Only 12 days left until the Autumn Agora in Chișinău starts. For the first time ever a statutory event takes place in Moldova. The good news: logistics look great, the distances won’t be big and there will be Internet in plenary and gym. “We can’t wait to have you all in Chișinău!”, says Ana Gancearuc, Incoming Responsible of the Agora and also member of the Mediation Commission of AEGEE-Europe.

Ana Gancearuc
Ana Gancearuc

Golden Times: Only a few days until the Agora opens. Do you and your team still get enough sleep?
Ana Gancearuc, Incoming Responsible: Sometimes we are working till late, plus most of us are students or have a full-time job. We are handling it so far and everything is good.

GT: You got 805 applications! Are you satisfied with the number?
Ana: Unfortunately we have less confirmed participants – via e-mail 526. Some people will pay on their arrival day. We are good with the number, at least we have the minimum we expected in order to have everything as planned.

GT: How big is your organizing team? And how is the atmosphere in your team?
Ana: We are 35 people in the organizing team. The atmosphere is good, everyone is trying their best to help and we have discovered so much potential and enthusiasm from some new members – this is surprisingly pleasant.

plenary hall- railway palace
The opening and plenary will take place in the Railway Workers Palace.

GT: Will you also have helpers from other locals during the Agora?
Ana: Yes, we have 53 helpers from outside the country, they will be of much help during the Agora. They are from Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Belgium and Poland. We can’t wait to meet them in Chisinau!

GT: Which are the main things that still need to be finalized until the Agora starts?
Ana: The main things that need to be finalized are some small details related to the Opening Ceremony and Internet for our participants during the plenaries.

plenary room
Inside the plenary

GT: So there will be good Internet during the plenary?
Ana: Yes, there will be Internet for all participants, not just CD, Chair Team and the Juridical Commission.

GT: Which part of the Agora arrangements so far makes you most proud or happy?
Ana: We think it is the gym location. It is a huge place in the city centre, with heating if necessary and Internet for our participants.

GT: Where will people sleep?
Ana: People will be sleeping in a sport complex, a huge gym on Andrei Doga 26 street, close to the Circus and the Dolphinarium.

The gym
The gym

GT: Will there be short distances between accommodation, plenary and parties?
Ana: Indeed, we took care to find the locations close to the gym so it can be convenient for everybody and we don’t have to wake up our participants at 6:00 in the morning.

GT: And what is the plenary hall like?
Ana: The plenary hall is in the Railway Workers Palace, where we will hold the opening ceremony as well. It is a big spacious room and we think it is perfect for the Agora, as the most halls in Chisinau don’t have more than 200-300 places. So, from this point of view, in this building we have space for everybody and more.

Draft Botanica
Draft-Botanica will be the location of the second Agora party.

GT: What can we expect at the opening ceremony? Any famous bands or guests?
Ana: It will be an interactive and fun programme for all participants, dances and songs, famous bands as well that we want to surprise you with.

GT: Which organisational part gave you the biggest headache?
Ana: The Internet provider, we almost didn’t have Internet until the last minute, as it is pretty complicated to get to a common decision with the provider, especially since the prices are pretty high and the money we have for the Agora cover other aspects that are not less important.

GT: What are the party themes? And what are the locations?
Ana: The party themes are different and fun as every Agora used to surprise us.
– On the 12th of October we have the theme “007 Enjoying the death – reporting for duty”. The location is Kremlin Club, the address: Bd. Mircea cel Bătrîn 17/3 street. Dresscode: fancy ladies & gentlemen.
– On the 13th of October we have “Let`s Twist Again”. Dresscode: oldie retro style. Location: Draft-Botanica in Bd. Dacia 35 street.
– On the 14th of October we have the party “Happy Birthday Chisinau!” Dresscode: Casual + birthday party accessories. Location: Meteora Club in Sarmizegetusa 12 street.
– On the 15th of October we have the European Night! Location: Dolphinarium, close to gym location, Andrei Doga 26 street.

Wine festival
The weekend before the Agora there will be a wine festival in Chisinau.

GT: Most participants probably have never been to Moldova. Should the participants bring more time to visit it?
Ana: Indeed, there are so many things to visit, as we have the wine festival the weekend before the Agora and Chisinau Day on the 14th of October. Also don’t miss the trips we have prepared for you on Sunday.

GT: Are you offering sightseeing tours in Chișinău?
Ana: We have a city tour on the arrival day, on the 12th of October, please don’t miss it if you manage to come to Chisinau in the first part of the day. The tours start at 13:00 and 14:30.

AEGEE-Chișinău is waiting for you!
AEGEE-Chișinău is waiting for you!

GT: How are the preparations for your pre-event conference going? What is it about?
Ana: The preparations are going well, we have everything prepared and the conference is about “Perspectives and prospects: from Eastern Partnership to EU”. If you haven’t registered yet, I’d advise you to do it now if you can arrive one day earlier to Chisinau.

GT: Anything else you would like to add?
Ana: We can’t wait to have you all in Chișinău! This will be the biggest event Chișinău and Moldova has ever had and we are super excited for hosting it!