The upcoming Agora, AEGEE’s Spring AgorAsturias 2015, will take place in the biggest building in Spain – and one of the most beautiful universities: the Laboral University in Gijón. The Golden Times asked Elena Sicilia, PR Responsible of AgorAsturias, about it. Read her answers and check the great video!

agorasturias001GT: The Laboral University looks amazing. Have you already been inside with your team? What did you think when you entered it?
Elena Sicilia: It’s an insanely beautiful place, perfect to hold the Spring AgorAsturias 2015! The Laboral is a fascinating touristic attraction in Asturias. It is one of the things that travel guides say you must visit in Gijón! It is the biggest building in the whole country and its design is based on the Parthenon. All the local organisers know the place pretty well! The first time we were there together I was fascinated by the size and elegance of the theater where the plenaries will take place. In fact I remember I thought: “Are we really going to do it here? Seriously?” About those organisers coming from other antennae, we’ll make sure to show them in our next Agora meeting!

GT: Why is actually in Gijón and not Oviedo?
Elena Sicilia: Although the antenna is called AEGEE-Oviedo, lots of our members are from Gijón. We decided to organize the event there, like we did with other events in the past, as the city is bigger and it’s easier to find available places with the capacity we need. We are not talking just about the theater and the gym, but also about establishments for the social programme. Futhermore, it is a location on the beach, which makes it a more attractive destination! In addition, the City Hall gave us their support from the very beginning, which was decisive in many aspects of the organisation.

GT: Also the gym looks impressive! Is it true there are 72 showers? After some Agoras with less fortunate situations this will probably many people happy too…
Elena Sicilia: Yes! In this Agora we are very proud to offer our participants really good facilities. Lots of the members in our team have extensive Agora experience, and we all agreed from the first day that we would try to make it as comfortable as possible for participants. Luckily, we managed to accomplish it! We have six changing rooms available with 12 showers in each, and in the very same building! And hopefully we’ll be able to serve breakfast in the hall as well. This will make the whole morning process a lot easier and faster.

Elena Sicilia
Elena Sicilia

GT: Gijón is near the beach. Is it already possible to swim or the water still too cold?
Elena Sicilia: Gijón is not just near the beach, but the biggest beach of the council is downtown, and it’s barely a 10-minutes-walk away from the accommodation! Despite the water temperature, you can see surfers in the sea all year long. However, you cannot expect to have in the Cantabric Sea the same temperature that you would find in the Mediterranean. In Easter, the water temperature can reach 15 or 17 degrees, for example. But you can never know for sure! Although, keep in mind that temperature is relative! It is directly proportional to how brave you are…

Check the video: