AEGEE in 2019 (VIII): Matis, Zurita, Natascha, Timon, Matthias and Yusuf

Matis Joab, Zurita, Natascha Jürgens, Timon Turban, Matthias Felder and Yusuf Tırıçoğlu look back at 2019 in AEGEE - and into the future.

On a date with a candidate (XII): Natascha Jürgens

Find out more about the candidates at AEGEE Agora Salerno, their hobbies and what they will bring to the European Night. In this edition: Natascha Jürgens

Natascha Jürgens: “Fun and idealism can’t be separated”

Natascha Jürgens will run for the position of Mediation Commission member at Agora Bucharest. Find out more about her in this interview.