Valletta, Belgrade, Bergamo or another place? More antennae than ever are keen on organising the Autumn Agora 2015. Each of them has many supporters in the network and is very qualified to handle the organisation of AEGEE’s most important event. Chris Frendo and his AEGEE-Valletta fellows told the Golden Times, why the Autumn Agora 2015 should return to Malta, eight years after the first Agora on that charming island.

Chris Frendo
Chris Frendo organised the EBM Valletta in 2013

When did you first get the idea to candidate for the autumn Agora?
We got the idea just after EBM Valletta in spring 2013. Everybody was so happy and motivated that we had hosted so many people from across Europe and coordinated the necessary tasks successfully that local members were asking that the next step would be to host the Agora!

Why did you finally decide to candidate for the Agora?
We are determined to grow as an organisation both locally and on a European level. The 2015 Autumn Agora will set a milestone for AEGEE-Europe, that is the 30th anniversary since its foundation, and AEGEE-Valletta wants to be part of this important event! The EBM turned us into a better and bigger AEGEE-Valletta. The organisation of the EBM set a new era for our antenna, increasing its popularity locally, among students and youth, but also on a European level. By applying to host the Agora we look forward to making new friends from all over Europe. We are also eager to share our skills with different members from different countries, cultures and backgrounds while learning new abilities from them too.

Already in 2007 AEGEE-Valletta hosted an Agora.

What kind of ideas do you have for the Agora?
Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta has an excellent climate and offers something for everyone. Since Malta is a very small island we want to combine the Agora with a cultural in the city of Valletta, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Malta is famous for its hospitality and friendliness, together with its multilingual society and a unique nightlife that never ends. These characteristics are embedded in the Maltese culture and makes for a very warm and welcoming experience, thus crafting it in the perfect location for an Agora in Autumn, which by the way, would still be Summer!

The EBM Valletta took place very recently, in spring 2013.

What’s the experience of your antenna with hosting big events?
AEGEE-Valletta hosted the EBM in 2005, the Agora in 2007 and again the EBM in 2013. The EBM 2013 had brought a great wave of new members, most of which are still very active. We regularly organise Summer Universities and also organise and participate in YIA/Erasmus+ projects.

How many people can you host at an Agora?
We can host up to 700 people.

How many members do you have in your antenna?
We have about 150 members, but only 90 members participate regularly in local or international events such as Winter events or Summer Universities.

Happy participants at EBM Valletta 2013

On how many local organisers and helpers can you count if you get the Agora?
We are confident that we can count on a team of 45 members consisting of a core team, organisers, and helpers.

Are there other locals supporting you? Who for example?
There are many locals supporting us but our closest allies are AEGEE-Catania, AEGEE-Agrigento, AEGEE-Tilburg and AEGEE-Maribor, each of whom has written a very positive reference letter.

There is lot of competition… In case you won’t get the autumn Agora 2015, will you apply for an Agora in 2016?
In the event that we are not successful, it is a bit early to say what will happen, however we shall surely keep all options open and I hope that our next generation of members would be as motivated and passionate about organising the Agora as we are.

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