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Do you live in a city without AEGEE? The easiest way to become a member is by joining the nearest branch. However, since this makes it hard to join in all activities, you can also found AEGEE in your city!

But isn’t founding AEGEE difficult? Not at all. One person is enough to start a new “Contact of AEGEE-Europe”, as we officially call the first step to a real branch.

What are the necessary steps? You are just three steps away from becoming a Contact:

  1. Fill in the application form, providing information about your university, city and your motivation.
  2. Provide a support letter from your local university, signed and stamped by an authorised representative, stating that the university is willing to support a future AEGEE branch in your city. This does not require financial support. Here you can find a template.
  3. Fill in the form and attach the application form and the support letter.

What happens next? You will be contacted by the Network Director of AEGEE-Europe. In an online meeting you will discuss how you can successfully start the new Contact and whether you have to provide additional information. Afterwards AEGEE-Europe will write you that your Contact is now part of the network!

There are just few things you cannot do as a Contact. For example, you cannot use the logo or name of AEGEE-Europe in any form of representation. And you cannot organise AEGEE events without cooperation with an official AEGEE branch.

Level up. As Contact you have 1-1.5 years to reach the next stage: becoming a Contact Antenna. Otherwise the Contact will be deleted. How to become a Contact Antenna? Check here.

You have further questions? Contact the Network Director: network@aegee.org.

Welcome to theworld of AEGEE


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