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11junAll Day19BEERcome CivicFeel how it is living in a world heritage city within the highest brewery density Event Organized ByAEGEE-BambergEvent Type Summer University,Short Summer Course

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“Bavarian culture is more than beer!”

A tale of beer and bambis: broadcastic, nightwatch, asyslum seekers – and beer: The Summer University of AEGEE-Bamberg was very diverse.

Golden Times: What was your Summer University about?
AEGEE-Bamberg: In cooperation with the Civic Education Working Group we organized our Short Summer Course “BEERcome Civic” with the thematic subject of civic education. We gave each day one special subject as well and then planned our programme within that thematic subjects.

GT: How many participants and how many organisers did you have?
AEGEE-Bamberg: We were a team of eight people with Fabian as Main Organizer, Katha and Jonas as Content Responsibles, Till as Fundraising Responsible, Miriam as Incoming Responsible, Christoph as Treasurer and Simon and Lisa as PR Responsibles. Unfortunately, because many countries had exams during that time period, we only had five participants plus one helper, a member of AEGEE-Berlin, who also stayed with us for the whole SU.

GT: What were the greatest thematic programme highlights of the SU?
AEGEE-Bamberg: We went to the broadcasting station Bayerischer Rundfunk in Nuremberg which was really interesting, we also got a guided tour in a center of asylum seekers and also a guided nightwatch tour in Bamberg.

GT: What were the funniest or most exciting moments?
AEGEE-Bamberg: We had a really great time at the Bergkirchweih in Erlangen, and also had a water slide made of a plastic plane which was really funny. We had so much gossip that our gossip box was almost too full, so reading it out loud was also always really interesting and fun.

GT: How was the group of participants? How did you manage to integrate them?
AEGEE-Bamberg: Although we had that small number of participants, we could manage to get enough Bambis to be there as well, so we always had a good group size. They were really outgoing and interested in all the thematic input and easy going, so it was also never hard to integrate them.

GT: How was the cooperation in the team?
AEGEE-Bamberg: We never had any problems working together in the Core Team. We had enough regular meetings, everybody knew quite well what to do and if there were any concerns or problems, our Main Organizer Fabian always did his best to help.

GT: How successful was the SU overall?
AEGEE-Bamberg: I think our SU was a really successful event. Except of the number of participants, there was not much that we forgot or should have be done different. We had an amazing time together!

GT: Anything you would like to add?
AEGEE-Bamberg: A big thank you to everybody who made that Summer University so awesome!



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