These are the boards of AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca. Not all election dates are known, in these cases the source is mentioned.

AB significates the AEGEE AddressBook, one of the major publications of the association. NB is the AEGEE NewsBulletin. In case there is just a data mentioned, then the board was published on the Internet, either on a mailing list like AEGEE-L or AEGEE-Announce-L, or on Facebook. Sometimes the info came from the antenna, in that case no publishing date is mentioned. 

The list is only as good as its sources. In case you spot a mistake, don’t hesitate to write a comment!


Contact Cluj 1990/91

Published: June 1990/December 1990 (AB)
President Florin Bodea

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca 1991

Elected: 17 March 1991
Published: April 1991 (NB)/June 1991 (AB)
President/SU/EWWG Adrian Ilina
Vice-President Camelia Naghi
Vice-President Horea Todoran
Secretary/Treasurer Liviu Singeorzan
Lodging Diana Vazian
East-West Florin Bodea

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca 1991/92

Published: January 1992 (AB)/January 1992 (NB)
President/SU/EWWG Adrian Ilina
Vice-President lona Dansoreanu
Vice-President Bogdan Mert
Secretary Mihai Dinsoreanu
Treasurer Dana Gabor
Lodging Horia Todoran

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca 1993

Published: July 1993 (AB)
President Razvan Prodescu
Vice-President Christian Muntean
Vice-President loana Dansoreanu
Secretary Ovidiu Pacurar
Treasurer Sorin Sandor
PR Radu Comsa

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca 1993-1995

Published: Dec 1993/June 1994/Dec 1994 (AB)
President Răzvan Prodescu
Vice-President Cristina Pop
Vice-President/Visa Marius Mureşan
Secretary Ovidiu Păcurar
Treasurer Ovidiu Fleşer
Public Relations Edi Chihaia
Fundraising Daniel Luca

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca 1995

Published: May 1995 (AB)
President Ovidiu Păcurar
Vice-President loana Dansoreanu
Vice-President Daniel Luca
Secretary Răzvan Prodescu
Treasurer Ovidiu Fieşer
Public Relations Mihai Surcel
Fundraising Răzvan Nanulescu

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca 1995/96

Published: December 1995/May 1996 (AB)
President Dan Luca
Vice-President Andreea Acalovschi
Vice-President Monica Goia
Secretary Mariana Ene
Treasurer Kitty Leanca
Public Relations Marius Nica

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca 1996/97

Published: January 1997 (AB)
President Dan Luca
Vice-President Andreea Acalovschi
Vice-President Adela Tambulea
Secretary Cristina Pardi
Treasurer Kitty Leanca
Public Relations Ana Abrudan
Internal Education/SU Dragos Ciora

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca 1997

Published: May 1997 (AB)
President Dragos Ciora
Vice-President Andreea Acalovschi
Vice-President Adela Tambulea
Secretary Cristina Pardi
Treasurer Kitty Leanca
Public Relations Ana Abrudan

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca 1997-1999

Published: January 1998/June 1998 (AB)
President Dragos Ciora
Vice-President Oana Mailatescu
Vice-President Adela Tambulea
Secretary Christina Spataru
Treasurer Kltty Leanca
Public Relations Calin Haiduc
Internal Educatioan (only AB 1/1998) Mirela Luca

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca 1999

Published: 12 May 1999/June 1999 (AB)
President Calin Haiduc
Vice-President Oana Matei
Vice-President Peter Both
Secretary Alexandra Rus
Treasurer Oana Linca-Pinca
Public Relations Cosmina Salagean
Fundraising Razvan Retesan
IT Septimiu Pelau
Local Event Alexandru Neagos

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca 1999/2000

Published: February 2000 (AB)
President Calin Haiduc
Vice-President Oana Matei
Secretary Cristina Cordos
Treasurer Oana Linca-Pinca
Erasmus Diana Filip
Summer University Anca Fanea

