The Summer University is Back: SU Lviv 2021

Check out the Summer University AEGEE-Lviv is planning for you. Their event is called “Be a Superhero!"

The fate of the Summer University 2020 hangs in the balance

Because of the Coronavirus the fate of AEGEE’s trademark project, the Summer University, hangs in the balance. The SUCT does the best it can to keep the project afloat in this crisis.

Back to the 90s – with AEGEE-Paris’ new SU

The 1990s were a special decade - you can experience it during the Short Summer Course “Get Nostalgic in Paris 90's” by AEGEE-Paris.

Develop new skills at AEGEE-Sankt-Peterburg’s SU

During “The Big Training Theory”, AEGEE-Sankt-Peterburg's SU this year the 25 participants will develop their soft skills,