The Public Relations Committee (PRC) has a new board: Jelena Stankovic is the new speaker and Gerardo Garcia Diaz vice speaker. The committee is a body of AEGEE-Europe responsible for supporting the network in the field of Public Relations and communication. In an interview with the Golden Times, Jelena presented her plans and the work of the PRC in general.

PRC logoGT: Jelena, congratulations! What will be your first official act as PR committee speaker?
Jelena Stankovic: There are a few things that we are doing right now, such as the AEGEE Fair at EPM Burgos and handling logo requests of the locals. But for me now the focus is on the renewal of the membership list of PRC, we want the new motivated team to rock!

GT: What is the PRC actually doing for AEGEE? Are you more helping the CD or the network?
Jelena: Since Agora Patra we are responsible for the AEGEE Fair, we are helping locals and European bodies and projects with design requests, logo requests, implementation of the visual identity and other things. I think we are working together with the CD to help the network.

GT: Who elects the speaker team?
Jelena: Members of the PRC.

GT: In which matters should people contact you? And how do they reach you?
Jelena: We are here to help and consult European bodies, projects or locals in matters connected to PR, so anything from PR campaign to attract new members to the design of the new logo.

PRC team 2015
Gerardo and Jelena – the new team

GT: You just finished your term as AEGEE-Beograd president. Why did you candidate as PRC speaker?
Jelena: This is my second term in PRC, and I candidate again because six months it is not enough to do everything that you want, and felt that I have some unfinished business with PRC.

GT: Why are you so interested in PR?
Jelena: It is my job in my life outside of AEGEE. I work in a HR student agency as PR and at an art festival for students.

GT: Who is with you in the speaker team and how well do you know each other?
Jelena: Gerardo Garcia Diaz. We never meet in person, I hope we will have the chance soon.

GT: When did you join the PRC and what did you do there so far?
Jelena: I joined the PRC in January 2014 and so far I was a communication manager of the AEGEE Fair on Agora Patra and AEGEE Fair coordinator in Cagliari. In the last term I was Vice Speaker.

GT: What do you want to achieve in your term as PRC speaker?
Jelena: First of all to renew the team. We need motivated and active people so we can focus on the projects that will help not only the PRC, but also the whole European level to attract more members and keep it active.

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