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca 2000

Published: 21 July 2000/August 2000 (AB)
President Peter Both
1st VP/European Events Diana Filip
VP/Internal Education (AEGEE-L) Mirela Luca
Secretary Ana-Maria Cenusa
Treasurer Oana Linca-Pinca
Public Relations Laura Bocu
Fundraising (AEGEE-L) Marie-Jeanne Chira
Summer University Anca Fanea
Local Events (AEGEE-L) Agatha Goldstein-Craciun
Erasmus (AEGEE-L) Ruxandra Filip
Internet Felix Farcas

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca 2000/01

Published: 29 Oct 2000/February 2001/July 2001 (AB)
President Diana Filip
VP/Public Relations Laura Bocu
Vice-President (AEGEE-L) Mirela Luca
Secretary/SU Ana-Maria Cenusa
Treasurer Anca Berbecar
Fundraising (AEGEE-L) Marie-Jeanne Chira
European Events Agatha Craciun-Goldstein
Erasmus Ruxandra Filip
Internal Education Roxana Sale
Summer University (AEGEE-L) Cristian Pintea
IT/Internet Felix Farcas

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca 2001/02

Published: February 2002 (AB)
President Diana Filip
Vice-President Eugen Albu
Vice-President/European Events Roxana Sale
Secretary/Summer University Ana-Maria Cenuşă
Treasurer Anca Berbecar
Public Relations Laura Bocu
Internet Dan Semenescu

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca 2002/03

Elected: 14 October 2002
Published: 16 October 2002/November 2002 (AB)
President Horea Crisan
Vice-President/SU Cãlin Buzan
Vice-President/PR Eugen Albu
Secretary Marie-Jeanne Chira
Treasurer Ioana Clãian
Human Resources Ramona Szilagyi
Fundraising Orsolya Balog
European Events Sonia Pavlenko
Local Events Radu Ghircoias
Erasmus Raluca Gui
Projects Simona Cristea
IT Daniel Haiduc

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca 2003 (by-election)

Published: June 2003 (AB)
President Horea Crisan
Vice-President/SU Calin Buzan
Secretary Marie-Jeanne Chira
Treasurer Ioana Claian
European Events Sonia Pavlenko
Projects Ana Simona Cristea
Erasmus Cristina Paval

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca 2003/04

Elected: 15 October 2003
Published: 16 October 2003/November 2003 (AB)
President Sonia Pavlenko
Secretary Ana Simona Cristea
Treasurer loana Claian
Public Relations Valentin Danciu
Fundraising Camelia Grejdan
Human Resources Marie-Jeanne Chira
Events Orsolya Balogh

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca 2004

Published: November 2004 (AB)
President Orsolya A Balogh
Vice-President/SU Coordinator Sonia Pavlenko
Secretary Mihaela M Cenusa
Treasurer Ramona Scutelnicu
IT Laura Leontin

AEGEE Cluj-Napoca 2004/05

Published: 14 December 2004
President  Orsolya Balogh
Secretary  Simona Cristea
Treasurer  Ramona Scutelnicu
PR Responsible  Darius Groza
FR Responsible  Raluca Burda
HR Responsible  Judit Katona
Events Responsible  Georgia Simon
IT Responsible  Zoltan Marton
Erasmus Responsible  Franz Stieber
SU Coordinator  Sonia Pavlenko

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca 2005

Published: June 2005/November 2005 (AB)
President Orsolya Balogh
Vice-President/SU Coordinator Sonia Pavlenko
Secretary Andrada Sorea
Treasurer Ramona Scutelnicu
European Events Georgia Simon
External Relations Raluca Burda

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca 2005/06

Published: 9 December 2005/May 2006 (AB)
President  Raluca Burda
Secretary  Oana Rus
Treasurer  Catalina Galis
HR Responsible  Raluca Tabacaru
FR Responsible  Teodora Farcas
PR Responsible  Andrada Sorea
Events Responsible  Georgia Simon
SU Coordinator  Sia Andonii
Erasmus Responsible  Nadina Crisan

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca 2006

Published: November 2006 (AB)
President Anastasia “Sia” Andonii
Secretary  Oana Rus
Treasurer  Catalina Galis
HR Responsible  Raluca Tabacaru
Erasmus Responsible  Nadina Crisan
Board Member  Raluca Burda

