AEGEE history talk with ChatGPT: “Are you sure you are not making it up?”

ChatGPT knows some stuff about AEGEE history, but even more frequently it makes stuff up.

“We want to build a real network of Europe Cafés”

The Europe Café is a great example how to get inspiration from old successful AEGEE projects and to transform them in something new.

Tetiana Shcherbyna: “We actually are in a war situation since 2014”

Tetiana Shcherbyna was President of AEGEE-Kharkiv. The second biggest Ukrainian city is situated just 30 kilometres from the Russian border. In this interview, she gives some insight how she perceives the current Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

AEGEE is back in Rotterdam

On 16th of December 2020 AEGEE-Europe announced great news: AEGEE is back in Rotterdam!

Let’s talk about money: AEGEE-London sets example for transparency

AEGEE likes to talk about almost anything - except its finances. AEGEE-London wants to change it and published a report about its finances on Facebook.

GT Presents: AEGEE’s Best of 2020

Heiko Kirchner, President of the Juridical Commission, is the Member of the Year 2020! As in every year, the GT asked a panel of very active members to tell about AEGEE’s outstanding members, antennae, projects or thematic groups. Here are the results.

Check out the new AEGEE Materials Database

On 1st of December 2020 the new AEGEE Materials database went online. It contains a lot of useful materials from PR via FR to event management.

Meet the HRC – AEGEE’s Human Resources Powerhouse

The Human Resources Committee (HRC) supports the whole network and AEGEE-Europe with anything related to Human Resources. Three months ago, the HRC got a new Speaker Team.

Diederik de Wit: “One challenge is being cooped up together”

How does the Comité Directeur work in times of the Corona pandemic? Diederik de Wit, President of AEGEE-Europe, gives an insight into AEGEE.

AEGEE-Göteborg: “Happy to be part of the AEGEE family”

AEGEE-Göteborg is the latest local that joined the AEGEE network – and they have plenty of ideas for international events after the Corona pandemic.

Where does Europe end? Join the latest AEGEE project and find out!

How European do you feel? What does it actually mean to be European? The new AEGEE project “Where does Europe end 2.0” wants to find out. The GT spoke with the project team.

How AEGEE’s Largest Antenna is Adapting to the Coronacrisis

The Golden Times asked AEGEE's largest antenna, AEGEE-Amsterdam, how the are dealing with the Coronacrisi. You can also find out news about the new board.

“One day the Corona crisis will be over and we cannot give up!”

AEGEE-Bergamo is an antenna in the epicentre of the Corona crisis. What does the pandemic make with the make? And to the antenna?

Gabriele Nicotra about Corona and AEGEE: “We feel left alone”

The Coronavirus crisis is spreading across Europe. The GT asked Gabriele Nicotra about his opinion, since his antenna supported the letter and since his experience gives him a unique insight.

“Everything AEGEE” brings podcasts to the network

Hemmo de Vries and Calvin Breakwell started their podcast “Everything AEGEE” – the first editions are online.

AEGEE-Salerno – the Antenna of the Year 2019

AEGEE-Salerno is the Antenna of the Year 2019 - they showed great crisis management skills and amazing hospitality while their Agora was in jeopardy.

New Contact Marburg wants to sign the Convention in Yerevan

A few weeks ago another star appeared on the AEGEE map: a new Contact in Marburg. The GT spoke with the initiator of the Contact, Gero Tergau.

EDL 2019: Celebrate the magic of European languages!

This year the European Day of Languages (EDL) it will take place on the 14th of November. AEGEE's Language Interest Group, which coordinates the EDL, explains how it works.

The Hard Way to Found a Contact

AEGEE does not really make it easy to found a Contact, which is the first step to sign the Convention d'Adhesion. The information for founding a Contact is not easy to access and not very attractive.

You have an IT issue? Check the AEGEE HelpDesk!

You forgot a password? You have problems submitting your members list? Whom you going to tell? Contact the AEGEE HelpDesk!