The Agora Cagliari fever is culminating in AEGEE. Tomorrow is the application deadline for AEGEE’s final statutory meeting of 2014. The whole network is excited about the event, which takes place from 29th of October till 2nd of November – and for a good reason. 70 organisers in Cagliari are working hard to make the Agora unforgettable. “We are currently refining the details of everything, but you know, details make things unforgettable”, says Agora main coordinator Simone Ruscica. And he has great news: the plenaries and accommodation will be in one place in the city centre. And: bring your swimming suit – you will need it!

Simone Ruscica
Simone Ruscica is Agora main coordinator

Golden Times: 724 Agora applications and less than 30 hours left… How does it make you feel? Simone Ruscica: I’m really excited about it. Although the application period is shorter this time – we have about 10 days less than the previous Autumn Agorae – the average number of applications per day is a little bit higher, so we are running faster!

GT: How many applicants are you expecting in total?
Simone (smiles): I think we will reach 1000 applications. At Least!

GT: Do you check the Agora statistics webpage often?
Simone: My home page is now set to the admin panel of the Agora Cagliari website, where we can check the latest application statistics – and we’ve got news that you still don’t know: Mattia Abis and I are now sharing a flat and well, the Agora Fever is around us! We check the applications around 15 to 20 times per day at least!

GT: Is the Agora fever rising also in your antenna? Do you already get nervous phone calls from organisers at night or can you still get enough sleep?
Simone: Of course, the Agora fever is rising up in Cagliari. The organizing team is getting bigger day by day and they are all enthusiastic, especially after our SU! Tomorrow we will have a team meeting and we will follow the final rush of applications all together. By the way, I’m still sleeping well but lately it is never enough!

core team
The Agora Core Team

GT: On the Agora Facebook page there are photos with a lot of organisers. How many people are helping from Cagliari? And how many others will come for the Agora?
Simone: Well, we will be around 70 from Cagliari and about 15 from other antennae. The Agora Cagliari family will be really big! Oufff, so many numbers for an Agora…

GT: Also a lot of AEGEE-Cagliari oldies are very proud about the Agora. Are you in contact with them?
Simone: Yes, of course! They have been helping us since we decided to write down our candidature and they will not stop till the 2nd of November. We have a deal!

GT: Which major things still need to be arranged in the next two months?
Simone (laughs): Just parties, but it is not an important part of an Agora! I’m kidding of course! By the way… we are still working on the Opening Ceremony, we want to make it unforgettable. We are putting the final touches on the parties, we want you to dance till the last note of the last song. We are arranging meals as well, you will also taste some Sardinian specialities and many more things! I can say we are refining the details of everything, but you know, details make things unforgettable, so… that’s the major thing we are working on!

The plenary will be in the city centre, just like the sleeping place!

GT: What are the themes of the parties?
Simone: Well, we have a lot of ideas and we are still deciding which ones could be the funniest for our participants. European Night? Rock Party? Halloween Party? Sex Exchange party? White T-shirt party? Suit-up party? Revival Party? Not enough nights… Should we make this Agora longer?

GT: What can you tell us about logistics? Last year it was said that we will sleep in three different gyms and that 800 people can come. Are these figures still correct?
Simone: Well, there is a change. Since we got some funds from our Region and from the Bank of Sardinia Foundation, we decided to change the building that will host us. The Agora activities will take place in the same place, the International Sardinian Fair, located in the city center of Cagliari. We will move just for parties – we will have private buses for it – and since clubs and discos are not so far from the International Sardinian Fair it won’t take too much time!

GT: The Agora received the patronage of the European Parliament. Will we see some MEPs there?
Simone: Oh yes, we are really proud of it! We hope somebody from the European Parliament will come, we sent some invitations and we will get answers soon.

GT: And which other local celebrities will come for the opening?
Simone (alughs): Of course we will have one, Mattia Abis!

GT: Should we bring swimming clothes or would we freeze in the water?
Simone: I think you should bring your swimming suit. Last year, around the same time, while we were thinking about applying or not to host the autumn Agora, we were sunbathing all day long! So get ready to enjoy our sea and our island.

GT: Milano, Roma and Napoli have pre-events. Will there be others?
Simone: Just those ones, but they are both worth it, especially Naples! About the pre- and post-event programme: our focus is on the Agora of course, but if the organizing team won’t be too busy and everything for the Agora will be ready, I think we can plan something interesting before and after the Agora!

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