You love getting and sending postcards before Christmas? Then you should participate in the AEGEE Crossposting project. AEGEE-Warszawa is organizing this initiative right now for the second time – and while 106 people took part in the first edition, 448 want to send and receive a card this time. And the number is rising every day. This fantastic project is coordinated by Asia Zakrzewska, who joined AEGEE-Warszawa just two months ago – and is full of enthusiasm: “I Hope Crossposting Will Become an AEGEE Tradition”, she told the Golden Times. If you want to take part, hurry up and click here until 19th of December:

Crossposting Asia
Asia Zakrzewska, coordinator of the Crossposting project

Golden Times: Joanna, 448 people said on Facebook that they want to take part in AEGEE-Warszawa’s Postcrossing initiative. Did you expect such a huge feedback?
Asia Zakrzewska (smiles): No, I didn’t! Actually I was surprised that so many people wanted to take part in this project. Every time I see the number of people who joined the event I’m shocked. I thought that this will be another small project.

Golden Times: What is it about? How does it work?
Asia: The main idea is to exchange Christmas postcards with people from as many European antennae as it’s possible. After filling the application you receive an address of one person to whom you need to send a Christmas postcard.  Naturally you will also receive one.

Crossposting Anna Gumbau Martinez
Even AEGEEan editor-in-chief Anna Gumbau Martinez took part in the first Crossposting.

Golden Times: What can people send?
Asia: I hope that some of the postcards will be handmade, but I know that many AEGEEans will just buy them in shops. There are no rules, so if you want to send someone a real gift, of course you can do that too. It all depends on you.

Golden Times: The participants have to do fill out a form – how many have done it so far?
Asia: At this moment there are precisely 240 applications from antennae all over Europe and 99 from Poland. I hope that the rest of the people who clicked going on our event and didn’t send me an application will do it before the 10th of December.

Crossposting Be creative
The more creative your cards are, the better!

Golden Times: This is the second Crossposting project. When was the first one?
Asia: The first edition took place in June this year. It was a project that involved 105 people.

Golden Times: Were you involved in the first Crossposting edition?
Asia: No, I wasn’t involved in the last edition of this project. Actually I’m a member of AEGEE for only two months.  During our Local training Course Aneta Bielicka – the previous coordinator- told all of us new members that she won’t be able to run the Christmas edition. I volunteered to be coordinator, because I thought that this will be a great opportunity to test my skills.

Crossposting Form
In order to participate, you just have to fill out a simple form.

Golden Times: Can you tell us a couple of nice stories of the first Crossposting?
Asia: I was not member then, but you can find great examples and many photos on Facebook:

Golden Times: Anything else you would like to add?
Asia: I hope that all of the people involved in the project will receive a unique postcard with beautiful Christmas wishes and maybe one day Crossposting during this time of the year will become an AEGEE tradition.

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