Diederik de Wit: “One challenge is being cooped up together”

How does the Comité Directeur work in times of the Corona pandemic? Diederik de Wit, President of AEGEE-Europe, gives an insight into AEGEE.

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AEGEE-Göteborg: “Happy to be part of the AEGEE family”

AEGEE-Göteborg is the latest local that joined the AEGEE network – and they have plenty of ideas for international events after the Corona pandemic.

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Where does Europe end? Join the latest AEGEE project and find out!

How European do you feel? What does it actually mean to be European? The new AEGEE project “Where does Europe end 2.0” wants to find out. The GT spoke with the project team.

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Schengen35.eu: Celebrating a Historical Treaty

35 years ago, on 14th of June 1985, the Schengen Agreement was signed, paving the way to a borderless Europe. AEGEE-Kaiserslautern-Saarbrücken is celebrating this anniversary this weekend.

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Just postponed, not cancelled: Spring Agora 2021 goes to Yerevan

The CD selected AEGEE-Yerevan as host of Spring Agora 2021 – one year after the originally planned date, before the Coronavirus made a live meeting this spring impossible.

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