Agora Chișinău: Internet for all participants in plenary and gym


Only 12 days left until the Autumn Ago­ra in Chișinău starts. For the first time ever a statu­to­ry event takes place in Moldo­va. The good news: logis­tics look great, the dis­tances won’t be big and there will be Inter­net in ple­nary and gym. “We can’t wait to have you all in Chișinău!”, says Ana Gancearuc, Incom­ing Respon­si­ble of the Ago­ra and also mem­ber of the Medi­a­tion Com­mis­sion of AEGEE-Europe.

Ana Gancearuc
Ana Gancearuc

Gold­en Times: Only a few days until the Ago­ra opens. Do you and your team still get enough sleep?
Ana Gancearuc, Incom­ing Respon­si­ble: Some­times we are work­ing till late, plus most of us are stu­dents or have a full-time job. We are han­dling it so far and every­thing is good.

GT: You got 805 appli­ca­tions! Are you sat­is­fied with the num­ber?
Ana: Unfor­tu­nate­ly we have less con­firmed par­tic­i­pants – via e-mail 526. Some peo­ple will pay on their arrival day. We are good with the num­ber, at least we have the min­i­mum we expect­ed in order to have every­thing as planned.

GT: How big is your orga­niz­ing team? And how is the atmos­phere in your team?
Ana: We are 35 peo­ple in the orga­niz­ing team. The atmos­phere is good, every­one is try­ing their best to help and we have dis­cov­ered so much poten­tial and enthu­si­asm from some new mem­bers – this is sur­pris­ing­ly pleas­ant.

plenary hall- railway palace
The open­ing and ple­nary will take place in the Rail­way Work­ers Palace.

GT: Will you also have helpers from oth­er locals dur­ing the Ago­ra?
Ana: Yes, we have 53 helpers from out­side the coun­try, they will be of much help dur­ing the Ago­ra. They are from Ger­many, Nether­lands, Rus­sia, Ukraine, Roma­nia, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Croa­t­ia, Bel­gium and Poland. We can’t wait to meet them in Chisin­au!

GT: Which are the main things that still need to be final­ized until the Ago­ra starts?
Ana: The main things that need to be final­ized are some small details relat­ed to the Open­ing Cer­e­mo­ny and Inter­net for our par­tic­i­pants dur­ing the ple­nar­ies.

plenary room
Inside the ple­nary

GT: So there will be good Inter­net dur­ing the ple­nary?
Ana: Yes, there will be Inter­net for all par­tic­i­pants, not just CD, Chair Team and the Juridi­cal Com­mis­sion.

GT: Which part of the Ago­ra arrange­ments so far makes you most proud or hap­py?
Ana: We think it is the gym loca­tion. It is a huge place in the city cen­tre, with heat­ing if nec­es­sary and Inter­net for our par­tic­i­pants.

GT: Where will peo­ple sleep?
Ana: Peo­ple will be sleep­ing in a sport com­plex, a huge gym on Andrei Doga 26 street, close to the Cir­cus and the Dol­phi­nar­i­um.

The gym
The gym

GT: Will there be short dis­tances between accom­mo­da­tion, ple­nary and par­ties?
Ana: Indeed, we took care to find the loca­tions close to the gym so it can be con­ve­nient for every­body and we don’t have to wake up our par­tic­i­pants at 6:00 in the morn­ing.

GT: And what is the ple­nary hall like?
Ana: The ple­nary hall is in the Rail­way Work­ers Palace, where we will hold the open­ing cer­e­mo­ny as well. It is a big spa­cious room and we think it is per­fect for the Ago­ra, as the most halls in Chisin­au don’t have more than 200–300 places. So, from this point of view, in this build­ing we have space for every­body and more.

Draft Botanica
Draft-Botan­i­ca will be the loca­tion of the sec­ond Ago­ra par­ty.

GT: What can we expect at the open­ing cer­e­mo­ny? Any famous bands or guests?
Ana: It will be an inter­ac­tive and fun pro­gramme for all par­tic­i­pants, dances and songs, famous bands as well that we want to sur­prise you with.

GT: Which organ­i­sa­tion­al part gave you the biggest headache?
Ana: The Inter­net provider, we almost didn’t have Inter­net until the last minute, as it is pret­ty com­pli­cat­ed to get to a com­mon deci­sion with the provider, espe­cial­ly since the prices are pret­ty high and the mon­ey we have for the Ago­ra cov­er oth­er aspects that are not less impor­tant.

GT: What are the par­ty themes? And what are the loca­tions?
Ana: The par­ty themes are dif­fer­ent and fun as every Ago­ra used to sur­prise us.
— On the 12th of Octo­ber we have the theme “007 Enjoy­ing the death — report­ing for duty”. The loca­tion is Krem­lin Club, the address: Bd. Mircea cel Bătrîn 17/3 street. Dress­code: fan­cy ladies & gen­tle­men.
— On the 13th of Octo­ber we have “Let‘s Twist Again”. Dress­code: oldie retro style. Loca­tion: Draft-Botan­i­ca in Bd. Dacia 35 street.
— On the 14th of Octo­ber we have the par­ty “Hap­py Birth­day Chisin­au!” Dress­code: Casu­al + birth­day par­ty acces­sories. Loca­tion: Mete­o­ra Club in Sarmizege­tusa 12 street.
— On the 15th of Octo­ber we have the Euro­pean Night! Loca­tion: Dol­phi­nar­i­um, close to gym loca­tion, Andrei Doga 26 street.

Wine festival
The week­end before the Ago­ra there will be a wine fes­ti­val in Chisin­au.

GT: Most par­tic­i­pants prob­a­bly have nev­er been to Moldo­va. Should the par­tic­i­pants bring more time to vis­it it?
Ana: Indeed, there are so many things to vis­it, as we have the wine fes­ti­val the week­end before the Ago­ra and Chisin­au Day on the 14th of Octo­ber. Also don’t miss the trips we have pre­pared for you on Sun­day.

GT: Are you offer­ing sight­see­ing tours in Chișinău?
Ana: We have a city tour on the arrival day, on the 12th of Octo­ber, please don’t miss it if you man­age to come to Chisin­au in the first part of the day. The tours start at 13:00 and 14:30.

AEGEE-Chișinău is waiting for you!
AEGEE-Chișinău is wait­ing for you!

GT: How are the prepa­ra­tions for your pre-event con­fer­ence going? What is it about?
Ana: The prepa­ra­tions are going well, we have every­thing pre­pared and the con­fer­ence is about “Per­spec­tives and prospects: from East­ern Part­ner­ship to EU”. If you haven’t reg­is­tered yet, I’d advise you to do it now if you can arrive one day ear­li­er to Chisin­au.

GT: Any­thing else you would like to add?
Ana: We can’t wait to have you all in Chișinău! This will be the biggest event Chișinău and Moldo­va has ever had and we are super excit­ed for host­ing it!