115 AEGEE locals will organize an SU this year. That’s far more than half of the network. However, six locals love Summer Universities so much that they organize more than one: AEGEE-Çanakkale, AEGEE-Istanbul, AEGEE-Kyïv, AEGEE-Ljubljana, AEGEE-Ploiesti will organize two SUs in 2014, AEGEE-Izmir even three! AEGEE-Kyïv also did it twice last year. The Golden Times talked about with Anna Pykhtina, PR-Responsible of AEGEE-Kyïv and Public Relations of the Summer University Coordination Team (SUCT ) of AEGEE-Europe. Anna presents you the great two TSUs of 2014!

Anna Pykhtina
Anna Pykhtina promises you an amazing summer!

Golden Times: Anna, what was your role in the Travelling Summer Iniversities (TSUs) of AEGEE-Kyïv last year and this year?
Anna Pykhtina: Last year I was the main coordinator of AEGEE-Kyïv TSU “The Big Kyiv Theory” and now I am the main coordinator of “Think different: get out of your comfort zone!”, which we will organize together with AEGEE-Krakow and AEGEE-Warsaw. Check out the video of “The Big Kyiv Theory”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4vJId9vB_M.

Golden Times: Can you explain why you do two SUs every year and what the benefits are?
Anna: We organized two Summer Universities last year for the first time and it was just amazing. We decided to try it again and the reason is very simple: we are big local with more than 150 members and we have good leaders. Moreover, it is very good for the recruitment of new members – everyone is involved and feels that he or she is important as there is lots of work to do. Although the main reason of this challenge is that we are friends and it is easier to work together as we know each other for a long time!

And these are the two TSUs of this year, presented by Anna!


The title of the SU might be RadioActive, but the event will be absolutely safe.

What’s the date?
26th of July to 9th of August.
Are you organising it with another antenna?
No, but in cooperation with the Health4Youth Project!
What’s the main topic?
The main topic of this TSU will be sport and discovering healthy habits of everyday life during exploring beautiful but still unknown for many foreigners  country from North to South.
What are the main highlights?
We will be travelling from our capital Kyiv to Odessa, the sunny city near the sea and the mysterious Chernobyl zone, walking and relaxing in Uman dendropark “Sofiyvka” with 179,2 hectars size and staying in Cherkasy for lots of sport activities. But this is only one side of this already awesome TSU! The Health4Youth project will show you that a healthy lifestyle is more interesting and easy than you could imagine! And sports activities such as rowing, orienteering, visiting a rope park, climbing and our favourite water games will be part of this healthy life.
Which cities will you visit?
Kyiv, Cherkasy, Uman’, Odesa and the Chernobyl zone – the last part is optional.
How can people find out more?
You can check the description on the SU Project page. We also have a Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1386973444899514/. And of course you can send us a mail: radioactivetsu2014@gmail.com.


Think different: Think different: Get out of your comfort zone!

Charming Lviv
Awesome Krakow

What’s the date?
28th of June to 14th of July.
Are you organising it with another antenna?
Yes, with awesome AEGEE-Krakow and amazing AEGEE-Warsaw. Moreover in cooperation with the AEGEE Academy!
What’s the main topic?
This TSU is about self-development, while travelling 1172 kilometers – starting in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and visiting charming Lviv, lovely Krakow and amazing Warsaw.
What are the main highlights?
With the legendary AEGEE-Academy and high-quality trainings that will help the participants to see what is outside the comfort zone they got used to live in – it is a challenge to accept! Moreover, it is about discovering different styles of life in two countries and falling in love with the traditions!
Will you visit other cities except for Kyiv, Lviv, Krakow and Warsaw?
Yes, we will visit one more, but it’s a secret now!
How can people find out more?
By checking the description on the SU Project page, by visiting our event page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/207048112822827/ and by writing us: thinkdifferenttsu2014@gmail.com!