Here it is – the definite list of each and every AEGEE Agora, Presidents’ Meeting, Planning Meeting, European Boards’ Meeting and European Planning Meeting.

The statutory events are the most popular activities in the network. In average between 700 and 900 people apply for an Agora. No wonder, since you can consider an AEGEE Agora something like a true European parliament – with delegates and visitors from more than 30 countries. Until 1990 they were actually usually quite small with not more than 100-200 participants. Only in 1991 they started to become bigger and bigger.The biggest one ever took place in Maastricht in 1998 and hosted 1150 participants. Never before nor after reached an AEGEE Agora the threshold of 1000 participants.

While the AEGEE parliament convenes twice per year, in spring and autumn, the smaller brother of the Agora takes place only in spring: the European Planning Meeting (EPM). The purpose of this event is mainly to gather ideas for AEGEE’s yearplan, the Action Agenda. At the same time it is also a thematic conference about a hot issue. By the way, the EPM did not always have this name. Originally it was known as Presidents’s Conference, then it was called Presidents’ Meeting, Planning Meeting (PM) and European Boards’ Meeting (EBM), before it adopted today’s name in 2015.

More focus on thematic planning

However, not only the name changed, but also structure and content. Originally, the Presidents’ Meeting was like a small Agora. This was on one hand very practical, because it prepared the participants well for the upcoming Agora. However, since AEGEE wanted to give more space to thematic discussions, AEGEE-Europe changed the concept – again and again. And it deleted the autumn PM in this process. Until the event finally became what it is today.

You can find photos of most of the events in the table in the mentioned Facebook albums. Enjoy!



Place/ Organiser

Event type


198622 AprilMünchen (D)Agora 1FB Album
NovemberBrussel (B)Presidents' Conference
8 NovemberHeidelberg (D)Agora 2
198714-15 FebruaryLeiden (NL)Agora 3FB Album
26-27 SeptemberDelft (NL)Presidents' Conference
31 October - 1 NovemberSevilla (E)Agora 4
198827-28 FebruaryLouvain-la-Neuve (B)Presidents' Conference
9 AprilMilano (I)Agora 5FB Album
1-2 OctoberSaarbrücken (D)Presidents' Meeting
5-6 NovemberOrleans (F)Agora 6FB Album
1989MarchLyon (F)Presidents' Meeting
22-23 AprilSalamanca (E)Agora 7FB Album
SeptemberAmsterdam (NL)Presidents' Meeting
10-12 NovemberSalerno (I)Agora 8FB Album
1990MarchMünchen (D)Presidents' Meeting
13-14 MayParis (F)Agora 9FB Album
SeptemberKarlsruhe (D)Presidents' Meeting
24-25 NovemberBonn (D)Agora 10FB Album
1991FebruaryGroningen (NL)Presidents' Meeting
27-29 AprilAmsterdam (NL)Agora 11FB Album
OctoberBordeaux (F)Presidents' Meeting
29 November - 1 December Budapest (H)Agora 12FB Album
1992MarchKrakow (PL)Presidents' Meeting
17-19 AprilKós/Athens (GR)Agora 13FB Album
OctoberTurku (FIN)Presidents' Meeting
27-29 NovemberDelft (NL)Agora 14FB Album
1993FebruaryAachen (D)Presidents' Meeting
23-25 AprilPraha (CZ)Agora 15FB Album
SeptemberSantander (E)Presidents' Meeting
5-7 NovemberUtrecht (NL)Agora 16FB Album
1994MarchEger (H)Presidents' MeetingFB Album
22-24 AprilMünchen (D)Agora 17FB Album
SeptemberHelsinki (FIN)Presidents' MeetingFB Album
11-13 NovemberMontpellier (F)Agora 18FB Album
1995FebruaryLjubljana (SI)Presidents' Meeting
7-9 AprilAmsterdam (NL)Agora 19FB Album
SeptemberBarcelona (E)Presidents' MeetingFB Album
10-12 NovemberBudapest (H)Agora 20FB Album
1996MarchEindhoven (NL)Presidents' MeetingFB Album
19-21 AprilValladolid (E)Agora 21FB Album
SeptemberTimisoara (RO)Presidents' MeetingFB Album
9-11 NovemberAthina (GR)Agora 22FB Album
1997MarchWarszawa (PL)Presidents' Meeting
18-20 AprilEnschede (NL)Agora Plus 23FB Album
SeptemberVeszprém (H)Presidents' Meeting
31 October - 2 NovemberAnkara (TR)Agora 24FB Album
1998FebruaryAix-en-Provence (F)Presidents' MeetingFB Album
16-19 AprilMaastricht (NL)Agora 25FB Album
SeptemberCagliari (I)Presidents' MeetingFB Album
23-25 OctoberHamburg (D)Agora 26FB Album
1999MarchNovi Sad (YU)Presidents' MeetingFB Album
31 April - 2 MayBarcelona (E)Agora 27FB Album
SeptemberAdana (TR)Presidents' Meeting
4-7 NovemberPoznan (PL)Agora 28FB Album
2000MarchOhrid/Skopje (MK)Presidents' Meeting
5-7 MayUtrecht (NL)Agora 29FB Album
SeptemberSzeged (H)Presidents' MeetingFB Album
3-5 NovemberUdine (I)Agora 30FB Album
2001MarchKatowice (PL)Presidents' Meeting
3-6 MayConstanta (RO)Agora 31FB Album
SeptemberValletta (MLT)Planning Meeting
25-28 OctoberAnkara (TR)Agora 32FB Album
2002MarchHelsinki (FIN)Planning MeetingFB Album
2-5 MayAmsterdam (NL)Agora 33FB Album
SeptemberCagliari (I)Planning MeetingFB Album
24-24 NovemberAthina (GR)Agora 34FB Album
2003FebruaryEnschede (NL)Planning MeetingFB Album
1-4 MayBucuresti/Constanta (RO)Agora 35FB Album
SeptemberMagusa (CYP)Planning MeetingFB Album
22-26 OctoberZaragoza (E)Agora 36FB Album
2004MarchWroclaw (PL)Planning MeetingFB Album
22-26 AprilOhrid/Skopje (MK)Agora 37FB Album
SeptemberAachen (D)Planning MeetingFB Album
4-7 NovemberTorino (I)Agora 38FB Album
2005MarchValletta (MLT)European Boards' MeetingFB Album
5-8 MayEnschede (NL)Agora 39FB Album
20-24 OctoberIzmir (TR)Agora 40FB Album
2006MarchSofia (BG)European Boards' MeetingFB Album
4-7 MayWarszawa (PL)Agora 41FB Album
2-5 NovemberNapoli (I)Agora 42FB Album
200715-18 FebruaryGliwice (PL)European Boards' MeetingFB Album
26-29 AprilValletta (MLT)Agora 43FB Album
1-4 NovemberEskisehir (TR)Agora 44FB Album
200829 February - 2 MarchDelft (NL)European Boards' MeetingFB Album
30 April - 3 MayLjubljana (SI)Agora 45FB Album
2-4 OctoberAachen (D)Agora 46FB Album
200912-15 FebruaryTorino (I)European Boards' MeetingFB Album
15-18 AprilMagusa (CYP)Agora 47FB Album

