Oksana Prokopchenko: Meet the AEGEE Member of the Year 2019

There was no doubt: Oksana Prokopchenko is the AEGEE Member of the Year 2019 in this year's survey by the Golden Times.

Oksana Prokopchenko: “My dream job is the one where I am my own boss”

Oksana Prokopchenko will run for the Comitè Directeur of AEGEE-Europe at Agora Bucharest. Find out more about her in this interview.

AEGEE in 2018 (Part VII): Oksana, Marta & More

In this edition: read what Oksana Prokopchenko, Marta Pąk, Marta Labanowska, Marta Massó, Franjo Lovro Popovic and Timon Turban said.