Much too early Eleonora Campione left this planet. And us behind. She will always be missed. Long ago, in 2011, when Eleonora joined AEGEE’s alumni association Les Anciens and the Golden Times was still the Golden Oldie, she answered the following questions.

Golden Oldie: When and where were you born?
Eleonora Campione (smiling): I was born on 3rd of January in Napoli – you can choose the right year.

Golden Oldie: Eleonora, you have been in AEGEE for a long time. How did you join?
Eleonora: My brother talked to me about a New Year event in Paris in 1998 for a very cheap price with some young people from a lot of countries and curiosity killed me! I joined AEGEE-Napoli in 1999/2000 and my life changed!

Golden Oldie: And when did you quit your active phase?
Eleonora: Are u sure I quit my active phase?

Golden Oldie: So you are still a member?
Eleonora: Yes, I am! At the moment I’m honorary member of AEGEE-Salerno, and member of Napoli – and some locals more!!

Golden Oldie: What are the funniest moments of your AEGEE time?
Eleonora: After so long time in AEGEE, and after a lot of great events, it’s really impossible for me to choose only one moment…

Golden Oldie: What was your favourite AEGEE event?
Eleonora: Spring Agora 2002 in Amsterdam – reached by “my rainbow bus”!

Golden Oldie: What were your biggest achievements in AEGEE?
Eleonora: Share some of my time with people from all over Europe speaking in English and in Spanish about everything, and forget that we came from different countries.

Golden Oldie: What were your worst moments in AEGEE?
Eleonora: There are no worst moments!

Golden Oldie: In your opinion, has AEGEE changed since you became member?
Eleonora: In what way? Of course it has changed in more than 10 years. When I joined AEGEE, we made pictures by normal camera, we used phones and post for our communication, Internet was not so fast and not so pervasive, all materials about events were of paper, we didn’t have EBM, but PM, the average age of AEGEE members has dropped – and more and more!

Golden Oldie: How would your life be if you hadn’t known AEGEE?
Eleonora: With less European mentality, with less travel desire and without a lot of friends and experiences, without Erasmus experience – too empty!

Golden Oldie: Did AEGEE influence your career decision?
Eleonora: Unfortunately not as I wished.

Golden Oldie: Where and what did you study?
Eleonora: I went to school in Napoli and then I studied law at the University of Salerno.

Golden Oldie: What are you doing now as main occupation?
Eleonora: I’m a civil lawyer.

Golden Oldie: Are you single/married/married with 5 children?
Eleonora(smiling): At the moment I’m engaged with a no AEGEE-member – I promise to notify you about every more serious change.

Golden Oldie: Where do you live now? What do you like and dislike about your city?
Eleonora: Good question, I live among Napoli and I love my city, Salerno and Milano! If you come to visit Napoli, I’ll show you what I like, and you will love my city, too!

Golden Oldie: What are your best and least liked cities?
Eleonora: Some of my favourite are Budapest, Istanbul and Krakow, but every place deserves to be visited!

Golden Oldie: Next to Italian, which languages do you speak?
Eleonora: Espanol and English.

Golden Oldie: Which country would you like to visit in the near future?
Eleonora: USA and Japan!

Golden Oldie: Which talent would you like to have?
Eleonora: I’d like to speak more languages!

Golden Oldie: What’s never missing in your fridge?
Eleonora: Little tomatoes!

Golden Oldie: How would you describe yourself in five keywords?
Eleonora: Lovely, sweet (when I want), resolute, energetic, charismatic!

Golden Oldie: Which headline would you like to read about yourself?
Eleonora: Hard question… maybe “she made what she wanted” or “she is always there for her friends”!

Golden Oldie: What’s your most valuable possession?
Eleonora: My family and my friends!

Golden Oldie: Who proposed you for Les Anciens?
Eleonora: Gunnar Erth and Ugo Simeoni.