The SU project is back with 23 courses. The GT is presenting the some of them, including an aspect that will be very important for many applicants: the covid prevention measures. Check out what AEGEE-Lviv is planning for you. Their event is called “Be a Superhero!”, will take place from 19th to 27th of August and offers 20 participants the chance to get to know Ukraine. The fee is 100 Euros.

Golden Times: What is the main topic of your SU this year? And why did you choose it?
AEGEE-Lviv: The main topic of our SU is sustainability and inclusivity. Our local takes part in SAIL, a project funded by the European Youth Forum. We decided to have a special SU this year as this project raises young Europeans’ awareness of sustainable and inclusive youth exchanges through capacity-building activities and empower them to advocate at local and regional levels.

GT: SU means Summer and University. Can you elaborate more on the thematic part of your SU?
AEGEE-Lviv: Yes, people can associate University as a way of receiving new knowledge and we think that our SU covers this meaning to 100 percent. We want this project not only to become an unforgettable summer time with a lot of fun but also to become useful and helpful for the future of every participant.

GT: Let’s talk about the leisure part of your SU. What are the three main programme highlights in this area? Which cities and landmarks will you visit?
AEGEE-Lviv: As our SU is a special one, we have three main topics of it: sustainability, inclusion and advocacy. We want to combine theories and practice in different interactive ways and to show how important these things are in our daily life. During the SU we will have a trip to our Carpathian mountains as it’s the place where you can be connected with nature and realize how important is to save it. And of course, the bigger part of our project will be located in our beautiful city Lviv. Lions are waiting for you!

GT: Some applicants might be concerned about the corona crisis. What kind of precautions will you take? For example, will you test the organisers and participants at the beginning and during the SU about the virus? Will you have a mask mandate for certain programme parts?
AEGEE-Lviv: The situation in all the world can’t allow us to feel free in all ideas about SU. Even more, we can just hope that we will have a possibility to take participants in our country.  Of course, we will do all necessary things to protect our participants and organisers and we think this question will be a priority during the preparation of the project.

GT: Will you ask the participants to get vaccinated before the event?
AEGEE-Lviv: We are not sure that we can tell someone to get vaccinated before the event, this question is quite difficult, but for sure we will need to receive covid-negative test result from all participants and ambassadors before starting the SU.

GT: What will you do in case a participant gets tested positive on the corona virus?
AEGEE-Lviv: If it happens during the event we will have to stop the project and to provide quarantine for all participants and organizers. Of course, if we have negative tests from all people before the project we will not have a big chance to have a situation like that. Before the SU we will have an instruction what and how to do everything in this situation.

GT: Can you say a couple of words about your antenna: what does it make it special?
AEGEE-Lviv: The people! They are kind and positive-minded, with big hearts who want to hug all people in the world. It’s the reason why we like so much to see new people in our city.

GT: Where can interested people find out more about your SU?
AEGEE-Lviv: You can find more info about our SU via this link:

GT: Anything you would like to add? Do you have a message to potential applicants?
AEGEE-Lviv: Yes. These years are not so good for humans. All of us understood how everything can change. But maybe it’s a sign for us? Maybe we should change our lives for better? How about becoming a new superhero for your planet? Let’s do it together in our SU in Lviv. See you and take care of yourself!

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