Mititei, Tuica and Canned Beer: A Romanian SU in 1992

You might wonder how Romania was like after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Here is a report about an AEGEE Summer University in 1992.

TSU Tarthoven: “We will travel in a real AEGEE plane!”

Maybe the most ambitious Summer University is organised by AEGEE-Tartu and AEGEE-Eindhoven this year. Learn about politics, history, Europe and have fun!

SU Thessaloniki 2019: Greek Odyssey with Family Spirit

Amazing Greek places, workshops about history, culture and language and the family spirit of AEGEE-Thessaloniki - that's the recipe for a great Summer University.

SU in Aachen: “Even after the classes we speak German”

You want to improve your German? Then the Summer University of AEGEE-Aachen is your best choice!

Back to the 90s – with AEGEE-Paris’ new SU

The 1990s were a special decade - you can experience it during the Short Summer Course “Get Nostalgic in Paris 90's” by AEGEE-Paris.

Develop new skills at AEGEE-Sankt-Peterburg’s SU

During “The Big Training Theory”, AEGEE-Sankt-Peterburg's SU this year the 25 participants will develop their soft skills,

Top SU Organiser AEGEE-Firenze invites you to Beautiful Tuscany

Summer Universities of AEGEE-Firenze enjoy a very good reputation. Last year’s SU finished third in the ranking of 51 SUs. This year, there will a stronger focus on Italian language and culture.

Top SU Organiser AEGEE-Ioannina dives into Greek Mythology

Top organiser AEGEE-Ioannina invites you to the Travelling Summer University “The Ionian battle: Gods verSUs Mortals” in 2019.

Check out the AEGEE Summer 2019

in 2019 altogether 52 Summer Universities took place. This is their story.