This is the eights and final part of the AEGEE Golden Times review on 2012 and preview on 2013. This time you will find the opinions and expectations of Ermanno Napolitano and Gunnar Erth.

Ermanno Napolitano, Mediation Commission, Former Juridical Commission

Agora2012Bp228What was your personal AEGEE highlight in 2012?
For sure my personal AEGEE highlight in 2012 was working for the Agora Enschede. The Chair meeting in Cagliari, all the preparation of the ballots with my Juridical Commission team: the trip to Brussels before the Agora, and the Agora itself. I enjoyed those moments a lot, even if we worked hard and we hadn’t time even to sleep sometimes.
AEGEE-Europe had many memorable moments in 2012. Which one do you remember most vividly or was outstanding?
Oh well, the vote of confidence and all the consequences connected.
What are your personal AEGEE plans for 2013?
Working on MedCom as good as possible. I’d like also to enjoy as many events as possible. I have been to Lyon by light recently, so nice! There is also a project of CIA reform that is going to be discussed and some other interesting activities.
What do you foresee as a highlight or big topic in AEGEE in 2013?
I think the EU Parliamentary elections project will become a highlight for AEGEE in 2013.
Who was for you the outstanding member in 2012?
Alla Resheten. She has shown that with passion and determination you can get important results. She is an example of an active AEGEE member. She served as secretary general, and last year she created and brought forward the Eastern Partnership Project, creating an excellent team, and achieving excellent results, while having a family and a job. And now she is giving her experience to the Chair – I think this will be her last AEGEE task.
How/where will you spend New Year’s night?
I applied for the NYE in Maribor…


Gunnar Erth, AEGEE Golden Times Editor

Caucasus0372What was your personal AEGEE highlight in 2012?
The Caucasus Summer University that I organised in cooperation with AEGEE-Yerevan and AEGEE-Tbilisi for 30 oldies. We saw amazing and very diverse places, met great people and had a fantastic time. The hospitality of people in Caucasus is definitely the best in Europe. Also reporting live from the Agoras was great fun – and very useful too.
AEGEE-Europe had many memorable moments in 2012. Which one do you remember most vividly or was outstanding?
Like most people I choose the vote of confidence and the controversial speeches of Franck Biancheri at Agora Enschede.
What are your personal AEGEE plans for 2013?
Continuing the work on the Golden Times website, especially presenting more AEGEE history highlights.
What do you foresee as a highlight or big topic in AEGEE in 2013?
Externally, AEGEE did a great job in 2012 to speak up and make itself heard by decision-makers. I am sure the CD will continue on this successful path in 2013 and be able to influence youth and education policies. Also unemployment of young people is an issue close to the core of AEGEE. The association should also take a stronger stand on negative developments such as the fragmentation of the EU. In many countries there is a rise of populism and doubts in the EU due to the Euro crisis, AEGEE should present ideas to decision-makers how to overcome this negative trend. Regarding projects: AEGEE has very interesting new initiatives regarding education and health, but it might take some time until they take off and organise their first activities. The Eastern Partnership project, which is already in full bloom, will make some great events, which will definitely be worth visiting. I also hope there will be another edition of “Europe on Track”. It’s a fantastic initiative and with more preparation time and the experiences of this year’s edition, I’m sure it will be even better next year. Internally I also see moving to the new headoffice in Brussels as a major issue. If it’s really a much better place, the living and working conditions might also improve the work of AEGEE. I’m really curious to see this place!
Who were for you the outstanding members in 2012?
I’d mention three. First, Steffi Müller. The work she does as AEGEEan chief editor is outstanding! It’s also fantastic that she found the time to also make the Key to Europe. Secoond, Alfredo Sellitti. He was sacrificed at Agora Enschede in an unfair manner. Nevertheless, he kept his spirit and is still doing a lot of things for AEGEE. I met a lot of other great people who quit AEGEE frustratedly for smaller reasons. Last but not least: President Luis Alvarado Martinez, who does everything right. Some examples: he encourages the idealists, he is also pragmatic, he increases the external impact of AEGEE and he makes better use of the AEGEE oldies than most presidents before him.
How/where will you spend New Year’s night?
Oh, it will be a quiet family evening.