Stefano Dabizzi's twins

Stefano Dabizzi, Les Anciens member from Firenze, became father of twins! On 13th of January his wife Katja gave birth to Ettore (3,2 kg) and Boris (3,4 kg). “Katja is fine as well as the children,” said a happy father. “And the big Dario is very happy for the Brothers.”

The news hit the media, too. Two local newspapers reported the fact that at the same time another couple got twins in the same hospital. “Usually now they twins are born with Caesarean operation and not natural childbirth. But in Pistoia in two hours they had two natural childbirth plus four more natural childbirths,” tells Stefano. “It is a big event and good news for a small hospital.” A report about the birth of Stefano’s children was also aired on local television. “We will receive also some present from city hall”, Stefano said with a  smile.

In AEGEE, Stefano was trainer and organiser of several Public Relation Training Schools and the European School in Athina in 2001. He also organised several Summer Universities for AEGEE-Firenze. Stefano lives in Pistoia.

Stefano with Katja and Dario
Katja yesterday gave birth to our twins Ettore(3,175kg) and Boris(3,400kg).
Katja is fine as well as children.
And the big Dario is very happy for the Brothers :)