Soon the Agora Salerno stage will be full of candidates who want your vote! For sure you have read all about their programmes in the official booklet, so now you want to find out more about them, their hobbies, whether they can cook and which AEGEE member they would take with them on a deserted island. In short: classic first date questions from the Internet! The GT will take you on a date with the candidates. In this edition: Daniel Sedlák from AEGEE-Brno, running for Member of the Summer University Coordination Team. Get ready, your date is starting now!

Golden Times: Are you afraid of your candidature speech on the Agora stage? And how will you prepare for it?
Daniel Sedlák: I am not afraid of speaking to people – I have already tried it at the last Agora. I am not really into preparation when it comes to speeches in general, usually I just say what comes to my mind on the spot.

GT: Where would you be now if you hadn’t joined AEGEE?
Daniel: Probably more often in my country.

GT: How did you join AEGEE exactly? How did you find out about it?
Daniel: I filed a form on the website of our local. It took me years as two of my cousins were board members for a couple years before I joined – I was like 16 when I heard about it for the first time.

GT: What’s the typical drink and food you bring to European Nights?
Daniel: I brink cookies called Kolonáda and homemade “meruňkovica” – trying this is probably an experience you will never forget!

GT: At an AEGEE party where will we find you? On the dancefloor? Talking at the bar?
Daniel: Usually on the dancefloor.

GT: What was your first position in the local board?
Daniel: I was a secretary.

GT: What was your favourite event as organiser – and why is it your favourite?
Daniel: It is the SU Brno 2019 – I was the main organizer and we had really amazing group of participants.

GT: What was your first Agora and how did you feel there? Happy, excited, overwhelmed, lost?
Daniel: It was Agora Bucharest and I was quite prepared by my local mates for what was coming. The only thing nobody expected was the food…

GT: Have you ever hichhiked to an AEGEE event? If yes, what’s your favourite hitchhiking story?
Daniel: I have never hitchhiked to an event but we had a hitchhiking competition during our SU from Amsterdam to Enschede. Well, we were the last team to get out of Amsterdam and when we were still standing at a gas station in Amsterdam, the winning team already sent us a picture of them at Enschede accommodation – it was a bit frustrating…

GT: There is a classic typology of AEGEE members, dividing them according to the three aspects fun member, career member and idealist – to which percentage are you which of these aspects?
Daniel: It would be 60:20:20 – when it’s not fun, you are doing something wrong.

GT: What do your parents think about the idea that you are so active in AEGEE?
Daniel: They get angry that I often don`t have time for housework.

GT: What other hobbies do you have aside from AEGEE?
Daniel: I play beach volleyball competitively, but do a lot of sport in general. And I like to compete in moot courts!

GT: What was the last book you really got into?
Daniel: It’s tough, I don’t remember the last time I have read a book, which would be not for school. But probably something from Daniel Silva.

GT: What TV series do you keep coming back to and re-watching?
Daniel: The Simpsons.

GT: What are some obscure things that you are or were really into?
Daniel: Eurotrips on the European nights!

GT: What’s your favourite app on your phone?
Daniel: Probably IDOS – it is really good for traveling in the Czech Republic.

GT: What nickname do or did you have – and why?
Daniel: Beach volleyball players call me Ziki – I have no clue what does it mean or how it happened.

GT: Do you like cooking and if yes – what’s your favourite dish you like to cook?
Daniel: I love cooking but I am terrible at it, so I go for scrambled eggs.

GT: What’s never missing in your fridge?
Daniel: Yogurt.

GT: Did you consider joining a political party or maybe want to do it later?
Daniel: No.

GT: What do you study – and why?
Daniel: I study law – It’s cool, you can argue with people and they don’t bridle up.

GT: What’s your dream job?
Daniel: Attorney!

GT: What’s the favourite city or place on this planet you ever visited?
Daniel: Buenos Aires – I have never seen such beautiful parks.

GT: And where would you really like to go?
Daniel: I have never been to Russia and Spain, so there or anywhere in between.

GT: If you could take one AEGEE member to a desert island, who would it be? And why?
Daniel: My cousin – it would be a bit less weird.

GT: This Agora is about walls – what was the most difficult wall you had to overcome?
Daniel: The one next to the garden when I forgot the keys inside – in flip flops.

GT: What’s your biggest frustration in AEGEE?
Daniel: There’s some outside of AEGEE.

GT: Please complete the sentence: “AEGEE is for me…”
Daniel: Friendship.

GT: How would you describe yourself in a few keywords?
Daniel: Tall, active, smiling, hardworking, Czech.