The past couple of months saw a sharp increase in the interest in Les Anciens. Is it the effect of the Golden Oldie? Is it the effect of our great events? It is hard to tell. It is a fact however, that 23 new members joined Les Anciens since the last article in the end of May 2011. Some of them signed the membership form during the annual Les Anciens meeting in Cyprus – such as Kemal Baykalli (picture left), Refet Saban and Sander Kahveciler (picture below). Say a big welcome to:










  • Banu Baydil
  • Birgit Weck
  • Enid Györke
  • Filippa Bengtsson
  • Gergö Szigeti
  • Gianluca Zanini
  • Harris Kantas
  • Ioana Muresan
  • Karina Kostrzewa
  • Kemal Baykalli
  • Marek Urban
  • Matthias Meier
  • Michael Fleuter
  • Özgür Özdamer
  • Pamela Steinmetz
  • Paolo Scarabaggio
  • Pascal Nevries
  • Piotr Tylko-Tylczynski
  • Refet Saban
  • Sander Kahveciler
  • Sophi Tsouris
  • Susanne Andreae
  • Thomas Moussy

As always, the Golden Oldie will present you our new members shortly in detail.

Birgit Weck
Marek Urban
Piotr Tylko-Tylczynski
Ioana Muresan
Pamela Steinmetz
Matthias Meier
Pascal Nevries
Karina Kostrzewa
Gergö Szigeti
Filippa Bengtsson
Harris Kantas
Enid Györke
Thomas Moussy
Gianluca Zanini
Susanne Andreae
Banu Baydil
Paolo Scarabaggio
Michael Fleuter
Sophi Tsouris
Kemal Baykalli
Sander Kahveciler
Özgür Özdamer
Maciej Gad
Maria Ustinova
Pavel Gertler
Lorenzo Rizzini-Bisinelli
Refet Saban