In love with AEGEE: An Association Spreads Happiness


AEGEE is love. Thanks to this amaz­ing asso­ci­a­tion, count­less peo­ple got mar­ried, kids — and some of them even joined AEGEE. Every year new peo­ple fall in love with AEGEE’s help. Here — at the occa­sion of Valentine’s Day — are some of the best sto­ries of 2016, of cou­ples that got togeth­er last year and are still in love.


Álvaro Muñoz: “How I met Celia”

Álvaro and Celia

My name is Álvaro Muñoz and I’m writ­ing to you in order to let the AEGEE world know about how I met Celia. It was March 2016 when Celia first got to know AEGEE-Ali­cante thanks to the Sum­mer Uni­ver­si­ty project. I was main orga­niz­er of our SU back then so I wasn’t real­ly much involved in the out­go­ing part of the project.

Lat­er in May, dur­ing exams peri­od and with my hor­mones in full swing due to spring, I had an epiphany and I installed Tin­der to get rid of the bore­dom of study­ing, but after this day I most­ly for­got about the app, which by the way I found quite bor­ing and dis­gust­ing­ly super­fi­cial. Lucky me, a week lat­er I got a mes­sage from a ran­dom girl who wrote, in her own words, “it seemed fun­ny to her that I was in AEGEE”. She asked me about the Sum­mer Uni­ver­si­ties, because she was select­ed for an SU. I kind­ly answered her ques­tions and informed that we were look­ing for helpers for our soon-to-be Sum­mer Uni­ver­si­ty, which was right after hers in July.

After a week, my cell phone got bro­ken and I com­plete­ly for­get about her. “Did she final­ly went to your SU?”, you might be ask­ing. No, she nev­er showed up to our SU.

My sto­ry con­tin­ues in late Sep­tem­ber, when the new semes­ter start­ed and we were orga­niz­ing an LTC. The event start­ed and guess who was in the meet­ing point? Her! At first, I wasn’t sure if it was her and I couldn’t find the guts to go and ask her direct­ly: “Hey, are you the ran­dom girl who asked me about SU through Tin­der?”. C’mon, you wouldn’t have done it either. How­ev­er, when I saw her for the first time, I have to admit that I was quite attract­ed by her: tall, beau­ti­ful, long curly hair. Insane!

Dur­ing the first night of the event, we went to a pub when we all danced and drink, shared some jokes and expe­ri­enced of AEGEE events and a few hours lat­er we found our­selves play­ing “nev­er have I ever”, kind of clos­ing the night because we had ses­sions ear­ly next morn­ing.

After two rounds, it start­ed to be quite bor­ing but now it was her turn. She dropped a line that I will nev­er for­get: “Nev­er have I ever talked with some­one of this group through Tin­der”. Sud­den­ly, there was absolute silence. It was at this moment when I real­ized it was real­ly her and not some­body that looked like her and, for a moment, I doubt­ed if I should drink or not. Of course I did!

We both drank and every­body turned com­plete­ly crazy! Scream­ing “kiss, kiss” and oth­er things, then I stand­ed up and kissed her :).

It’s been a few months already since we start­ed dat­ing, but I like her more day after day <3.

As a ran­dom fact, we had already meet each oth­er casu­al­ly dur­ing a trekking day we orga­nized for the Bud­dy Pro­gram. She was with her fam­i­ly in the same place we were, but I didn’t see her when she stopped to talk with one girl of our group. Des­tiny? Who knows…

I hope you liked our sto­ry and more peo­ple can found some­one spe­cial thanks to AEGEE.

Glad­ly yours, Álvaro”


Henri Broekman and Kimberly: Magical 4th of July

Kim­ber­ly and Hen­ri

This sto­ry begins with two unsus­pect­ing SU par­tic­i­pants. ‘Twas the sum­mer of 2016, our scene is Warsza­wa, Poland. He, a true fanat­i­cal AEGEEan from Enschede. She, a board mem­ber of AEGEE-Valen­cia.

On the first day he arrived by bus from Krakow, it was his birth­day. She arrived ear­li­er, play­ing games where everyone’s favorite col­or hap­pened to be blue. After din­ner she had to sing hap­py birth­day to him with her fel­low Span­ish par­tic­i­pants, not know­ing it would be the first of many times. That evening a wise Warsza­wa mem­ber fore­told our union fun­ni­ly enough. She was going to do her mas­ters in Utrecht. The sec­ond day they were sep­a­rat­ed dur­ing the very long city game, but they were cook­ing togeth­er lat­er that day. Prob­a­bly lock­ing eyes a few times. The next morn­ing when he came back from par­ty­ing ear­ly in the morn­ing she was lying on his mat­tress because of a quite immo­bile Turk­ish par­tic­i­pants. That morn­ing they went off to a lit­tle lake town and that is where our sto­ry begins.

It was the Euro­pean night. The rit­u­al of that night was of course lead by our beloved Paul Smits. Food was tast­ed, booze was flow­ing rich­ly. Every­thing was total chaos until he looked to his right. There she stood. There was some­thing dif­fer­ent about her, this look in her eyes. It’s quite inde­scrib­able but the only way we have been able to is sim­ply nam­ing it Bam­bi eyes. But there was also this force inside her that drew him to her. He shot towards her like a mag­net, she was a bit star­tled. He looked in her eyes, put his hand on her cheek and kissed her. The sur­round­ing peo­ple start­ed cheer­ing around us. That evening was the 4th of July. Amer­i­ca wasn’t the only place where were fire­works that night.

The next day was of a total­ly dif­fer­ent nature. We still refer to it as the beach day. He got up quite ear­ly in the morn­ing to take a swim in the lake. He was not quite sure what was going to hap­pen next and quite ner­vous in fact. He sat down next to her at break­fast, but she stood up a short while lat­er to get some­thing. Stress was run­ning through his veins, since she was real­ly cute. We head­ed towards the beach. Still not quite know­ing what to do he looked ner­vous­ly at anoth­er par­tic­i­pant who slept in the same room. The par­tic­i­pant knew he only need­ed a lit­tle push, so the par­tic­i­pant threw his arm over her shoul­der.

From then on every­thing went amaz­ing­ly. They talked all the way to the beach. He for some rea­son let her lis­ten to some Japan­ese met­al band she instant­ly liked. When they arrived at the beach they put their tow­els next to each oth­er and just laid there. Talk­ing, laugh­ing at the par­tic­i­pants falling of their surf­boards, mak­ing out, even singing “Chas­ing Cars” by Snow Patrol.

The Sum­mer Uni­ver­si­ty days passed and on the sec­ond to last day plans had to be made. So in the tech­nol­o­gy muse­um they forged plans for the future. It was clear that they had to see each oth­er dur­ing the sum­mer. The con­clu­sion was that he was going to vis­it her at her place in Spain, for her birth­day. After anoth­er fun night it was the final morn­ing, tears were shed. With a remain­der of SU peo­ple they went to some park to lis­ten to clas­si­cal music, then hav­ing lunch and bring­ing her to the air­port. One final kiss and away she went. Beyond his reach.

Three weeks lat­er he arrived at Valen­cia air­port, the day before her birth­day. He brought 12 pink ros­es, had 11 more hid­den at her place and a big bou­quet with one more to give at mid­night. There they made their rela­tion­ship offi­cial. Days passed in beau­ti­ful Spain and a short week lat­er, which was by far not long enough, he had to go home.

For­ward a month and she arrives in the Nether­lands. Now they see each oth­er every week­end and now after sev­en months are still very much in love.”


Leoncio & Feira: The battle that brought love

Leon­cio & Feira

Since our two pro­tag­o­nists of the third love sto­ry can­not talk for them­selves, Lau­ra Pérez and Cristi­na de la Parte, Pres­i­dent and Vice-Pres­i­dent of AEGEE-León, wrote down the sto­ry of Leon­cio & Feira, the the mas­cots of AEGEE-León and AEGEE-A Coruña.

Leon­cie and Feira had met before in the past — the sto­ry of when they first saw each oth­er got lost in our archives — but last SUm­mer, they fell in love. It was already August when the SU orga­nized by our two locals began…

Start­ing in León, orga­niz­ers came up with a sto­ry for the par­tic­i­pants about how, due to the fight between the two mas­cot monar­chies, they had to recov­er a lost and mag­ic wine chal­ice, walk­ing the land of His­pania until they arrived in A Coruña.

The par­tic­i­pants were divid­ed in teams, one defend­ing the inter­ests of the octo­pus Feira and oth­er on the side of Lion Leon­cio. They had to go through a series of tasks, to “kill” their oppo­nents and strug­gle to be the first ones to get this Chal­ize that had been lost after the cou­ple had a fight before our SU.

At the end and thanks to our love­ly par­tic­i­pants, both Leon­cio and Feira final­ly saw that they loved each oth­er and decid­ed to share the chal­ice and be togeth­er for­ev­er, well, at least for one more SUm­mer.

Apply for our TSU this year and vis­it AEGEE-A Coruña and AEGEE-León, come meet the cutest cou­ple of the Net­work!”



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