What a year for AEGEE-Paris! Lila Quaile, since autumn President of the antenna, managed to revive AEGEE’s oldest local. The already enthusiastic network was even more happy to see that AEGEE-Paris invited around 20 participants over to celebrate the new year in the city of love. The lucky ones, who were selected, had a great time, as Lila confirmed. “Midnight Kissing in Paris” took place from 29th of December 2017 to 2nd of January 2018.

Lila Quaile

Golden Times: How many participants did you have?
Lila Quaile: We had 19 official participants and 3 extra participants, coming from all over Europe. I think we were lucky to not have any “ghetto”- even if at the end we had a kind of “Italian-Russian ghetto”. We tried to take as many nationalities as possible. Plus of course, we had six helpers from other AEGEE antennae, and I would like to thank them because they have been fantastic. They were really helpful and we couldn’t have done it without them.

Golden Times: Did your New Year’s event have a theme?
Lila: We didn’t really have a specific theme for this event. However, a kind of romantic and lovely atmosphere hovered over the group. Let’s say that the title of the event – Midnight Kissing in Paris – was perfectly matching with the event: lot of fun, lot of glamourous and romantic mood, and lot of kisses…

Golden Times: How was your new year’s party?
Lila: For the 31st of December we decided to go to a boat party on the Seine River. Unfortunately we has some issue to get in on time and AEGEE-Paris couldn’t do anything about it. So we spent midnight on the docks in front of the boat – yes the boat doesn’t cruise – in an AEGEE way, dancing Tunak Tunak and having a lot of fun. AEGEE spirit was definitely there!  Once inside the boat, the party really began and this was really great. For what I saw everyone enjoyed it. The whole group was dancing together and had a lot of fun.

Golden Times: What were the other programme highlights?
Lila: The first highlight was the arrival of all the participants on the 29th of December. For me and the other organizers – Clément Lucas, Anastasia Gryn, Gabriel Richet and Mounia Bouayad – the event was finally getting concrete after two months of preparation. This was a bit scary but mostly exciting. The second one was the concert on the 30th of December. We brought the participants to a jam session at one of my favourite place in Paris, 100% Parisians and totally unconventional. We really didn’t know what to expect from the group, because it was different from other AEGEE parties, but everyone enjoyed it and some of them even told us that it was the best night of the event! I am really glad we put it in the programme, because it’s a place that only people living in Paris know about it. And we were happy to show them another side of Paris, the real one and the popular one.

Golden Times: What were the funniest or most exciting moments?
Lila: The funniest moment were the workshops about French language and specially the one titled “How to flirt with a Parisian”. It was really made up as a joke. One of the games during the workshop was really funny: two volunteers had to mime in a situation, but in a seductive and flirting way. It was really funny because people played the game full on. The situations were totally unrealistic and this brought a lot of fun to the group. I think we didn’t stop laughing for the whole afternoon.

Golden Times: How was the group of participants?
Lila: The group was amazing! We couldn’t have dreamt of a better group than this one for our first event. Everyone was in a good mood, everyone was enjoying the event and no one complained – which is important for organizers. The group was just fantastic and there was no difference between participants and organizers, we were just forming a group of friends. When the event finished, everyone was super sad, not to leave just Paris but mainly to leave the other participants. I think everyone found his or her place in the group and enjoyed each other’s company.

Golden Times: Anything you would like to add?
Lila: I just would like to thank everyone who participated in the event: participants, organizers, helpers and everyone who supported us in the project. When I had the idea about making it, it was a bit crazy and even if for some people events of four days are not so difficult to organize, trust me in Paris it is – moreover, if you don’t have any experience as participant or organiser. I think AEGEE-Paris will never forget this New Year’s Eve and I hope 2018 will be as magical as the event was.