AEGEE in 2018 (Part VIII): Tekla, Zvonimir & More

In this edition: read what Tekla Hajdu, Zvonimir Canjuga, Veronika Chmelárová, Timo Haarman, Eyrin Kyriakidi and Laura Blake said.

AEGEE in 2018 (Part VII): Oksana, Marta & More

In this edition: read what Oksana Prokopchenko, Marta Pąk, Marta Labanowska, Marta Massó, Franjo Lovro Popovic and Timon Turban said.

Agora Istanbul 2018 Will Focus on Sustainability

From 2nd to 7th of October 2018 AEGEE-Istanbul will hosts its second Agora. Up to 800 people will be able to participate. At least 800. "We are also working on expanding the capacity to 1000 if there is a need", says main coordinator Dermansah.