Every year several thousand AEGEE members apply for a Summer University. Some just write a short motivation letter, but others put great effort in their applications and make elaborate presentations or short films. Here are a few examples of applicants who went the extra mile. In case you created a great application that should be presented here as well, just write to the Golden Times.

Job van der Wardt makes a windmill go around

Dutch windwills are part of the cullture of a country. Job van der Wardt (21) from AEGEE-Leiden had the great idea to make a video that shows how he makes the mill go around and puts AEGEE stickers on it. Of course AEGEE-Moskva accepted him for their TSU “Transsiberian Dream vol.∞ To infinity and beyond!”, which took place from 29th July to 15th August.

Dima Shishmarev: ready for Ireland

Dima Shishmarev from AEGEE-Moskva applied for AEGEE-Eindhoven’s TSU “12 pints and some blarney: Discover the green island!”, which took place from 10th to 21th August. It was his first video and it suceeded very well!


Yaiza Sodeto Lobera: video and Facebook event

Yaiza (24), nursing student from AEGEE-Zaragoza, applied for the SU “Fifty Shades of Blue” by AEGEE-Genova, which took place from 18th to 29th August. She created a very nice video which consists of photos and texts. In addition she also wrote a great long motivation letter. “The peculiarity of this motivation letter is the fact that she has created an event on Facebook with many people posting photos with papers saying to accept her in our SU”, said AEGEE-Genova.


Arina Goldina: presenting dancing skills and her life

Also Arina Goldina from AEGEE-Moskva applied for “Fifty Shades of Blue” by AEGEE-Genova. She did not only present her dancing skills, but also scenes from her Italian language course and other photos and film sequences which underline her interest in joining the SU.


Ruben Santos Branda: drawing a comic

Ruben had a totally different idea: he created a comic as motivation letter. This screenshot gives you a little impression. Also Ruben applied for SU Genova. The Italian antenna was very happy to receive a lot of outstanding applications. Among others there were two more great videos, but unfortunately the two creators did not want to share them with the network.


Ander Fernández sings from the other side

Adele’s “Hello from the other side” inspired Ander Fernández to apply for the AEGEE-Kyiv’s “Summertime Madness: Test Your UAdrenaline” with a singing video – with new lyrics of course. The TSU started on the 5th and ended on the 19th August.


Masha Martynova’s secret recipe

Masha Martynova from AEGEE-Moskva applied with a very creative video for AEGEE-Tbilisi’s TSU “Georgia on my mind” (11th-25th July. She cooked the best possible participant, which – no surprise – looked just like her!


Gabriel Meseguer presets himself with Prezi

Gabriel Meseguer from AEGEE-Valencia was accepted to AEGEE-Napoli’s SU “Darker than midnight can’t come!” (27th July – 8th August) with a very nice Prezi presentation with a great soundtrack, called “Take me to Napoli”. You can check it out by clicking here here.


Midas Veraart has a dream

Martin luther King’s famous speech “I have a dream” was reenacted with AEGEE words of cause by Midas Veraart from AEGEE-Leuven. This secured him a place at AEGEE-Napoli’s SU “Darker than midnight can’t come!” as well!


How Maria Monzon survived Chernobyl

AEGEE-Kyiv, organiser of the TSU “Summertime Madness: Test Your UAdrenaline”, asked their applicants this question: “Imagine you are in Chornobyl after the accident, and there are other 29 survived. The whole territory is radioactive fast and you need to gather all survived people and get to Kyiv safe and fast? Your actions?” Maria replied: “That’s a lot of stuff to do so please, it is the best to see the animated version”. Which is this very creative video.


Ralitsa Mihaylova sets the bears lose

The final video: Ralitsa Mihaylova from AEGEE-Berlin made a very funny videos with ots of Internet video clips about bears. This impressed the organisers of AEGEE-Napoli’s SU a lot.