AEGEE-León is the biggest supporter of Erasmus students in Léon. International students can choose between several great activities every week. Moreover, the Spanish city offers a lot to international students – and also fans of skiing and the sea don’t have to go very far. The 24-year old Law student Genoveva García is Erasmus coordinator of AEGEE-Léon. “The 500 international students are always together as one big family”, she says.

Leon Genoveva
Genoveva García, Erasmus coordinator of AEGEE-Léon

You are Erasmus coordinator of your antenna. What do you like about this task?
Genoveva: I’m the Erasmus responsible of AEGEE-León since October 2014. I love being Erasmus responsible, because I can stay in touch with young people from all over the world, practice a foreign language, learn a lot about their cultures and have fun with them. I love to help them to enjoy the Erasmus experience and to live the best year of their lives.

What are your main tasks as Erasmus coordinator?
Genoveva: I’m the main responsible of the Erasmus Team. I use to create the events, speak with the owners of the places where we want to do an activity, such as bars, discos or the university sport areas, then I organize the activities and control that everything is going well.

How attractive do you consider your city as Erasmus destination on a scale from 0 (very bad) to 10 (excellent)?
Genoveva: 8.

How many Erasmus students are actually studying in your city?
Genoveva: There are more than 500 international students during the hole year.

Leon2Why should students consider going on Erasmus in your city?
Genoveva: León is a beautiful city in the north-west of Spain. It’s located in the mountains so it is not the warmest city of Spain, but it’s ok. During the winter you can go skiing just 50 minutes from León and during the summer you can go to the beach, which is only 90 minutes away. It’s also a small city so you can go on foot everywhere you want. León’s gastronomy is one of the best of Spain, you must try the “cesina” and “morcilla” they are typical from the city. And the best attraction of our city are the tapas, here in León all the tapas are for free! León is a small city but with 500 Erasmus and international students and this is why all of them are always together as one big family. We also have a lot of activities for them every day so you are not going to get bored!

Leon10What are the main services or activities that AEGEE-León offers to Erasmus students?
Genoveva: We organize a lot of activities for the Erasmus students every week. For example, we organize sports activities like volleyball, football, basket, ping pong and tennis; we make thematic parties every Tuesday and language tandems every Monday; moreover we offer international dinners, karaoke nights and trips every month.

Which is the most popular Erasmus activity of AEGEE-Léon?
Genoveva: The trips and the Erasmus nights on Tuesdays.

Did you go on Erasmus yourself?
Genoveva: Yes, last year in Italy.

Leon8How time consuming is your task as Erasmus Coordinator?
Genoveva: It depends, more or less three hours per day.

How big is your AEGEE Erasmus team?
Genoveva: The Erasmus Team in AEGEE-León is composed of two people.

How is the Erasmus cooperation of AEGEE with the university?
Genoveva: I can say that it is very good, AEGEE-León has its office close to the International Relations office of the University of León, in the same building, so that makes things easier, we are really in touch. The cooperation between us is good and reciprocal.

Leon13Is AEGEE the biggest supporter of Erasmus students in your city?
Genoveva: Yes, it is.

Since when is your AEGEE branch actually supporting Erasmus students?
Genoveva: Since AEGEE- León was funded, in 2003.

How can new Erasmus students in your city contact you?
Genoveva: Sending a mail to – or by Facebook to our mascot Leoncio de León: