Yes, Rus­sia is cold in win­ter! This didn’t stop the 24 par­tic­i­pants of the New Year’s event “Mean­while in Siberia” to go there and expe­ri­ence this spe­cial cli­mate them­selves, which was organ­ised by AEGEE-Mosk­va and AEGEE-Tyu­men – two locals that are almost 2000 kilo­me­tres apart. Tanya Romano­va, PR respon­si­ble of AEGEE-Mosk­va coor­di­nat­ed the event, which took place from 29th of Decem­ber 20017 to 6th of Jan­u­ary 2018.

Gold­en Times: How many par­tic­i­pants did you have?
Tanya Romano­va: We had 24 the best par­tic­i­pants ever!

GT: Did your New Year’s event have a theme?
Tanya: “Mean­while in Siberia I sur­vived.”

GT: How was your new year’s par­ty?
Tanya: It was for sure out­stand­ing: we met the New Year in the night train! There was every­thing: christ­mas lights, dec­o­ra­tions, cos­tumes, music, sparkling wine and deli­cious dish­es pre­pared by our food team. The train is not a spa­cious place and it brought us all togeth­er help­ing to make a sin­cere and hot par­ty!

GT: What were the oth­er pro­gramme high­lights?
Tanya: Glo­ri­ous Moscow nights, husky-rid­ing and hot springs.

GT: What were the fun­ni­est or most excit­ing moments?
Tanya: It was night when we came to a sta­tion in the mid­dle of nowhere, between Moscow and Tyu­men. Our par­tic­i­pants saw the snow on the ground for first time dur­ing this event! Some of them start­ed to roll on the ground, had fun, were laugh­ing and made snow angels, and local peo­ple were record­ing them on video! It was a real­ly fun­ny moment. Then we start­ed to scream all togeth­er, wished “Hap­py new year” to each oth­er, had lot of hugs and hap­pi­ness!

GT: How was the group of par­tic­i­pants?
Tanya: We real­ly can say that our par­tic­i­pants were the best: active, friend­ly, adven­tur­ous — of course, they decid­ed to come to Siberia in mid-win­ter! We gath­ered peo­ple from all over the world and there was nobody who we could call “aver­age”.

GT: Any­thing you would like to add?
Tanya: After admir­ing shiny Moscow, we got real­ly hot in cold Siberia and we liked it so much and miss it so bad right now! Wish we could repeat it next year…