The first 10 Summer Universities took place in 1988. There was no Summer University Coordination Team yet, main coordinator and CD member in charge was Daisy Kopmels from AEGEE-Amsterdam, who actually visit all Summer Universities and made a detailed report about it. One year later the CD member in charge was Ulrike von Lonski. Below you can read her report to the Agora.


Report to the AGORA / Salerno, Nov. 10 to 11 / by Ulrike von Lonski

From 22 antennas planning to organise a summer course in their antenna 16 finally succeeded to offer two weeks (one even three weeks) of language training and a lot of fun to their fellow members all over Europe. AEGEE members had the choice between seven different languages and two computer courses. More than 2500 applications were received whereof 475 could be placed in the city of their first or second choice.

As a matter of fact some antennas had to drop out of their idea at different stages of preparation due to various reasons, while others made their final decision to participate in the Summer University project up to three weeks before its start, because of the uncertainty of some of the courses and a problem with the printer the application period had to be extended right into the beginning of June which proved to be a problem for the antennas starting with their courses in the first week of the Summer University period (after July, 2nd).

Those that managed though to deal with it had most successful courses and a hell of a good time. A Summer Tour and the coordinators travel covered all the events of July so that a thorough view could be obtained as to prepare the final report based on personal experiences.

Again not all courses were filled to their maximum capacity due to miscommunication. This was a pity and will definitely be taken into account for the next years organisation. A precise description unfortunately cannot be added here as out of the above mentioned 22 antennas only two have so far been sending in their local reports. Until the missing 20 papers haven’t been received no annual report can be sent to the Commission, ministries and other sources of support so that the financial and material help of interested institutions will be delayed in the coming year!

Following the (so far) subjective conclusions drawn from this year’s organisation a few main points have been summed up and an advisory timetable has been prepared for 1990. You will receive their copies together with this paper.

For every antenna that is thinking about organising one of the next Summer Universities: make up your mind as early as possible and start your preparations soon. This will be less work in the end and information of your course can reach all the other antennas in the right time.

For all mailing concerning the Summer University 1989 please note my change of address!
Ulrike von Lonski