Fun, fun, fun: There are many New Year’s events in AEGEE and they all offer brilliant entertainment and unforgettable moments. But one of them offers more, a lot more: parties and an exciting thematic programme revolving around the topic of diplomacy and peace. Interested? Then apply for the New Year’s event “Peace of Cake! – Dutch Diplomacy for Dummies”, organised by AEGEE-Utrecht from 28th of December until 2nd of January. Main organiser Carina van Hoof told the Golden Times why this event will create unforgettable memories for the 25 participants.

Carina van Hoof
Carina van Hoof

GT: Carina, how did you get the nice idea to make the New Year’s event also thematic?
Carina van Hoof: Actually, when having a brainstorm session with our New Year’s event team about what we wanted to do, we all naturally came up with the idea to add some thematic content to the programme. Last year’s event in Utrecht was the first that our local organized after a few years of having no New Year’s event, with the knowledge we got from the organisers we decided it was now our job to take our event to the next level!

GT: And that’s how you decided to make it more thematic?
Carina: Yes, adding thematic content was our solution for this! We believe that you should always learn from your predecessors and then try to create something even better! On a personal note, a while ago I read an article – yes, in the Golden Times – why AEGEE should organize more thematic events and I felt we could make a change. New Year’s events are events that always attract many participants. Every one of them has the opportunity to do something meaningful next to just partying, so why not take this opportunity?

GT: But the participants will still have also fun, right?
Carina: Yes, of course, no worries! We created a New Year’s event with thematic content, as well as the usual parties and fun activities.

GT: Why did you choose the topic of peace?
Carina: When thinking about what kind of topic we wanted, we came to the topic of peace. Just because it is a thing that is lacking now in many parts of the world. Of course this has always been the case, but now that also in Ukraine and close-by in Syria peace is something that is far to be seen, we thought we should do something with this. We want our participants to think about the concept of peace and how it can be achieved, in big conflicts, but also on a smaller scale in their personal lives. This way we hope to give our participants a happy and peaceful start of 2015!

Memorial place for war victims in Tuzla, Bosnia, in 1995

GT: Can you give examples of the thematic programme?
Carina: Sure! We will have for example an interactive lecture about Peace in the former Yugoslavia. We will also visit the international city of peace and justice The Hague, where you will get to experience how it is to go from surviving in a conflict area, to living in the Palace of Peace!

GT: Nice! Utrecht is an amazing city as well. What should the participants look forward to?
Carina: Utrecht has been voted as one of the happiest places in the world! It is a real student city and with its beautiful old city center, its canals, the many bars and cafés and thousands of bikes, it is the best place to live a few days like a Dutchie and celebrate New Year together!

GT: So how will the fun part of the programme look like?
Carina: Our participants will not just have traditional sightseeing. They will enjoy an amazing view on the city in more ways than just one. For example, they will also discover the Underground of Utrecht and get to know the darker parts of society. And, on a lighter note, they will discover their inner hippie during our Peace Party! We will also have a peaceful afternoon with a classic campfire, hot chocolate, marshmallows and many typical Dutch snacks and games! Furthermore, we will also go ice-skating – and we will run with thousands of other Dutchies into the North Sea during the New Years Dive! And we will party hard on New Year’s Eve while eating Dutch oliebollen and watch the fireworks from high above…

GT: Oliebollen, that’s a traditional Dutch New Year’s food… But how does it taste?
Carina: Haha, the taste of oliebollen is something that is difficult to describe! There are many different kinds as well, with raisins, vanilla cream, apple inside. Let’s just say they are delicious, and if you want to know exactly how they taste, we warmly invite you to come to the Netherlands this New Year’s Eve! And if you’ve partied too hard, they are the perfect food to cure your hangover the next day…

GT: Carina, you want to add something?
Carina: Yes! On behalf of NYE team 2014-2015 we hope to see you all soon!

What you need to know:

Participation fee: 110 Euros + 15 Euros optional fee for ice-skating.
The fee includes: 2 meals a day, accommodation, the NYE Party and all activities, except ice-skating.

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You can apply via Intranet and by filling this form:

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