After the Open Call for Interim Communications Director, Ksenia Lupanova was chosen as the new person to take care of AEGEE-Europe communications. Now, the AEGEE-Moskva member and former Speaker of the Public Relations Committee will present herself to the Agora as candidate for the same position, taking care of the portfolio until the end of this Comité Directeur’s term.

Svenja van der Tol: For those who do not know you – can you shortly introduce yourself?
Ksenia Lupanova: Hello dear AEGEEans! My name is Ksenia, I’m 24 and an AEGEEan for more than six years. All this time, I have been a member of my dear AEGEE-Moskva, the local who let me do so much and became my second family in Moscow. I was born in the Siberian part of Russia, which is called Yakutia, but I found myself so far from my native lands in a decade and realised that distances don’t matter! I was studying architecture, but got a full-time freelance job as graphic designer and I was an active AEGEEan all my adulthood. (Ksenia smiles) I love cooking, any art and type of creativity and enthusiastic people.

What made you decide to apply as Communications Director for the interim Open Call, and now again?
I was considering a position in the Comité Directeur as an option some years ago, but then one year was too big a commitment. When the opportunity showed itself I did not wait to grab it. Now, as I started, I would like to finish my plans, goals and set up a “soft” ground for the next Communications Director, as I’m working as well on database and knowledge transfer opportunities. Both times, AEGEE made me do it. I love this organisation and I was happy to dedicate some time back.

What do you like most and least about your tasks?
I love the creative part, obviously. I struggled a bit with the administration and routine part in the beginning, but it is a great opportunity to learn different angles and try a more professional approach to any job! I can not say I like something least, it just challenges you more.

What has surprised you the most about your current role?
I would not say I was really surprised. Maybe some stagnation in some part of social communication, as a youth organisation in the 21st century. The rest was pretty much as I expected. I am surprised by the AEGEE spirit and it’s power until today though.

What would you like to improve or learn more about in the rest of your term?
I would like to improve the common impression of communications. Currently, AEGEE is not on it’s A-game in the public relations field and we need more platforms and be head-to-head with technologies. I would like to learn more about analyses, statistics and user-friendly design, as well as general external representation.

Do you have any personal projects or priorities for the next few months?
I would like to stress my priorities as establishing a constant and stable social channels’ strategies and also creating a new image and perception of the PR of AEGEE-Europe. Another thing is to promote the Visual Identity of AEGEE-Europe to the point where it’s not questioned anymore.

How do you plan to give “communication a next level in AEGEE”? What does that new level look like, and how you will achieve it?
New level is definitely a modern way of communication. We are stuck in the past so much sometimes. Modern-day messengers and fast way of receiving information is what defines our generation. Achieving it would be an easy and complicated task at the same time. I see my goal as bridging the Network through simple and fast means of communications.

What do you think is needed to implement the Visual Identity all over the Network? What could be stopping locals and European bodies, and how can we solve those barriers?
To be honest, I think there is already enough promotion and explanation of the Visual Identity to the Network, I honestly fail to see the reason for that much struggle. There are no barriers, it is as simple as common sense, there is a pretty and easy way to do things while representing your organisation, so why not? I would say I see more VIM 2.0 designs and it’s amazing, I really see one common identity coming through. I think more training and explanations on how simple is this are needed for the final battle. This is what we focused on with the Public Relations Committee, there are plans for video tutorials and a big workshop in Agora Kraków!

Which plans do you have for the AEGEEan and the Key to Europe?
The AEGEEan will have an election right after Agora Kraków and I will support them with that. With a new team and clear goals The AEGEEan should bloom again. I really see potential and I am sure we can develop a new and fresh look as well. Regarding the Key to Europe, there is an exciting rebranding! Nothing drastically changes in the main concept of the annual review of the AEGEE year, but some changes in the timeline. For example, we want to have a publication ready for the transition cocktail of the Comité Directeurs, which is already in July! Also, the format will get modern, probably square and fewer pages with more content and a Visual Identity 2.0 layout. We already have the Core Team and we are currently looking for more people to contribute.

Question 1: Which three of your personal qualities are the most relevant for the position you are applying for?
I can definitely say I am creative, to the point when I can feel and train it and come up with any solutions needed. And this quality helps not only for designs or visuals. I am adaptive and I love to learn and explore opportunities. And not to make a pun, but I consider myself communicative. (Ksenia laughs) Many problems and misunderstandings are starting in miscommunication and I think our Network should develop a better communication…

Question by Philipp Blum, YVote: Why didn’t you apply also for the upcoming term?
I didn’t apply for the upcoming term since even being Interim was a big change of my plans and unfortunately, I can not commit for more. I would love to stay around and help though.

Written by Svenja van der Tol, AEGEE-Nijmegen

You can read her full candidature here