AEGEE in 2020 (Part IX): Monika, Vanessa, Adam and Ann Kristin

Monika Mojak, Adam Kubák, Vanessa Kunze and Ann Kristin Gildhoff look back on AEGEE in 2020 - and look into the future.

Monika Mojak: “The online Agora is a groundbreaking moment”

In a couple of days, from 5th to 7th June 2020, AEGEE’s first online Agora will take place. Agora Chair Monika Mojak: “We are creating something that will be remembered for a long time.”

On a date with a candidate (XV): Monika Mojak

Find out more about the candidates at AEGEE Agora Salerno, their hobbies and what they will bring to the European Night. In this edition: Monika Mojak

Monika Mojak Reloaded: “Life is Full of Surprises”

Today the new CD is taking over. Among all the new faces there is one CD member who continues her task: Monika Mojak.

AEGEE in 2018 (Part XI): Spyros, Matis & More

In this edition: read what Spyros Papadatos, Monika Mojak, Matis Joab, Evrim Emiroğlu, Jasmin Kaiser, Leonardo Manganelli, Desireé van Langen and Jani Dugonik said.