It was a weekend of celebration – on Friday, 6th of April, AEGEE-Budapest celebrated itself, on the same day a four-day event started in Firenze, the 20th Anniversary event of the antenna. Both events had two things in common: a great programme and a lot of Les Anciens members as participants.

“The Gala in Budapest was very well organised,” says Les Anciens member Zsuzsa Kigyós. The former president of AEGEE-Europe from Budapest was only one of the many oldies. “We want to create a tradition with this event, where the members of the past 20 years can meet each other”, told the organisers. Patron and main speaker of the event was Máté Szabó, the Hungarian parliament’s ombudsman for civil rights. “The programme was excellent,” says a very satisfied Zsuzsa Kigyós. “There were approximately 80 people. Good company, some speeches, catering, and a nice and really tasty birthday cake. There was even a magician!”

Already on Thursday, 5th April,  early comers could get a first glimpse at the historical centre of Firenze. Lots of sightseeing followed in the next days, such as the tour “On the other side of the river” between unique churches and arts and crafts laboratories on Friday, the classic sightseeing of  Florence between Medieval & Renaissance and a street artist show on Saturday and the dinner  “Celebrating 20 years of AEGEE-Firenze”. The event in Firenze was like a who-is-who of AEGEE in Italy. Silvia Baita was there, Eleonora Campione, Anna Karger-Kocsis, Claudio Valerio, Giselle Spiteri Miggiani and many more. “We wanted to make a big meeting of old friends to celebrate an important birthday,” says organiser and former AEGEE-Firenze president Paolo Santoni. “Because AEGEE still lives in our heart and we will never be tired of celebrating and partying.”