23-25 OctoberKyiv (UA)Agora 48FB Album
201024-27 FebruaryKrakow (PL)European Boards' MeetingFB Album
15-18 AprilLeiden (NL)Agora 49FB Album
24-24 OctoberIstanbul (TR)Agora 50FB Album
201123-26 FebruaryRiga (LV)European Boards' MeetingFB Album
27-30 AprilAlicante (E)Agora 51FB Album
27-30 OctoberStruga/Skopje (MK)Agora 52FB Album
20129-12 FebruaryIzmir (TR)European Boards' MeetingFB Album
2-5 MayEnschede (NL)Agora 53FB Album
31 October - 3 NovemberBudapest (H)Agora 54FB Album
201328 February - 2 MarchValletta (MLT)European Boards' MeetingFB Album
2-6 AprilRhein-Neckar (D)Agora 55FB Album
30 October - 2 NovemberZaragoza (E)Agora 56FB album 1
FB album 2
201413-16 FebruaryLublin (PL)European Boards' MeetingFB Album
1-4 MayPatra (GR)Agora 57FB Album
29 October - 1 NovemberCagliari (I)Agora 58FB Album
201518-21 FebruaryBurgos (E)European Planning MeetingFB Album
31 April - 4 April Oviedo/Gijón (E)Agora 59FB Album
14-18 OctoberKyiv (UA)Agora 60FB Album
201625-28 FebruaryLeiden (NL)European Planning MeetingFB Album
18-21 MayBergamo (I)Agora 61FB Album
12-15 OctoberChisinau (MD)Agora 62FB Album
201723-27 FebruaryZagreb (HR)European Planning MeetingFB Album
23-27 MayEnschede (NL)Agora 63FB Album
27-30 OctoberCatania (I)Agora 64FB Album
20188-12 MarchYerevan (ARM)European Planning MeetingFB Album
24-28 AprilKraków (PL)Agora 65FB Album
2-6 OctoberIstanbul (TR)Agora 66FB Album
20196-10 FebruaryIzmir (TR)European Planning MeetingFB Album
8-12 MayBucuresti (RO)Agora 67FB Album
23-27 OctoberSalerno (I)Agora 68FB Album
20205-9 FebruaryBarcelona (E)European Planning MeetingFB Album
5-7 JuneEuropeAgora 69FB Album
15-18 OctoberEuropeAgora 70
5 DecemberEuropeExtraordinary AgoraFB Album
202126-28 FebruaryEuropeEuropean Planning Meeting
MayYerevan (ARM)Agora 71
October/NovemberMoskva (RUS)Agora 72