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“Agora Enschede 2023 will be a Source of Change”

From 16th to 21 May 2023 AEGEE-Enschede will host its fifth Agora, which will also be the 75th of AEGEE-Europe.

AEGEE history talk with ChatGPT: “Are you sure you are not making it up?”

ChatGPT knows some stuff about AEGEE history, but even more frequently it makes stuff up.

“We want to build a real network of Europe Cafés”

The Europe Café is a great example how to get inspiration from old successful AEGEE projects and to transform them in something new.

AEGEE in 2022 (Part III): Calvin Breakwell, Karolina Wiera, Michiel Barten and Juan Carlos Leunissen

Who is the AEGEE member of the year? Which antenna was the best? Check out the annual review of the Golden Times.




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