The CD announced that from now on the official number of AEGEE members is13.000. This number is to be used in the communication of all antennae. Until now, the official number of members was 15.000. “We have to present AEGEE in a more professional way to externals and therefore I’d like to ask you to adjust the  new numbers as soon as possible,” wrote Michael Makowiecki, Communications Director of AEGEE-Europe, in a letter to the network. “Please update as soon as possible your websites, documents, signatures and all other sources where you are using such numbers,” he added. The new number is much closer to reality than the old one. However, the precise number of members can only be estimated, since not every AEGEE antenna shows up at every Agora or hands in members lists to the Comité Directeur in Brussels.

Next to updating the official number of members, AEGEE bodies and countries, the CD also added two new numbers which are the direct and indirect reach. “Please use these ones to describe our de facto reach, which cannot be properly drawn with only mentioning the numbers of members,” said Makowiecki. According to the official estimations, AEGEE reaches 40.000 young people directly through its communication channels. The number of young people reached indirectly through AEGEE’s activities and projects is even higher. It is estimated to be around 300.000. Very clearly countable is the number of antennae and contact antennae: there are 209 AEGEE branches in 40 European countries.