Italian food and hospitality, amazing locations, crazy parties: there is hardly a better way to start the new year than the event in Salerno: “dioNYsiaE: The Revival of Gods”! It’s not only AEGEE-Salerno, which is offering this great adventure from 29th of December till 4th of January. The Italian antenna invites you together with their Greek twin antenna AEGEE-Ioannina. “When you combine Greeks and Italians you never know what’s going to happen!”, promises Zoe Nikoloudaki, board member of AEGEE-Ioannina. Zoe and her fellow organiser Antonio Cicalese from AEGEE-Salerno, told the Golden Times readers more about the spectacular event – and about the twinning of their antennae!

Twinning Ioannina
The twinning of AEGEE-Ioannina and AEGEE-Salerno on the Agora stage

GT: Since when are your antennae twinned?
Zoe Nikoloudaki: Our antennae are twined since Spring Agora Asturias 2015!

GT: Why are they twinned? Why did you choose each other?
Zoe: Everything started when another board member of AEGEE-Ioannina, Ioanna Aritzi, and I, joined the Summer University 2013 in Salerno. By then, a true friendship with the members of AEGEE-Salerno was born and has continued ever since! During these two and a half years, we kept on meeting each other again and again around Europe. When Bianca Savo, ex-president of AEGEE-Salerno, made the proposal to become twins, we were more than thrilled. Meanwhile, more and more members of the two antennae got to know each other during Agorae and SUs! It couldn’t be more perfect!

Salerno Non solo sole
No cages can stop AEGEE-Salerno and AEGEE-Ioannina!

GT: What kind of activities do you do together? And what do you learn from each other?
Zoe: AEGEE-Salerno, as a much older antenna than AEGEE-Ioannina, had a lot to teach and to share of its experience. Although there is a big distance between our cities, that never stopped us from doing things together! For example, these days we are preparing something for the European Day of Languages and of course our awesome New Years Eve Event in Salerno: “dioNYsiaE: The Revival of Gods”!

Zoe Ioannina
Zoe Nikoloudaki is one of the New Year event organisers

GT: What else should we know about the twinning of your antennae?
Zoe: We are both crazy for sure! When you combine Greeks and Italians you never know what’s going to happen!

GT: Tell us more about the New Year event: what’s the date, what are the programme highlights?
Antonio Cicalese: The event ‘’dioNYsiaE: The Revival of Gods’’ will take place from 29th of December until 4th of January. The main activities will be the tour of the X-mas Lights, the treasure hunt, the italian aperitif of 31st December, the trip to Naples, the trip to Pompeii and the italian ‘’cenone’’ – brace yourself to post pics about the cenone with the tag #foodporn on your Instagram!

Ioannina Salerno Agora Patra
Meet the Greek-Italian power!

GT: How will you celebrate New Year’s night? Will you bring some Greek customs to Italy?
Antonio: For the New Year’s night we will eat all together around the same table, like an AEGEE family. After dinner we will have a crazy party with a lot of wine, and two funny guys : I’m talking about Bacchus and Dionysus! Gods will be back!

GT: How many people can participate, how will they be lodged, how much is the fee?
Antonio: The fee is 170 euros, because we will sleep in a hostel with a real bed! And with a personal bedside table! Don’t underestimate the importance of a bedside table! We will have 30 participants and organizers, but in case of a great motivation letter I will sleep on the floor and leave my bed free!

Antonio Cicalese
Antonio Cicalese is also looking forward to seeing you in Salerno!

GT: Anything else you would like to tell?
Antonio: Two years ago, when I joined AEGEE, I was not able to organize an event like this, but now, it’s happening for real! AEGEE is amazing, it helps you to grow and become a skilled person. If you are a new member, that has never left his antenna, get out of your comfort zone and apply! Come to Salerno, meet AEGEEans from all over Europe, fall in love with the AEGEE spirit and start the New Year with Gods and wine! And check out our promo video!

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