White snow, the smell of bratwurst and roasted almonds in the air, a hot cup of mulled wine in your hand and friends around you – that’s the spirit of German Christmas markets. There are 2500 of them, but one of them is in every top five ranking: the legendary Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg. AEGEE-Bamberg takes you there during their event “Oh Deer – Winter’s Here!”, which takes place from 26th to 30th of November. Check out the article and see what else this amazing and hospitable Franconian antenna is offering you!

“Germany and especially Franconia has an outstanding Christmas Culture and we are more than happy to show our participants every detail of it”, says Maike Schulte, PR of AEGEE Bamberg and Main Organizer of “Oh Deer”. “After a loooong pandemic we are longing for an international event. And is there a better time than cozy wintertime to come together, make new friends and celebrate the AEGEEan spirit?”

Extra places for fast movers

Definitely not. That’s why the antenna is offering extra places, although they received more applications than they have available spots. “We made a deal with the hostel and we are even able to accept 25 instead of 20 participants! So we are extending the deadline till the 7th of November – don’t hesitate and apply, only three spots are left!”

The programme is one big journey through winterly Franconia. Here are just a few highlights:

  • Bamberg, one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Germany, will be your base – the old town of Bamberg belongs to the Unesco world heritage
  • Day trip to Nuremberg, the city where gingerbread comes
  • A day on the Franconian countryside
  • Visit of a gingerbread manufacturer
  • Ice skating
  • A typical German Christmas party
  • An evening at a brewery
  • Typical Weißwurst Breakfast
  • Party games at Bamberg’s oldest student bar and one night at Schwof

Two very beautiful Christmas markets

Altogether you will see two Christmas markets. “During the day trip to the Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg we will visit four different Christmas locations at the city. Additionally, we will also visit the Christmas market in Bamberg”, says Sebastian Belt, Erasmus Responsible of AEGEE-Bamberg.

The Christmas market in Nuremberg is one of the most beautiful and largest Christmas markets in Germany. For over 400 years people visit the market. More than 200 merchants sell the most delicious Christmas sweets and if it gets too cold, the mulled wine warms up. “Our market in Bamberg is smaller but no less beautiful”, adds Enya Deifel, Secretary of AEGEE-Bamberg. “The focus there is clearly on the drinks, a highlight is the famous Feuerzangenbowle – and because the market is so close, you can fall right into bed afterwards.”

Indeed, the accommodation is very practical. All participants will stay at the backpacker hostel Bamberg in the heart of Bamberg. Beds and bathrooms are waiting for you – no need to worry about an air mattress in a gym.

Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt. Photo: Florian Trykowski / CTZ Nürnberg

The most unique cuisine in Germany

Many people think that German food is not special – but only until they visit Frankonia. The Franconian cuisine is unique, original and delicious. And there is an extra bonus in Bamberg: it’s the area with the highest beer diversity worldwide.

“Regarding the vast amount of breweries we are obligated to show our participants the smell and taste of various beers”, stresses Fryderyk Galster, President of AEGEE-Bamberg. “Not only the famous Schlenkerla, a smoked beer, will be served. We have different “Seidla”, which is a Franconian term for half a liter beer, for the participants and we are also going to have a dinner at a brewery.”

In short: AEGEE-Bamberg is very excited to organize this event and to provide a unique experience. Rebekka Braun, HR of AEGEE Bamberg, sums up the general feeling of the organisers: “After not being able to travel around and have the opportunity to meet other people in person for many months, I can’t wait to welcome AEGEEans from all around Europe and bring everyone together here in Bamberg once again!”

The fee is 95 Euros, you can apply here: https://my.aegee.eu/events/oh-deer. Check out the Instagram and Facebook account of AEGEE-Bamberg for updates.

Due to German Covid-19 restrictions we can only accept people who are fully vaccinated (with a certificate) or at the time of the event recovered from Covid-19 (with a certificate – be aware that a recovery is valid for 6 months in Germany). To ensure the highest possible safety for participants and organisers, each participant must do a self-test for Covid upon arrival at the hostel under supervision (AEGEE-Bamberg pays for the test).