The Gallery of All Presidents of AEGEE-Europe

Here is the gallery of all Presidents of AEGEE-Europe - with photos of every one of them. Enjoy the list!

Mititei, Tuica and Canned Beer: A Romanian SU in 1992

You might wonder how Romania was like after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Here is a report about an AEGEE Summer University in 1992.

AEGEE’s Dream of a Global Network

No, there is no AEGEE-New York. It was just this year’s April’s Fool joke - which played with an old idea.

PM Novi Sad: Statutory Meeting in a War Zone

AEGEE and the Kosovo War: Two weeks before the Nato bombing on Serbian towns, from 5th to 7th of March 1999, 275 AEGEE members gathered for one of its statutory events in Novi Sad.

AEGEE-Oviedo’s Famous Erasmus Work

When AEGEE-Oviedo was founded 30 years ago, the fresh Spanish antenna jumped immediately in the support work for Erasmus students.

1990: The Year AEGEE Embraced E-Mail

In this article from 1990 AEGEE-Milano member Giuliano Giovannetti makes the network familiar with the wonders of e-mail.