Do you know what BUEK means? If you celebrate the New Year together with AEGEE-Budapest and AEGEE-Pécs, you will come across this abbreviation for sure. It stands for “I wish you a happy new year” in this very special language. In case you want to spend the last days of this year in some of the most beautiful cities in Europe, go winetasting or swimming in a hot open air spa, then this is the place to be. The title of the event is “Winter Wonderland – Magic will find you in BudaPécs”, it starts on the 27th of December and ends on the 3rd of January. The fee is 145 Euros, plus and optional fee of 25 Euros. Altogether 25 people can come. “We only have a couple of places left”, says Marcell Buzás, one of the organisers. And the deadline is approaching soon: it’s tomorrow, 20th of November.

GT: There are so many New Year’s events this year, why should our members attend yours?
Organising team: By applying to our event you will get the combination of fun and relaxation, a dense yet balanced programme with the call words of wine tasting, ice-skating, spa time and Christmas markets, equally contributing to the Winter Wonderland experience. All this is brought to you by two different locals in two multicultural cities. Moreover, we still have a few secrets and surprises that are waiting for you to explore – magic will find you in BudaPécs!

Take a ride on the Christmas tram!

GT: The 25 participants will visit Budapest and Pécs. Everyone knows Budapest. What is Pécs like?
Organising team: We have received a lot of positive feedback in the past that Pécs should do more international events. So here we are fulfilling your demands. We are a small, but enthusiastic and experienced group of organizers who are committed to enjoy the event with you from the beginning to the end. The city of Pécs itself is the fifth biggest city in Hungary and often described by these words: historical, multicultural, romantic and hipster. We also have a university with ten faculties and around 30.000 students, with nice bars and restaurants, student friendly clubs, most of them in a walkable distance in a pretty city where you can enjoy all that.

GT: Ice-skating in Városliget, the park in the centre of Budapest, is legendary. What can you tell people about it who haven’t been there? 
Organising team: It is one of the largest and oldest ice rinks in Europe. It’s located in the middle of our wonderful city park, surrounded by some of the most beautiful and most famous buildings in Budapest! On the huge rink you will definitely feel like you are in a romantic winter movie with your new friends watching all the happy people around you. You don’t want to miss this experience!

Experience the amazing spa experience in winter!

GT: Will there be other winter or snow related activities?
Organising team: Since the name of our event is “Winter Wonderland”, everything will be related to winter! We will show our participants all the best things we love about Hungarian winter: drinking mulled wine while it’s freezing outside, walking around the famous Christmas Fair in Budapest, relaxing in the hot water of a spa and having a real Winter Wonderland themed New Year’s Eve party! If we are lucky, we might even have some real snow for our event…

GT: Will the group go wine tasting? Where exactly? What will happen there?
Organising team: In AEGEE-Pécs we have quite good connections with a few wine producers in the wine regions surrounding the city of Pécs. This time we are going to the Villány wine region where we will be having a winetasting with around ten different types of wine from which we will be able to taste back the ones we liked the most. During the past years we have done several successful wine tastings in our local and international events. Wine flows generously, the mood is elevating continuously, people are opening up more and more, generally resulting in awesome after-parties and things that we trust on your imaginations. What makes it even better? The fact that it is included in the fee!

Take a group picture at the big BUDAPEST letters at the Christmas market!

GT: People will visit also a spa? Is it the legendary Széchenyi Thermal Bath with its open pools? How do we have to imagine that?
Organising team: Just imagine that it’s around zero or minus degrees outside, but you are relaxing in a hot pool with your friends, watching the stars in the sky or even playing chess in the water! The spa has three huge pools outside, and 15 more inside with saunas, aqua fitness and leisure pools with jacuzzi and whirlpool. Once you’re in Budapest, it’s a must!

GT: Can you say more about the New Year’s night party?
Organising team: We will make it unforgettable: we will create our true Winter Wonderland for this night! Snowflakes everywhere, Christmas lights, Christmas tree, winter ornaments, champagne… Everything what comes to your mind when you think of winter. Also, this part of the event will be a bit bigger than our original headcount, we are opening the doors for our new and old members to enjoy it with us, so you can expect a proper AEGEE crowd to welcome the New Year with.

Visit beautiful Pécs!

GT: Anything else that makes the event spectacular?
Organising team: The joint experience of two awesome organizer teams, activities that we also love and enjoy condensed into six days with holiday spirit and last but not least the careful selection of the best people, who will really deserve to spend an outstanding event with us to be remembered for the years to come.

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