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca 2006-08

Published: 16 Dec 2006/May 2007/Nov 2007 (AB)
President  Anastasia “Sia” Andonii
Secretary  Laura Berceanu
Treasurer (AEGEE-L/AB 2007) Andreea Costachescu
Treasurer (AB 11/2007) Cristian Marian Heredea
PR Responsible  Bianca Nita
FR Responsible/SU Coordinator  Cristina Sabau
HR Responsible  Raluca Tabacaru
Erasmus/Events Responsible  Nadina Crisan
IT Responsible  Florian Mihele

AEGEE Cluj-Napoca 2008/09

Published: 7 February 2008/September 2008 (AB)
President (resigned in summer)  Cristi Heredea
PR (President since summer)  Iulia Pascu
Secretary  Laura Voicu
Treasurer  Anamaria Bercu
SU  Cristina Sabau
Erasmus/Events  Ioana Pogacean
Human Resources  Erika Erdos
Fundraising  Liudmila Timotin

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca 2009/10

Published: 1 April 2009
President/PR  Iulia Pascu
Secretary  Oana Rus
Treasurer/SU  Cristina Sabău
HR  Ioana Pogăcean
FR  Flavia Rusu
Events Responsible  Ioana Tuţă

AEGEE Cluj-Napoca 2010/11

President Iulia Pascu
Secretary/SU  Oana Rus
Treasurer/FR  Cristiana Cristea
PR  Anca Gliga
Events  Alexandra Columban
HR  Ioana Pogacean

AEGEE Cluj-Napoca 2011/12

Published: 11 April 2011
President  Anca Gliga
Secretary  Ioana Duca
Treasurer  Mihaela Girboan
HR  Cristina Bretan
PR  Monica Ratiu
FR  Cristina Chismore
SU Coordinator  Cristiana Cristea
Events  Razvan Coman
Board member  Oana Rus
Board member  Iulia Pascu
IT  Andrei Balint

AEGEE Cluj-Napoca 2012/13

Published: 20 May 2012
President  Ioana Duca
Secretary  Alexandra Cirsmar
Treasurer  Catalina Ganea
SU Coordinator  Monica Ratiu
PR Responsible  Radu Nichitean
HR Responsible  Laura Belean
Events  Roxana Badea
Advisory Board  Anca Gliga, Cristina Bretan

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca 2012/13 (By-election)

Published: 13 June 2012
FR Responsible Cristina Chismore

AEGEE Cluj-Napoca 2013/14

Published: 18 May 2013
President/PR  Alice Mogojan
Secretary  Anca Laslau
Treasurer/FR  Raluca Radu
HR  Daniel Daramus
SU Coordinator  Ioana Duca
Advisory Board Monica Ratiu, Cristina Chismore

AEGEE Cluj-Napoca 2014/15

President  Raluca Radu
Treasurer/FR Daniel Daramus
Secretary  Emanuela Dumbravan
PR/Event Planner  Bianca  Sabau
SU  Anca Laslau
Board member  Alice Mogojan
Board member  Ioana Duca

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca 2015/16

Published: 27 March 2015
President  Bia Sabau
Secretary  Emma Dumbravan
Treasurer  Florina Toderean
HR  Szentpetery Melinda
SU Coordinator  Raluca Radu

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca 2016/17

Elected: 23 May 2016
Start of term: October 2016
Duration: One year
President  Doris Precup
Secretary  Raluca Briciu
Treasurer  Andreea Maier
HR Responsible  Alexandra Baghiceanu
PR Responsible  Marina Musetescu
IT Responsible  Flaviu Porutiu
SU Coordinator  Andrada Pumnea

AEGEE Cluj-Napoca 2017/18

Published: 31 May 2017
President  Marina Muşetescu
Secretary  Bogdan-Constantin Enache
Treasurer  Ingrid Vorobchevici
HR Coordinator  Alexandra Arboreanu
FR Coordinator  Sebastian Sabo
SU Coordinator  Mădălina Marincaș

AEGEE Cluj-Napoca 2018/19

Published: 4 April 2018
Start of term: 1 May 2018
President  Ingrid Vorobchevici
Secretary  Sabina Iftime
Treasurer  Andreea Maier
External Relations  Antonis Triantafyllakis