Get Ready For a Hot AEGEE Autumn Agora 2014 in Cagliari!


The Ago­ra Cagliari fever is cul­mi­nat­ing in AEGEE. Tomor­row is the appli­ca­tion dead­line for AEGEE’s final statu­to­ry meet­ing of 2014. The whole net­work is excit­ed about the event, which takes place from 29th of Octo­ber till 2nd of Novem­ber – and for a good rea­son. 70 organ­is­ers in Cagliari are work­ing hard to make the Ago­ra unfor­get­table. “We are cur­rent­ly refin­ing the details of every­thing, but you know, details make things unfor­get­table”, says Ago­ra main coor­di­na­tor Simone Rus­ci­ca. And he has great news: the ple­nar­ies and accom­mo­da­tion will be in one place in the city cen­tre. And: bring your swim­ming suit – you will need it!

Simone Ruscica
Simone Rus­ci­ca is Ago­ra main coor­di­na­tor

Gold­en Times: 724 Ago­ra appli­ca­tions and less than 30 hours left… How does it make you feel? Simone Rus­ci­ca: I’m real­ly excit­ed about it. Although the appli­ca­tion peri­od is short­er this time — we have about 10 days less than the pre­vi­ous Autumn Ago­rae — the aver­age num­ber of appli­ca­tions per day is a lit­tle bit high­er, so we are run­ning faster!

GT: How many appli­cants are you expect­ing in total?
Simone (smiles): I think we will reach 1000 appli­ca­tions. At Least!

GT: Do you check the Ago­ra sta­tis­tics web­page often?
Simone: My home page is now set to the admin pan­el of the Ago­ra Cagliari web­site (, where we can check the lat­est appli­ca­tion sta­tis­tics — and we’ve got news that you still don’t know: Mat­tia Abis and I are now shar­ing a flat and well, the Ago­ra Fever is around us! We check the appli­ca­tions around 15 to 20 times per day at least!

GT: Is the Ago­ra fever ris­ing also in your anten­na? Do you already get ner­vous phone calls from organ­is­ers at night or can you still get enough sleep?
Simone: Of course, the Ago­ra fever is ris­ing up in Cagliari. The orga­niz­ing team is get­ting big­ger day by day and they are all enthu­si­as­tic, espe­cial­ly after our SU! Tomor­row we will have a team meet­ing and we will fol­low the final rush of appli­ca­tions all togeth­er. By the way, I’m still sleep­ing well but late­ly it is nev­er enough!

core team
The Ago­ra Core Team

GT: On the Ago­ra Face­book page there are pho­tos with a lot of organ­is­ers. How many peo­ple are help­ing from Cagliari? And how many oth­ers will come for the Ago­ra?
Simone: Well, we will be around 70 from Cagliari and about 15 from oth­er anten­nae. The Ago­ra Cagliari fam­i­ly will be real­ly big! Oufff, so many num­bers for an Ago­ra…

GT: Also a lot of AEGEE-Cagliari oldies are very proud about the Ago­ra. Are you in con­tact with them?
Simone: Yes, of course! They have been help­ing us since we decid­ed to write down our can­di­da­ture and they will not stop till the 2nd of Novem­ber. We have a deal!

GT: Which major things still need to be arranged in the next two months?
Simone (laughs): Just par­ties, but it is not an impor­tant part of an Ago­ra! I’m kid­ding of course! By the way… we are still work­ing on the Open­ing Cer­e­mo­ny, we want to make it unfor­get­table. We are putting the final touch­es on the par­ties, we want you to dance till the last note of the last song. We are arrang­ing meals as well, you will also taste some Sar­din­ian spe­cial­i­ties and many more things! I can say we are refin­ing the details of every­thing, but you know, details make things unfor­get­table, so… that’s the major thing we are work­ing on!

The ple­nary will be in the city cen­tre, just like the sleep­ing place!

GT: What are the themes of the par­ties?
Simone: Well, we have a lot of ideas and we are still decid­ing which ones could be the fun­ni­est for our par­tic­i­pants. Euro­pean Night? Rock Par­ty? Hal­loween Par­ty? Sex Exchange par­ty? White T-shirt par­ty? Suit-up par­ty? Revival Par­ty? Not enough nights… Should we make this Ago­ra longer?

GT: What can you tell us about logis­tics? Last year it was said that we will sleep in three dif­fer­ent gyms and that 800 peo­ple can come. Are these fig­ures still cor­rect?
Simone: Well, there is a change. Since we got some funds from our Region and from the Bank of Sar­dinia Foun­da­tion, we decid­ed to change the build­ing that will host us. The Ago­ra activ­i­ties will take place in the same place, the Inter­na­tion­al Sar­din­ian Fair, locat­ed in the city cen­ter of Cagliari. We will move just for par­ties — we will have pri­vate bus­es for it — and since clubs and dis­cos are not so far from the Inter­na­tion­al Sar­din­ian Fair it won’t take too much time!

GT: The Ago­ra received the patron­age of the Euro­pean Par­lia­ment. Will we see some MEPs there?
Simone: Oh yes, we are real­ly proud of it! We hope some­body from the Euro­pean Par­lia­ment will come, we sent some invi­ta­tions and we will get answers soon.

GT: And which oth­er local celebri­ties will come for the open­ing?
Simone (alughs): Of course we will have one, Mat­tia Abis!

GT: Should we bring swim­ming clothes or would we freeze in the water?
Simone: I think you should bring your swim­ming suit. Last year, around the same time, while we were think­ing about apply­ing or not to host the autumn Ago­ra, we were sun­bathing all day long! So get ready to enjoy our sea and our island.

GT: Milano, Roma and Napoli have pre-events. Will there be oth­ers?
Simone: Just those ones, but they are both worth it, espe­cial­ly Naples! About the pre- and post-event pro­gramme: our focus is on the Ago­ra of course, but if the orga­niz­ing team won’t be too busy and every­thing for the Ago­ra will be ready, I think we can plan some­thing inter­est­ing before and after the Ago­ra!

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