle bit self-cen­tered and I want­ed to avoid that!”


Ekaterina Kalinina: the Harry Potter fan

Hav­ing suc­cess with a great video also works in the oth­er direc­tion: Eka­te­ri­na Kalin­i­na, mem­ber of AEGEE-Mosk­va, used this approach when she applied for the Span­ish Har­ry Pot­ter express by AEGEE-Zaragoza, the SU “King­dom of Drag­on vol. IV: Plat­form 9 ¾“. Actu­al­ly, she used a two-fold strat­e­gy, a great Har­ry-Pot­ter themed moti­va­tion let­ter ( with an accom­pa­nied video.

Anna Kuprickova: Many international recommendations

Would you believe that Anna Kuprick­o­va joined AEGEE only one month ago when you see this video? Anna is from AEGEE-Mosk­va as well and was accept­ed to the SU of AEGEE-Barcelona “BarceY­OLOna: the cata­lan adven­ture”, which was one of the five most pop­u­lar Sum­mer Uni­ver­si­ties this year. When the Gold­en Times asked her how she man­aged to get so many peo­ple from all over the world rec­om­mend­ing her on video­tape, Anna said: “I worked in sev­er­al hos­tels for a cou­ple of month and I told them I wan­na go to Spain, help me guys!” A great strat­e­gy!

Maria Kochkina: the personal infographics

Maria Kochkina ML

There are more artists in Moscow! See­ing that Maria Kochk­i­na was accept­ed to the SU of AEGEE-Her­ak­lio “The Seduc­tion of Europa” is not a big sur­prise – after all, Maria is PR Respon­si­ble of her anten­na and real­ly know how to win an audi­ence. She did not make a video, but made a great com­plex info­graph­ics about her­self! And this pret­ty quick as well. “It took me six hours in total”, she told the Gold­en Times.

Dmitry Shishmarev: drawing like a boss

Dmitry ML 640

Anoth­er AEGEE-Mosk­va board mem­ber with artis­tic skills is Dmit­ry Shish­marev. The HR Respon­si­ble of the Russ­ian anten­na drew the stick­er motive of the TSU “Adven­ture Time: The Return of the Rab­bits” by AEGEE-Dres­den, AEGEE-Wro­claw and AEGEE-Berlin with his own hand, which got him a place at one of the top eight Sum­mer Uni­ver­si­ties this year.

María Calderón: the perfect storyteller

Span­ish AEGEE mem­bers are not only the major­i­ty of SU appli­cants, but also make awe­some videos, as we have already seen. María Calderón from AEGEE-Zaragoza cre­at­ed the per­fect expla­na­tion video, includ­ing pho­tos and draw­ings and a smart sto­ry, why the AEGEE-Cata­nia SU: “AEGEE of Mythol­o­gy!” is the right place for her. It took her four days to make this video, she told the Gold­en Times. Need­less to say that she got a place for the sec­ond most pop­u­lar Sum­mer Uni­ver­si­ties this year! With these amaz­ing sto­ry­telling skills she would be per­fect for cre­at­ing all kind of PR videos for AEGEE – for exam­ple: “What AEGEE is about” or “How the Ago­ra works”. Some­one should ask her before she gets hired by pro­fes­sion­al com­pa­nies!

Andrés Merayo and Verónica Arias: The crazy story of two cousins

There is an unwrit­ten rule that you don’t take cou­ples or sib­lings togeth­er, if they apply for a Sum­mer Uni­ver­si­ty. But some­times you don’t have a choice… because the appli­ca­tion that they make togeth­er is just awe­some. This was the case with the appli­ca­tion of AEGEE-A Coruna mem­ber Andrés Mer­ayo and his cousin Veróni­ca Arias. The video that they pro­duced togeth­er for the TSU “Take the lead in our AdvenTSUre­land!” of AEGEE-Budapest and AEGEE-Kraków is fan­tas­tic! Of course they were both select­ed!

Javier Gimeno: from Star Wars to Ukraine

The very clever video that got Javier Gimeno from AEGEE-Zaragoza into the TSU “Across the UAni­verse” by the AEGEE anten­nae in Kharkiv, Dnipropetro­vsk, Kyïv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv starts a bit nerdy with a cool Star Wars ref­er­ence, but then you just get sur­prised by the great self-pre­sen­ta­tion by Javier – and all the great video clips he merged togeth­er!

Motivation letters: smart, funny and crazy answers for SU Napoli

Most appli­cants did not draw or make videos, but wrote texts. Some were real­ly good, some less. Here are smart and fun­ny some exam­ples from the SU of AEGEE-Napoli “Past & Fasul — Through the ages of time!” The par­tic­i­pants answered ques­tion by the organ­is­ers. Enjoy the answers of three dif­fer­ent appli­cants!

Ques­tion 1: In which his­tor­i­cal peri­od and why would you want to live?

Answer: “1492, but being in Méx­i­co, as a Mayan, can you imag­ine that? Is like, hey guys! I just saw 3 f***** boats, there are peo­ple with beard say­ing that they came through the ocean.
And you are like: What the heck man? Did you smoke my weed again?
-No, I’m talk­ing seri­ous, they said they are from a coun­try called Spain!!!
-Oh real­ly? Are you sure they didn’t come in a bull? Did they bring San­gria?”

Ques­tion 2: If we say that you can bring only three things in your time trav­el, what would you take?

Answer: “Noth­ing. Because if I do a time trav­el I don’t want to bring any­thing from my edge which can make me think about my fam­i­ly, friends, tech­nolo­gies… I would bring noth­ing that makes me be cling­ing to my own his­to­ry. I would be able to live the expe­ri­ence with a real­ly open mind and being naked.”

Ques­tion 3: With which his­tor­i­cal char­ac­ter you would have a night of love?

Answer: “God, for three rea­sons. First of all, if he/she don’t come to the date, I will know that he/she doesn’t exist. Sec­ond, if he/she comes, I would be able to know what hap­pened to the sto­ry of his/her life actu­al­ly. And final­ly, he/she has the mag­ic fin­ger and Jesus, he/she is He/She… it would be the best night ever!”

Motivation letters: funny and crazy answers for SU Las Palmas

Also the SU “SUrf, SUn and have fun! A dif­fer­ent way to SEA the world” by AEGEE-Las Pal­mas got some inter­est­ing moti­va­tion let­ters. Here are a few exam­ples.

Appli­cant 1: “I enjoy Span­ish food like Tacos and baguettes and purscuito”
Remark by the anten­na: tacos = Mex­i­can, baguettes = French, purscuito = pro­sciut­to?? = Ital­ian… Good try!

Appli­cant 2: “I would be real­ly hap­py to spend 14 days in par­adise and for the first time in my life try a banana direct­ly from the tree, not from the super­mar­ket!”
Remark by the anten­na: “Ok, if we go to the coun­try­side and we enter some pri­vate plan­ta­tion we could do it, but unluck­i­ly we don’t have banana trees in the street”

Appli­cant 3: “I’m a hot sex bomb from Italy that will make all you stal­lions go crazy. :P:P… please take me…”

Appli­cant 4: “Danc­ing naked on the beach is my ide­al sum­mer”

Appli­cant 5 answered to the ques­tion: “What is the cra­zi­est thing you would do in order to be select­ed as par­tic­i­pant of our SU? You will have to do it if you are even­tu­al­ly one of the luck­i­est”.
Answer: “Run­ning half naked in the street”

Appli­cant 6: “My sense of direc­tion is way too bad any­way, but music acti­vates all my nat­ur­al instincts. Wink, wink.”

It looks like it is goo­ing to be a hot sum­mer!