Win an Interrail ticket at the Agora Pre-event

Do you want to learn more about the European Parliament elections, youth participation and win an Interrail ticket? Then you should not miss the one-day Agora pre-event ”It’s up…

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PM Novi Sad: Statutory Meeting in a War Zone

AEGEE and the Kosovo War: Two weeks before the Nato bombing on Serbian towns, from 5th to 7th of March 1999, 275 AEGEE members gathered for one of its statutory events in Novi…

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Teresa Geislinger: “We bring AEGEE Spirit back to Strasbourg”

In November 2018 Teresa Geislinger founded Contact Strasbourg - and already organized some local events. Soon they will sign the Convention d'Adhesion!

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Agora Mentorship: No one needs to get lost in Bucharest

Like in the past years, the HRC will match experienced and fresh Agora participants. How that works in practice? Agora Mentorship experts Cristina de la Parte Rodriguez and Müge…

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Putting Mental Health on AEGEE’s Agenda

In April the Youth Development Working Group (YDWG) will organize AEGEE’s first European School on Mental Health in Valencia. This is just one of many activities of the YDWG…

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AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca’s boards

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International events

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The Networkers

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Pioneers in the East

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Y Vote: “Almost 50% more knowledge of EU politics”

AEGEE’s Y Yote project has a simple directive: to promote voting in the European Parliament election in May 2019. After dozens of activities in 15 countries, there are still a few…

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Kaiserslautern Meeting Hosts AEGEE Legends

What happened at the EPM in Izmir? What does this new party Volt do? And what's so special about the Romanian AEGEE antennae?

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Contact Isparta on Fast Track to Antenna

The crew around Contact Isparta founder Veysel Koca is determined to sign the Convention d’Adhésion already at Agora Bucharest in three months.

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EPM Izmir: “Private Flats for Participants”

From 6th to 10th of February 2019 Izmir will be the centre of the AEGEE world. Around 100 participants will gather for the European Planning Meeting (EPM), which will focus on the…

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AEGEE-Oviedo’s Famous Erasmus Work

When AEGEE-Oviedo was founded 30 years ago, the fresh Spanish antenna jumped immediately in the support work for Erasmus students.

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1990: The Year AEGEE Embraced E-Mail

In this article from 1990 AEGEE-Milano member Giuliano Giovannetti makes the network familiar with the wonders of e-mail.

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AEGEE’s Member of 2018: Réka Salamon

Réka Salamon won this title already one year ago. Nevertheless, no other single member came close in the number of votes in the annual Golden Times survey.

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What a name! Some local’s curious cases

The name of the locals contains the name of the city in its orginal language. However, there are a few interesting deviations.

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AEGEE in 2018 (Part XI): Spyros, Matis & More

In this edition: read what Spyros Papadatos, Monika Mojak, Matis Joab, Evrim Emiroğlu, Jasmin Kaiser, Leonardo Manganelli, Desireé van Langen and Jani Dugonik said.

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AEGEE in 2018 (Part X): Lucia, Erwin & More

In this edition: read what Lucia Gavulová, Erwin Groot, Matthias Felder, Teresa Carene Kiambu, Novak Simin and Elena Efremova said.

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AEGEE in 2018 (Part IX): Philipp, Jorge & More

In this edition: read what Philipp Blum, Jorge Sánchez Hernández, Anya Radul, Justyna Kobierecka, Lorenzo Ligas and Verónica Pérez said.

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